Tattoos for Sociopaths?

I guess you can get away with having female genitals explicitly tattooed on your neck in The Netherlands, but in less permissive nations (say, when travelling pretty much anywhere else in the world), I’m not sure this tattoo is a good decision — you could literally be arrested for just walking down the street. This black and grey pink’n'stink was done by Eddie Schwartz at Splitnipple Tattoo in the Hague.

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41 thoughts on “Tattoos for Sociopaths?

  1. the idea is kinda far from politicly corectness lol:-p but the tattoo is realy well made i think!

  2. Hey there peeps jep pretty far out tattoo i thought myself …. :P just to be more precise for celeste … im what the tattoo world would call a cratcher ( thuis tattooerder voor jou ) been doing it for like 1.5 years now so , anyways thank you for comments posted :)

  3. I agree that the tattoo is well made. It even sorta blends into the neck, and makes it look even realistic! Although not something I would get myself, I do like it

  4. I’m never sure what to think about tattoos that I find incredibly ugly, but undeniably skilfully executed.

  5. Well. To make a small joke, if he ever gets stopped on the street, he could always say ‘It’s an exclamation point with a wig.’. And call anybody who sees different a pervert.

  6. I got it right away. It took my apprentice a bit longer. Pretty good idea, Mom must love it.

  7. Its not enough that he had to get a vag tattooed on his neck…..but the brown eye too! wow! ballsy!

  8. is it a new shop or somting?
    butoh well holland rulls only country this is no problom:P

  9. He must like vagina a lot. I wonder how the ladies feel?

    Or maybe he should get a matching penis, or another vagina on the other side! lol

  10. i agree with Krynn… i honestly thought it was a lit fuse like the guy was a stick of dynamite. (although the anus did kinda confuse me). Granted tho, I don’t have a lot of experience looking at vulvas… so it might be more obvious for other viewers.

  11. I think I would get pretty defensive and uncomfortable if I had to speak with him. He blatantly states what he wants from a woman and the placement makes clear that he does not care to mask his “intentions” or cares for the feelings of a random woman who probably wants to keep a straight face when confronted with his sexism, just to keep him from adressing it vocally on top of the visual.

    But okay, maybe I’m just to verklemmt.

  12. MissJanet, I have to disagree with your saying that this shows he only wants one thing from women. A picture of genitals doesn’t have to be sexual. If it were done in a way that was blatently sexual that would be different, but in this case there are a lot of other things it could mean.

  13. I agree viergeame, it COULD mean alot of things. But for me, it has this one meaning and I would not care to think of others, if he wanted this tatto apear meaningful above what it clearly is, he would have found a way to express that, too.

    Look, I’m not saying that I know all or that I’m the most open, tolerant person. I wrote down my initial emotional reaction. I can go on and rationalize, but under the intellectualising, I would still feel slightly put down in my integrity as a person who meets him and is just so happening to be a woman.

    He must get this reaction quite alot and he must have known that before he got that tattoo. What does that say?

  14. ADD TO above answer to viergeame.

    After rereading my first post and I think I used the wrong words. I’m not thinking that sex is all he wants. I believe that he reduces a woman to her visible sexual organs with this tattoo.

  15. First looking at it i couldn’t tell what the hell it was… I can’t reallly see the concept, I guess he wants his neck to kinda be the spreading of the legs but i can’t make myself see it…

  16. I really want to say that this is making me think about some sort of deep sociopolitical issue. . . but I just can’t get past the fact that this is apparently some sort of magical, concave woman. The pubic hair seems slightly tilted forwards, which I can almost ignore, but I’m sorry – the asshole should be pretty much on the other side of the body from the pubis, and there appears to be a thigh crease in the wrong spot as well, as if this woman’s vagina was on the front of her body!! It’s entirely possible that there is some fancy optical illusion that happens when you see this in three dimensions, but it doesn’t seem likely. For god’s sake, if you’re going to get an explicit tattoo where the whole world can see it, at least consult an anatomy text book!

    I’ve got strange pet peeves, don’t I?

  17. I don’t think that this should get him arrested in the US at least; certain forms of expression are considered to be protected speech. I’ve seen someone wearing a Cradle of Filth t-shirt that said, “Touched by Jesus, fingered by God” on it, and had a nun masturbating with a cross. It is intentionally, patently, graphically offensive (if you are a member of a christian sect), but can still legally be worn in public. I would think that a tattoo of a vagina on the neck would fall in the same category.
    That doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t get hassled/arrested by the cops, thrown out of businesses, and generally have people give him unbelievable amounts of shit, just that it would supposedly be a protected form of speech.
    If a lawyer is reading this, confirm or deny, please?

  18. It’d be nice if it were that simple but a woman can’t walk the streets naked nor may you hand out pornography to school children. This pretty much falls under the same category and around here you’d be looking at a minimum charge of public indecency. Situations often get out of hand and who knows what kind of sentence your looking at when some mother decides to press charges for exposing her children.
    The moral is wear a scarf when you go out with a vag on your neck.

  19. hm i live in holland & i don’t think he can get away with this ANYwere.

    good luck on finding a job though. ;p

  20. I like it… it’d be cool to get a tattoo of genitals modelled exactly on a long-term partner’s.

  21. Wow. People get extremely worked up about something that half the population has! Oh well =/ I’m not sure if it’s necessarily a sexist tattoo or “reducing” a woman to simply a walking vag… Maybe he just thinks vaginas are hella awesome? I suppose he should go the PC route and get a tattoo of a non-stereotypical female bodybuilder solving a complex math aquation while saying “I feel fulfilled without children!” on the other side of his neck. Actually, yeah, he definitely should!! =D

  22. Nice hairy cootersnatch you’ve got on your neck there, sir.

    I have to say that it’s furriness squicks me out way more than there being a vagina on his neck.

  23. gahd… if you’re going to get a gine on your neck, at least get a nice one.

    this one is all sorts of scary

    also the hair looks like when you smash play-doh out of that mold to get the spaghetti

  24. Okay well im all for to each their own tat but I do have to say thats the ugliest tat I ever did see.

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