Teardrop Plugs

These custom made 2″ teardrop plugs (ebony and pink ivory) were made by theBrown for homeinacoma… Teardrop plugs seem remarkably rare in modern times, even though I see them all the time on old sculptures.

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34 thoughts on “Teardrop Plugs

  1. Without a doubt that is one of the most amazingly beautiful things that I’ve seen of late. I love the colour of the plugs & of course their shape! And as someone said above it gives a really wonderful shape to the ear! :D *drools*

  2. Yes, PHILLIP’s ears are beautiful. Phillip would be a male, if it isn’t obvious hahah… sheesh

  3. Oh man that is so awesome, i’ve never seen anything like that before but its so simple. Amazing

  4. I’ve never seen tear-drop shaped plugs before, but I like them a lot more than the circular ones. I wonder why they aren’t as common?

  5. id guess they arent as common cause it doesnt seem like you could stretch with them as safely and predictably as you can with circular plugs. so you gotta get to a size you wanna stay at first. And our modern culture seems to be more about constant modification and not being stopped or satisfied.

  6. I have a pair of smallish guage teardrop plugs. At the smaller sizes they tend to look a little oval-shaped…

    They’re still very pretty though. And a nice change from the standard round jewellery.

  7. i sent a load of emails out to lots of organic plug makers about making a set of 12mm plugs but never got a reply from any of them…

  8. I’ve never really liked hugely stretched lobes just because of the way they sometimes stick out perpendicularly to the plane of the face (looks weird to me), but these are really making me change my mind! They seem to just enhance the natural shape of the ear, and they seem to lay flatter (like a “normal” earlobe would). Anyway, nice!

  9. does phil have a pricelist anywhere? i looked at his stuff, it’s all stunning, but i can’t find a pricelist.. basically, i’m broke as shit right now and don’t want to waste his time if i can’t afford it, haha.

    fuck, i need to just take the time to make an iam account so i can just message him directly. ..maybe i’ll do that today.

  10. you can send an email to him through his website for a quote.
    just make sure to give him all the specifics for the plugs, size material, style……..if you have a specific budget in mind let him know what it is and he can tell you your options.
    i can personally vouch for the quality of his jewlery and his customer service, super guy!

  11. these are gorgeous, but they accually remind me of something i was wondering about;
    im seriously concidering an anti-tragus removal, and i was wondering if i could get some tearshaped jewelry that would fit after the fact. (flush to the removed cartilage)
    has anyone seen this? would it even work?

  12. Thank you all very much for the compliments. I have been doing the teardrop plugs for a few years now and have quite a bit of success with them. THose particular plugs are some of my favorite of any plug design I have done. The colors flow together perfectly.

  13. I personally prefer the round plugs, but these really do make the ear look so… artistic? Completely different look. Looks awesome. :)

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