29 thoughts on “Very nice custom plugs

  1. yes, he does sell them. and besides that awesome plugs he makes custom tongue barbells, the 6g lense-ended one he did for me is the comfiest i ever had!!!
    hey jörg, that advertisement is for free ;))

  2. Does anyone know how to contact beside through IAM. I no longer have my account and would like to find out about some plugs for myself.

  3. Man, I have got to contact that fellow. Those are some very gorgeous plugs, I’d love to have a pair.

  4. I adore the pentagram ones! When I get to my final size I should ask him to make me a pair like those, they’re amazing.

  5. Hi Miriam!!!
    I thank you for your response.
    I really like you.
    And I hope you enjoy every day the barbell I made.
    CU, Joerg

  6. Now, I do admit that these are beautiful plugs. But does anyone notice how.. Red that middle lobe is?

  7. Areku, I did notice that. But I don’t understand why are you specially mentioning it ? What are you trying to say ?
    I don’t think that’s nothing very unusual. Maybe it’s just fresh stretch ?

  8. Don’t know. I’m sure that he’s had his plugs for a while. Just.. The whole.. Redness of it. Throws me off, I suppose. Could just be me being stupid, because the same lobe in the last picture seems to be fine.

  9. Yeah. Ok. Just came to me, that It could also be irritation from changing jewelry often (for these photos maybe?).
    It could be anything. 🙂

    But yeah. Pretty cool plugs. I love the one on right. Very detailed. On the other hand one on the left is kind of intresting looking… How is it made ? 🙂

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