26 thoughts on “Red Dragon Tattoo Variation

  1. and the tattoo from the movie/book is based on a painting by william blake. i think it’s called the great red dragon and the woman clothed in the sun but i don’t wanna go check it out.
    still though, give blake his due.

  2. Gawd full body tattoos are gorgeous. Not a body covered in tattoos, but one design covering such a large amount of skin/canvas is so beautiful

  3. This tattoo is stunning. And the book was so much better than the movie, though the movie was pretty good.

  4. Never read the book, but “Manhunter” is a much better version of “Red Dragon”. Michael Mann directed with William Peterson from CSI as the investigator, so good.

  5. Meaning it was actually based on the Blake paintings?? let’s go back to oiginal source. (I know; I’m an art snob. I can’t help it). Blake painted a series of paintings based on a verse of Revelations describing Satan (the Great Red Dragon). They were painted between 1806 and 1809.

    Sorry for that; I just feel the need to carry the allusion back to its source. And, apparently, flaunt a useless knowledge of classical history.

  6. So.. Is he going to get a harelip too? (Since instigator got to the Monarch joke before me.)

    But I must agree with the others. A very fine piece of work along that bit of skin. I loved it in the movie, because like others I enjoy a full-body tattoo. I especially like the tail that comes down and wraps about the leg. Something about those makes the tattoo.. I don’t know. Stand out a little.

  7. yes, it was absolutely based on the blake painting – which is stunning enough to be my PCs wallpaper…

    nice tattoo.

  8. wow, that’s really beautifully done, but that tattoo terrified me in the film, so I’m in a strange state of mixed emotions now, heh.

  9. my name is josh im in nc and ever since i saw this tatoo i knew i was gona get it im currently having this tatooed on my back as is yes the hole thing would luve to send pics when its completed

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