27 thoughts on “Golden Fangs

  1. I’m hoping I get a tooth knocked out so I have an excuse to get silver teeth. I’m not emotionally/financially ready to just go and get this type if mod. Yes, I am quite jealous.

  2. That is really neat! I’ve always been looking for an excuse to get my fangs back, so now I’ve got proof that it does look good!

  3. Looks really trick. For those considering similar, make sure you get hard-wearing metal and get your bite adjusted by a pro. Those canines are super important in protecting your other teeth from wear, particularly if you’re a grinder.

  4. i really want plain white (well matching my teeth) fangs, i think i may get them. hot.

    (i only have canines on my left side as i ground the other ones away years ago while sleeping).

  5. Kind of odd that he would go to the trouble of getting professionally implanted vampire teeth and not have his bottom ones straightened out.

    Eh, whatever. Braces are a huge pain in the ass, and they’re not hugely crooked. And the fangs are more than cool enough to draw attention away from them 🙂

    This just reawakened my years-old desire to have a gold tooth…

  6. Nicko- maybe he just liked the look of his bottom teeth? I want a silver tooth myself and am constantly trying to whiten my teeth, but I kind of wish I never had braces because I think crooked teeth can be really really sexy.

  7. I thought immediately that these were gold crowns…am I mistaken? By what’s said above it seems like his original teeth were taken out and these installed?

  8. That’s usually how it goes, miseriacanticle. Originals are removed or ground down to the point where the (Now) permanent gold tooth replaces it. .. Or I think that’s how it goes. I can’t remember everything specifically.

    But either way. I want something similar, though only done in silver.. And with four, instead of just those two. Though I happen t’ be poor folk right now, so I may just have to wait for that.

  9. Oh, nope… checked on his page and assuming that “permanenta” is Swedish for “permanent”, they’re implants! They do look pretty amazing.

    That said, you can approximate this look with caps / “grills”.

  10. I used to think the gold/silver teeth looked silly but I think my fascination with peoples’ teeth has just grown.. now I fucking love it! I’m with gretta on this one!

  11. the fangs are permanent, the dentist did cement the golden teeths on ICHI´s real ones. so his real teeths are still in his mouth, under the golden ones. the dentist did just grind down the peaks on ICHI´s teeths. so its an pain in the ass/mouth to get them out…
    I work as an dental technician so I talked to the dentist about how he wanted them to be, and did them after his instructions.

  12. Looks wicked! Makes me want my titanium ones even more… Luckily I have a dental technician friend too. Keep smiling, although I wonder how many colgate jokes you become the butt of 🙂 Love it!

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