OK, let me start with a pretty picture of Lenorefff so the entry has some meat to it… But what I really wanted to talk about briefly was a couple of the criticisms that have been brought up about BMEgirls, so there’s no confusion or hard feelings about what I post and why (or if there are hard feelings, at least they’re on target).

She only has a star tattoo and you’ve posted these before
Sometimes people get upset because I post a photo where the person has a “generic” tattoo, and appear to only be posting it because the photo is alluring. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with a “generic” tattoo — things get popular or common because most people agree that they’re pleasing. Second, the fact is that if you look at the presentation of the photo and the presentation, the alluring context is perfectly relevant and it’s not unreasonable to present it in that context. Finally, the truth is that some people do read ModBlog because they want to see sexy people with mods, including minor mods. Some people want to pose for those photos, and I’m OK with that.

The modification isn’t the focus of the shot — the sex is!
BME does an excellent job of documenting the nitty-gritty of modifications with plenty of closeup photos. ModBlog is more lifestyle oriented and my goal is to place the modifications in the context of the person and how they are presented, rather than just focusing on exclusively the modification. I try and include links and information so you can investigate the mod more if you’d like.

You doctored the photo! You’re encouraging an impossible body image.
All photos that are posted on ModBlog are color and level corrected. Photos that are posted to BMEgirls and BMEboys are sometimes retouched as well. I see these sections as a glamor magazine of sorts and I try and present the photos in the same light, so people and their modifications look their best. I try not to push it past what the eye would capture in an ideal moment.

Why don’t you post a wider range of body types?
Well, I’m sure there’s truth that because the images pass through a double filter of both Phil, then I, that there’s going to be some subconscious manipulation that leans toward our own particular likes. However, we do our best to post an accurate demographic representation of BME’s readership (or should I say submittorship) — if you think we’re not posting enough of a certain subject, submit it and encourage others to as well!

Why all the sexualization? You’re sending the message that people have to take their clothes off to be accepted.
This is the only point that I’m concerned about. I want to really emphasize to people reading this that I love seeing your scantily clad photos, and so do others, because sexuality and body modification go hand in hand for a ton of folks, but you should never take or submit stuff like that (in my opinion) if it doesn’t turn you on as well. If it turns you on, go for it… the best kind of art, especially erotic art, is the honest kind. Just do or be what you enjoy and take a picture. But take the picture of you, not of what you imagine others want…

57 thoughts on “BMEgirls

  1. Love the hair colour 🙂

    There are a lot of BMEGirls posted here, but I mainly enjoy them. It’s always nice to see variety though, and it’s great when a BMEBoy pops up, or something I wasn’t expecting.

    The last point was interesting. I’ve submitted pictures myself, but they weren’t taken for that purpose. I suppose people take pictures with the particular aim of ‘making ModBlog’.

    I’d be interested to know how many images you receive each day.

    I guess the best thing to do, rather than complain, is to submit whatever it is you want to see, and encourage others to do the same! Or just enjoy the scantily clad beauties 😉

  2. Why don’t you just stomp your foot and yell “this is my blog i’ll do what i want”
    Really you are just appealing to the audience, much like other people who have to market their intrests. I don’t like it, but really i shouldn’t hold you to different standards then i would cosmo or maxim.

  3. Girls are HOT. Posed girls are hot too.
    Boys are hot. Posed boys tend to look cheesy – not to say we don’t like to see a well-photographed man.
    Everywhere you look, photographs that catch your eye are ones of half-naked women.
    Xyience – a supplement company who’s geared towards men have skinny women in their panties sucking back their energy drinks.
    Motorcycle companies have skinny women in their panties posed on their bikes.
    I’m seeing a theme here.
    Shannon, I’ll be submitting a shoot of me – 15lbs overweight in jeans and t-shirt walking my dog, eating dinner, taking out the trash….(And waiting for the bus in a parka because it’s fucking COLD right now.)
    You can post them on Modblog and see how many people love them… probably not half as many who love the half-naked hotties you keep posting.

  4. I think all the girls and guys you post are always super attractive! ^_^ Toss a fat chick in once and a while and people would shut up. Or, better yet, maybe a creepy, hairy, tubby naked dude. lol That’s bound to get people to kep their traps shut about wanting something else! XD

  5. i agree that the picture is beautiful and i enjoy it but i would also love to see a “natural” type girl with mods. maybe not so much makeup and just alittle more real. and it does get alittle annoying to see the same girls. or maybe i’m just a dirty hippie. but in the end it’s your blog do what you want.

  6. There will always be people giving out about what you post, they have a choice to not view the blog. Plenty others out there. Its your blog, post whatever the hell you want i say!
    Keep up the great work. 🙂

  7. my 2 cents:

    i get why there are these types of things posted…its what people want to see.

    sometimes things here are not really what i want to see, its’ dissapointing that everywhere i go – even when i think it’s safe – im still fighting a culture of aesthetic perfection. some modification is about individuals achieving that, so i guess that’s a part of the culture….and i guess that’s what modblog is all about…its’ just another piece of media that we all have to look at with the same critical eye as everything else….though it gets really tiring sometimes (all of it, not just modblog )….

    and yeah i know – if you dont like it, dont read it….and sometimes, i choose not too. but for the most part i do find the articles/pictures really, really interesting, and that’s what keeps me from coming back.

    so i hope i dont sound too negative…im just sort of neutral at this point on some of the pics. i find myself saying “why is this in here” only occasionally….

  8. She’s a very beautiful girl. As for the questions, tell people that it’s your modblog, and you choose the content. Displaying a “wider” range of body types has been done, you posted me before, and my body type isn’t exactly the “perfect” one. Oh well, I love modblog and have always enjoyed it. Keep on rocking Shannon!

  9. I distinctly remember a bunch of shots of various guys, girls and people in all manner of in between stages since I’ve been reading ModBlog and I don’t think that there’s ever been a time when I’ve thought “Oh god, ANOTHER one of those people” at the end of the day, as I see it, if all we saw here were super close ups of mods people would soon bitch about how Modblog was just the same as regular BME galleries. Keep it coming Shannon!
    P.S, would anyone be a dear and let me know how to link my name to my IAM page, I can’t seem to work it out myself!

  10. The thing is, for a lot of us, we don’t feel comfortable or “sexy” in our skin if we didn’t have our mods.
    I know I feel a lot more comfortable naked (or semi-naked, or more exposed, whatever) every time I get a new tattoo or piercing.
    It’s the same thing for many people. They get that little star tattoo and they feel gorgeous and sexy. So we strip down and show the world!

  11. Just curious catsey, is it the fact that a guy is hairy and tubby that makes him *creepy* in your eyes?

  12. “It’s the same thing for many people. They get that little star tattoo and they feel gorgeous and sexy. So we strip down and show the world!”
    A major problem in this world is that human beings are frightened of sex: they are either nauseatingly coy about it, or perpetrate actually physically/emotionally damaging misinformation. Modblog does neither of these things: I think it actually helps people become more comfortable with their sexuality, as it is “no holds barred” on the things that various real people like sexually.
    I’ll be submitting some fairly sexual photos to BME soon. BME, and Modblog, allow people to be comfortable in their own skin.

  13. Absinthe, you need to register. there is a link on the main page, and you can then set up an account and have your user name link to your iam or the whatnot.

  14. I haven’t commented to modblog before, but I couldn’t resist this time: I just have to say I have absolutely no problem with the BMEgirls and BMEboys posts. My opinion is that modifications, including small ones, are best viewed with the entire body in mind. A close up shot may show more detail, yes, but it removes the context. I honestly think my tattoos would look hideous on a wall – I love them because of how they look as a part of me: I love how they move with the underlining muscle, how they wrap around my body. The sexy full body shots of BMEboys and BMEgirls gives you some of that, whereas the usual BME galleries have tighter shots which lack spirit.

  15. I would love to see more average looking women on here. But that is my personal preference and opinion. It makes me sad that modblog values the same over sexed over made up underweight type of beauty as mainstream media, instead of something else, but men are men. Shannon is a man who likes thin sexy women, not fat sexy women, and it is his blog. And I appreciate his comment on if you want something else, submit it. I am considering doing so, as I am sure otehrs are, but I would guess some women may not feel comfortable when thier post would be on pages of more tradionally acceptable women. That can make it hard to feel sexy or wanted or acceptbale, which is what a lot of people come to this community for. I like that I can feel good on IAM as a heavily tattooed, overweight, generally attractrive woman.. I wish I could here too. I like to be playful and sexy too, but lets be honest here.

  16. If you don’t like modblog’s sexed up content.. then scroll passed it.. Shannon you do a awesome job with it.. always the first link I click on when checking buddy update 😛

    I want to see YOUR tittie shot .. damnit!!

    That’ll settle the kids 😛

  17. I most agree with toser and “an.”

    I know it’s your blog, so whatever. But I also agree that you’re perpetuating the idea of this ideal asthetic that most people can’t acheive, when I thought that the modded community was more accepting of people who look “different”: but it doesn’t feel that way a lot of the time.

    oh well. I do enjoy a lot of what is posted, but I hate the bmegirl/boy posts of yours- and it’s hard to not read them, since they are mixed in- or else I wouldn’t.

  18. dont change a thing. I love modblog just the way it is.

    we are all sexual creatures!

    I heart you.

  19. *grumbles* That’s the colour I want my hair! Unfortunately the dye went on a little dark this time around ¬_¬

    Anyway, on a related note – there’s something undoubtably sexy about red lipstick and lip piercings.

    And I love seeing everything posted on ModBlog – I haven’t been disappointed yet. I’m an overweight, attractive woman (or so the partner tells me, but he’s biased) and I have no qualms with what I see posted on here. Sure, I’d love to one day be on ModBlog, but I just have a long way to go until I have what I want and can show it off.

  20. not all mods are for all people, and like many have said, if you don’t like it, no one is making you look at it…….
    that being said, hot girls and boys are awsome.
    anyone can take a nude photo, but it takes personality to be sexy, our mods are part of our personality.

    btw: i’m not what you would call “in shape” and have my bagged out, stretched and scared up belly from mothering triplets, but i still look hot with my mods (especially in a corsett ; )

    keep up the blog Shannon, after all, we’d have NOTHING to bitch about if you weren’t spending the time on it.

  21. Actually I think you are doing a pretty good job with the posts. If you only posted naked people it would get boring in the sense there is nothing to think about (other than the obvious). It’s nice seeing them pop up every now and again. I especially like how well some of them are shot, as well as the make-up jobs on most of them. I know it sounds silly but the first thing that grabs my attention is the awesome make-up job these girls have. You would think they were pros or something!

  22. holy hell she’s freaking beautiful!
    i love the half-naked girlies with their mods! no matter how small! keep ‘em comin’!

    now if i could only think of a way to get hot girls to take their clothes off for me…

  23. I somewhat agree with An. Personally I wouldn’t post a “sexy” picture of myself to BME because i’d feel weird about it next to all these hot chicks. That being said don’t stop posting the hot chicks because we luff em

  24. Sorry I meant I agree with this part “but I would guess some women may not feel comfortable when thier post would be on pages of more tradionally acceptable women.” Although I agree with lots of other stuff people have said to.

    I think its always nice to mix it up, but in the end you can’t please everyone so if the majority of people love it then keep posting it.

  25. I love the artsy/sexy/fashiony/glam BME girl/boy posts. I don’t want to see someone covered with tattoos with a beer in their hand just because that’s “real” — I can see that every day — I wanna see hotness!

    Personally, I prefer girls with more clothes on, because there’s more to wonder and imagine about. This picture is ridiculously hot (same girl)

    More clothes-clad, fashionable hotties please! Chicks in boys clothes are grrrrrrrrowl!

  26. holy shit, that’s me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *wiggle wiggle*
    so HAPPY!
    thank you for posting my picture!
    i feel so proud now, such a nice surprise…
    goes to show what putting on some red lipstick does for a girl!

    and as for the content… i like modblog just the way it is.
    (heehee esp with a pic of me! wow! i’m too excited…)

  27. I love ModBlog and everything about it.. I love the sexy pictures, I love the gory pictures, just everything. It adds to BME perfectly because you get a little story behind the pics. And come on people, do most of you read the comments and leave some? I can personally say that I have learnt alot from ModBlog and the little debates people have in the comments sections.

    Anyway, that’s just my $0.02.. Shannon, keep up the great work 🙂 You pick awesome pictures to post and you always have something smart to say.

  28. 1st>> this pic is AWESOME

    2nd>> she’s lovely

    3rd>> as well as i know, bme/modblog/iam is about… erm… PEOPLE AND MODS. no matter if are exxxtreme mods or just a 0.8 nostril. i thought people on the “””scene””” (jezz i hate to use this word) were more open mindded to understand that. your body, your choice.

  29. I like sexy people. What’s weird for me sometimes, is when some of the girls look underage. They may very well be older, but still what can you tell from a picture? I’m 28. I’m at the age now where it’s no longer appropriate for me to be admiring teenage bodies. But it’s cool for it to be on modblog because that’s it’s young demographic. I’m no longer in that demographic. Anyway the simplest solution is to just scroll past when I see something that makes me uncomfortable. Shannon can post whatever he wants and I totally respect that, though I do love variety.

  30. I think a big part of being sexy is Attitude. It does not matter if a woman/man weighs more than what is considered acceptably sexy by society (aka: the other sheep that live their lives based on magazines and celebrities and really know nothing about loving/accepting themselves apart from what they’re told.)
    To the women that have mentioned not wanting to submit photos of themselves next to all these other “sexy” women, I say to you that you need to find the sexy in yourself! I have met several ‘thicker’, unconventionally sexy people in my time and quite frankly their acceptance and love for their lives and “imperfect” bodies makes them sexier than someone who’s born looking a certain way.
    As for Modblog, yes, it is Shannon’s blog but he is doing it for US, the readers, as much as his own personal pleasure as a fan of Modification, too. It is not a private diary but a reflection of modified-fans, what and who we are, and how we want to show the world the personalities behind our mods. Personally, I think a modded person in pajamas with a beer is equally as appealing as a makeuped one wrapped in vinyl with the right attitude.
    anyway, that’s all from me. i’m going to bed with dreams of sugarplums…!

  31. I agree with Hyena. I am not built like the gorgeous BMEgirls, but an ex boyfriend once told me that the reason he found me so sexy was that I didn’t care whether or not my bum was too big, or that the tops of my thighs brushed together when I walked. It took me years to get to that point with myself, and I shall always be grateful to him for reinforcing that for me.

  32. It’s my belief that there aren’t people sending in enough quality photos of different body types. Over the many years I’ve looked through bme, it’s become my understanding that Shannon is probably far more accepting of people than some of us could ever be, and as such, I don’t believe that he’s simply just denying ‘average’ people’s photos for posting here on ModBlog. Like I said, I think its just a lack of quality photos.

    I love postings with ‘generic’ tattoos because I myself have these so called ‘generic’ tattoos. We tattoo ourselves for images that we find appealing, whether they be whatever it is people see as generic or not. I don’t personally subscribe to that and not because I myself have them. We adorn our bodies with what we find to be asthetically pleasing, whether that be a simple star or a corpse tattoo, or a bridge piercing as opposed to a belly button ring.

    While this may be Shannon’s blog, I feel that he’s doing a great service to us all by exposing us to many different subject matters and then occassionally throwing a hot chick into the mix to kind of keep us coming back for more. Where else would you have seen pictures of several different types of suspensions, hot naked chicks, failed piercings, funny tattoos, and subincisions all in one place?

    Thank you Shannon for all your hard work with BME, ModBlog, and all other BME related content. I probably would not feel comfortable about being me if I had never found this site because I would probably be believing my family in that I’m a strange, sick person for liking the things I do.

  33. BIG YAY for Lenoreii 😀
    she’s awesome, pretty and has one of the prettiest mod..
    what more can u ask?!

    skips and dances and hands out cookies*

  34. My opinion:

    1) Perfectly fine to post hot people. Hot people are fun to look at. Maybe I’d be more bored if I weren’t bi, but you could just post more guys and fix that anyway 🙂

    I do agree that it would be nice to see more varying body types, though.

    2) Perfectly fine to post people with minor mods. In fact, I really like that you do. I mean, I love seeing the intense and odd and rare and unique things people do, but not everyone does all that. And one doesn’t have to do all that to “count” somehow.

  35. Oh that is *it*. I’m submitting a picture of myself wearing a balaclava and my cycling glasses with just a ring in my septum hanging out.

  36. BMEgirls rock. Pretty girls… It never gets old!
    And I hate this whole “she’s not modded enough” kinda bullshit. Modblog rocks because it shows people with simple small tattoos AND meatotomy hugs!

    I just think it’d be nice to post more black girls. Dunno. Black girls are hot.

  37. post more modBoys! i mean, everyone loves a pretty girl but i’m a good 85% hetero and need some hot dudes to admire once in a while!

  38. Oh My God. She is honestly, hands down, the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life. I’m enamored by her. Every single one of her features are PERFECT. And every piercing works so well with them too. Oh, it’s amazing.

  39. Meh. If you want more pictures of a certain type of people, submit them or get friends to. Shannon can’t post pictures of more boys or minorities or more-than-twigs if those people aren’t sending them in.

    I suppose he could follow cool modded people on the streets, drag them into alleys, strip them, and take pictures. But that sounds like another full-time job. And illegal. I prefer non-jailed BMErs.

  40. I think she’s gorgeous
    I think all the pictures on this site are beautiful
    It’s sad that there are complaints, however, and I agree with that for most people body mod and sexualitly go hand in hand.
    It’s beautiful in the fact that people are comfortable with their body enough to pierce it in the way they desire, and also post pictures exposing themselves and their modifications.

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