39 thoughts on “Lucky BMEboys Saturday 15/15

  1. Aww I just want to bring him cookies.

    Now… let’s get some full-figured womens on here. 🙂

  2. i have a thing for chubby guys. my husband is bigger than he is so it’s a big turn on! thanks shannon!

  3. screw skinny guys! bring on the chubbys.

    i third isabel, curvy modded girls are just as sexy as thinner modded girls.

  4. The underwear is a bit off for my tastes, but everything else is RIGHT ON!

    I love big dudes (think American football offensive linemen)! Yum!

  5. Aww. He’s adorable. I have this huge soft spot for bigger guys. Not a big fan of the underroos though.

  6. The looks on his face makes me want to smile back at him, or at least at the photo. My sweetie is a chubby guy too, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything… I’d also love to see some yummy currrvy girls on here too. So sexy!

    My fiance isn’t a lot thinner – it suits both of them.
    What a strange room.

  8. He’s adorable and really quite hot! Hoo-ray for the come back of fuller-figured guys and of course ladies. Full Credo to Shannon and BME.

  9. sometime i feel that men are more inclined to dog other men for their size, rather than women. as ive noticed in my life, most women seem to have a soft spot for chubby guys or just generally not even care about their size. but some guys that i am acquainted with definately give more problems to the bigger guys [ie: myself]. i love this picture though. ive been known to sit around in the boxers and enjoy the cool breezes of my apartment from time to time.

  10. He is too cute! (damn adult rated pages, I can’t see more of him)

    Now i’m drawn to the tall skinny boys for some reason, but have a little squishy spot for squishy men.

    It’s seriously all about the fuzzy bellys!

  11. Wow, that guy has an identical body to mine, I’m a little less tattooed and a little more metro but I’m glad so many women love chubby guys, I mean if I’m ever bored I just play with my belly! Anyone wanna try squeezin it? IT’S FUN! lol 😛

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