You call yourself a Misfits fan?

Damn!!!! I really think this is the most intense facial tattoo I’ve ever seen in terms of radically transforming a person’s interaction with the rest of the world… and speaking as someone with a facial tattoo, I definitely feel like this is going to be a shock to his system. Very, very intense; I’m seriously impressed at the size of his FTW balls… Turning your face into a death mask is, just… wow…

rickgenest2006-1 rickgenest2006-2

Click for a closer view of these facial Misfits skull tattoos by Frank at Derm FX Tattoo in Montreal. Seriously, I wasn’t going to post today, but when we got this submission, I just had to share it. Wow.

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883 thoughts on “You call yourself a Misfits fan?

  1. ohmegee!
    Thats some transformation.
    I wonder where he works, and how many old women he’ll meet on the streets that will ask him stupid questions and touch his face.
    At least its a REALLY nice tattoo.

  2. I think I speak for everyone when I say:


    I mean, it ain’t for me and yeah, the guy has guts but wow, I’m just.. blimey..

  3. This guy has a pair of golden balls… fucking amazing!!!! I love it!…. but im still on the WOOOOOWWWWW

  4. that… is amazing.
    definitely a very, very talented artist.
    aesthetics aside, i hate to sound like a nerd, but there’s a psychological goldmine there… i’d be really interested if somebody could interview him about why he made the decision to change his face so drastically, how people have reacted to it, if he’s had any problems coping with having a face that’s no longer a face since he got it done… any chance of making that happen shannon?

    absolutely amazing.

  5. Incredible.
    And thank god he went to a good artist. I see so many facial tattoos and it’s just shit work. This is impressive and really striking. I love it.

  6. I certainly wonder what the marked man does from day to day? Really quite breathtaking work!
    Also, BTW the link didn’t work for the site!

  7. Beautiful work…
    but for some reason looking at him makes me feel ill in the pit of my stomach. If that were me I do not think I would stay healthy mentally for very long if the only way I could see myself was as a corpse.

  8. He must really be a major fan. Yeah big cojones indeed, craziness. he must get stared alot at now. Nice tattoo also. Im sorta stuck for words to say because im still trying to process it…

  9. I can’t help but think that he looks so young under that. Yeah, under that. The concept is astounding, but I imagine it must look very fake until you get up close. He’s going to make a good number of people faint and children become very wide-eyed for the rest of his days.
    Please post a healed photo if/when it comes in!

  10. The way it transforms his face is really amazing. After staring for a while, I noticed the bridge piercing and thought “Wait, how did they pierce through bone?” He sure fooled me…

  11. i think it looks cool, but…as a tattooed person hating the following question, i can’t help but wonder if he will regret that later? his life is going to change so much from now on…good on him though, he def has balls.

  12. wow

    he’s so pretty.. muahah. i can’t concentrate on the tattoo, eventhough it’s all over his face xD

  13. Is it just me or does he look like a full of acne, russian looking nerd?
    I mean, thats a great work by the artist, but common..
    that guy just looks ugly “whearing” this.

  14. that’s really beautiful, I would love to see a tatoo of all the facial muscles too in their correct anatomical positions…

  15. Fuck, that is both a seriously eye opening tattoo as well as an example of facial work done RIGHT! If it wasn’t for the fact that it looks good techincally I really don’t think this would work for me, but still, wow. That’s sure one to explain to the parents!

  16. I would never step into one’s personal space and sure as hell never touch a stranger’s tattoos but damn I have the strongest urge to trace my fingers over this. Especailly the cheek bones. It is amazing work.

  17. WOW
    I admire him, because I’m one of those people who have hidden mods to make their life in this world easier. Someone asked if he was missing some teeth. I think that he has two more, since I counted 34 and there should be 32, but when you have a scull on your face, why not add some extra teeth :o))))))
    Anyway, the tattoo looks great.

  18. For those curious as to what he does for a living: he works at a convenience store down the street from where i live. He’s a nice guy, everybody gets along with him. :)

    The black circles around the eyes are older than the rest of the tattoo. If i recall correctly, there’s also a little bit of cover-up work being done there as well.

  19. Yeah, if you look closely at this picture you can see that the black around the eyes is older. Very cool that the store didn’t take issue with his tattoos by the way.

  20. Goddamnit that looks stupid. Really nice work making yourself look like retard for the rest of your life. I feel sorry for him.

  21. wow!
    this is amazing work, lucky he went to someone good for such a dramatic tattoo
    the gums and teeth are my favorite part…they look fuckin amazing.

  22. Holy hell, I wouldn’t get it myself, but i’ll be damned if thats not the coolest thing I have ever seen, EVER.

  23. I’m kind of in awe. Its really good work. And i like that.

    I couldn’t imagine having something this extreme done myself though. The boy has some seriously enormous bollocks, there’s no way of denying that.

    I also would love to read an interview with him. Shannon, any chance?

  24. i’d love to read the interview too. He’s sort of made himself into a living memento mori.

  25. I agree with goomy, how does this tattoo look with different facial expressions? And I’d love to see this guy with a beard, I think that would look pretty interesting :)

  26. FUCK MY FACE, that is quite mindblowingly freakish. Wonderful, really really wonderful.. well done, and yeah, he must have bollocks the size of mexico.

  27. I just don’t understand why. It seems like a bad idea to me.

    That’s not to say I think it’s wrong in anyway; I simply can’t rationalize it to myself.

  28. I agree with needing an interview. Shannon, drop everything else and get on that!

    Does he need to get the good ole’ DMV mugshot changed? I could see this not going over too well at a sobriety checkpoint. “Son, why you wearing that face paint in July?…Outta the car!!!”

  29. I’ve been looking at it more and I think the effect would be even further enhanced if he was not wearing visible septum jewellery, because the ring really brings his nose forward, instead of letting your eyes get drawn back as the tattoo intends.

    It’s the kind of tattoo that you can’t stop looking at!

  30. That’s so amazing. I really respect this guy for his conviction. Some people hide all of their mods, but this guy wears his on his face.

    If I had that kind of balls, I’d have Jason’s hockey mask tattooed over my face.

  31. the first comment was exactly what i was going to say. HARD FUCKING CORE !!!! good for you man. i thought i was a big misfits fan, but holy shit. i hope you are happy with the work. you should fuck with small children. i would.

  32. humm…balls the size of mexico…mascaras del dia de los muertos…I wonder if we’ll start seeing masks-like facials…

  33. in response to #36, I meant that the Misfits logo, the Crimson Ghost, has teeth missing on the top and bottom jaw. Thats all.

  34. I know that there is s battery of pshycological analyses that one
    must pass before undergoing a sex change. With a radical transformation like this, you’d think there should at least be some sort of pre-screening process.. I worked in a shop tattooing this last summer, and would always concern myself with wether or not the client was gonna regret their tattoo years down the road. I just wonder, did the artist who executed this piece (technically wonderful) ask this client about his
    motivations, or was he like, “Get in th’ chair!” five minutes after the guy walked in…

  35. that is AMAZING! i was thinkin about doin somethin like that a while ago but i soooooooo dont got the guts to really do it

  36. Im suprised this isnt getting the same negative feedback as the man with the word stupid tattooed across his forhead. Double standard much? I jus think its funny that something so insignificant that can be easliy covered up with makeup gets so many negative comments but because the misfits tattoo looks cool(and its a tribute to the misfits) ITS AWESOME!-
    regardless, the tattoo kicks ass.

  37. That is the single freakiest thing I have ever seen on this site. I’m staring at the picture trying to imagine having sex with him.

  38. holy fucking christ on a crutch! that is by far the most intesnse thing i’ve ever seen! my hats off to that wonderful man and the artist who had a hand in this!

  39. It will be a wonderful day when such a beautiful tattoo will be appreciated by all who see it.

  40. OMFG! I really love facial work but this.. this is just too much for me. I really consider myself a VERY openminded person but but… omFg!! Yeah, I guess I can applaud him for his guts and compliment the artist for his work but still.. Sorry guys, go flame me if you want to, just posting what I feel right now.

  41. funny, the first think i noticed was the color of his eyes.

    and, someone needs to interview him. immediately. no argument about it.

  42. Interesting how people are all “Good on ya” for this, but reacted so negatively to Michelle’s tattoos a while ago. (And yeah, I freely own that I was wrong then about whether she had problems she was struggling with.) It’s interesting to me the different flavors of shock, and how they work.

    Personally this one actually manages to weird me out. I don’t know why, and I certainly don’t think I’m being wise or sensible about it. I certainly don’t think he shouldn’t have gotten it. But I find it creepy somehow.

  43. Im with comment # 74 and 77 on this, imagine having sex with the guy, u’d need to serisously trust and know each other well lol. Amazing work!

  44. I would hate to have that done to me. I like who I am and I like seeing my own ‘original’ face when I look in the mirror. It would make me sad to think that I’d never be able to see my face the natural way again.

    Then again, I guess it is no different than getting a nose job or some other kind of plastic surgery to alter your face. I’d never do that either…

    That being said, I have to agree that the artist did an incredibly wonderful job.

  45. It’s amazing, I want to touch it, such lovely work.
    I suppose if he wants to have the no tattoo look, there’s always dermablend.
    The tattoo has changed the shape of his whole face, I can’t visualise what he’d look like without it.
    Kudos for conviction.

  46. Fascinating. Even as I’ve been reading the comments I can’t help but go back and look at the pictures again and again… I’ll fifteenth (or whatever the count is up to) the request for an interview.

  47. wow imagine walking up to that guy in a little alley at night, or waking up next to him. that would get a few screams and shrieks out of me for the first couple of nights.

  48. Is that the guy who beat-up Daniel in Karate Kid?
    I like the work, but the jawline from the side looks a bit sloppy in comparison with the rest.

  49. It’s an amazing tattoo, and great work, but what a huge leap to take… He looks so young; I can’t imagine living out the rest of my days as a skull. How freaky will it be when he’s 90 and close to death?!

  50. Wow. YOU GO BOY!!!!! Some of the entries on Modblog makes me wonder about the people years from now… i’m talking 20, 40 years from now. I hope BME will still be running and updating us all about these things. But seriously, amazing.

  51. That’s a pretty remarkable factial transformation.

    This is one that needs some hindsight. I really want to hear how life changes for this guy…

  52. I’m afraid I’m with the geekier end of the spectrum – 32 teeth (post 36), and it doesn’t look like where the bones would actually sit under his skin. However, these might both be adjustments that make the tattoo work better aesthetically, I can’t quit picture it, and the tattoo does look damn good.

    Also as others have said, I can’t quite imagine waking up every morning to find myself dead – though, it took me quite some time to get used to waking up every morning to having a silvery ball under my lips, or brightly coloured hair when I used to dye it :)

    Huge balls, yes, and if you can get used to it, I’m impressed :)

  53. Oh – and I also would really appreciate photos of him pulling different expressions! I’m hugely curious about how it moves with his face!

  54. Geez. I dunno – regardless of how well this tattoo was executed, it makes me feel it’s a serious step too far. The way you and society react to each other could never begin to be anywhere near normal. And I feel equally uncomfortable at those people in here cheering from the sidelines – I get the feeling they’d be cheering just as lustily if he were about to take his head off with a chainsaw.

  55. shit, this guy just redefined hardcore… Websters, I expect to see this guy’s picture next to hardcore in next years dictionary.

  56. Well, everyone’s gotta be unique somehow. While it might be fine to say “Fuck society” society will fuck you back. Big balls? I guess.

    /hates the misfits

  57. I’m with the people that wonder how young this guy is. I worry about the youngsters who make such dramatic changes to their bodies, like I did, and then regret it 5 years down the line when you start to mature a little. Although I think that about a lot of the people that I see here.

  58. It’s interesting that the initial reaction is so universal. Regardless of like, dislike, or other opinions formed after taking it in, everyone seems to have the same first reaction: to really take notice, almost in a high-alert fashion.

    I think this could be similar to the way a baby’s cry is so alerting and distracting. There are certain sounds and images that seem to universally heighten our senses. It seems plausible that an increase in sensual acuity, prompted by sounds of babies’ cries or images of human skulls, would have been an evolutionary advantage for humans. Perhaps this is the reason we all find this so striking.

  59. i want to see show pics of his face “in action.”

    like smiling, talking, etc. that is the real test to see how good the tattoo is, if it moves correctly with his face.

    i also think they should add some shading to his forehead, it looks like they “skipped” that part of the canvas.

  60. maybe this tattoo has nothing to do with the misfits and he just thought it would be an interesting concept? i like how the shadowing really draws in the hollows of his cheeks

  61. One more for an interview!
    And I agree this is way more psychologically disturbing/interesting than Michelle’s set of tattoos.

  62. Honestly, I’ve never had much experience with Misfits, so it reminded me more of Shao Khan’s mask from Mortal Kombat (which isn’t a bad thing in the slightest).

    Besides that though, it’s a really interesting effect. Count me on the list of people that want to see an interview.

  63. That’s some hardcore shit. It looks fucking awesome too. Kinda reminds me of that little black guy Jim Carrey has to fight in Ace Ventura..

    I respect this dude so much. Deffinately requires some major testicular fortitude to go through with this.

    Interview would be awesome, I wanna know more about this.

  64. i think crazy unique tattoos are fucking hot.

    and he has gorgeous eyes! the black just makes them stand out a million times more.

  65. That is quite a dramatic change.

    Good for him to be willing to do such a thing. It’d be neat to see if he went through and touch up his eyelids to get them completely blacked-out.

    Very nice, though.

  66. uhuh i agree about the eyelids, and maybe some forehead detail/shading would be a nice progression from this.

    i know i’m like the 115th person to say it, but i think this is freaking awesome.

  67. very very nice and very very interesting tattoo. I wonder if he questions his identity when looking in a mirror now? Or maybe this is his identity..

  68. Wow. I wonder what inspired him to go this way with a Misfits tattoo? Its really wonderful and all… but wow! He definatly has way bigger balls than anyone I know!

  69. Wow…
    He must really like this band that wasn’t that bad 20-something years ago. I wouldn’t otherwise know it!

  70. you are possibly one of the stupidest fucks alive. why the FUCK would you do that to yourself. go shoot up a school already you fucking freak.

  71. he must have some serious psychological issues. it is one thing to maybe paint up that way every day, but when it doesn’t come off…i think i would want to kill myself….eeekkk

  72. WOW. i also wondered how old he was at first glance. one of the first things i noticed as the acne…but that could just be from A+D. that dude IS NOT fucking around. and good luck working at a convienence store…i worked at one with a sleeve and 3/4″ lobes and wanted to punch people in the throat. maybe he has more patience than i do…

  73. Hands down the most absolutely beautiful tattoo I have ever seen. Especially considering that it’s basically something I’ve dreamt about doing myself for quite a few years now. I really sincerely hope he enjoys it as much as I imagine I would.

  74. I don’t care what kind of crap I get for saying this but I think this is a really dumb tattoo. I know everyone can do what they want with their body but everyone is also intitled to their own opinion, and mine is negative towards this. When I first saw the photos, before reading anything I hoped so much that this was just a cool halloween mask someone painted on. To my dismay it is a tattoo. No doubt the tattoo is done pretty well but come on! It just plain looks stupid. I sincerely hope this individual knows what he has done to himself and is ready for a life time of negative feedback in many different forms. Yes, he may have support from the body modification community but he most certainly will not have support anywhere in the outside world and I am afraid for what his future looks like. . Hopefully it is more positive and safe than what I am suspecting.

  75. Facial skull facial tat is totally beautifully but will he be able to live with it for the future. Being facially tatted the skull is not a image that would be one that the majority of people would appredciate except those of us that appreciate body modifications, artisits and others.

  76. I agree the tattoo in itself is amazing, really nice work. but i dont think it looks right because the teeth extend all the way across his face. from the side it looks fine. but from the front it just looks wierd. and you can add me to the interview petition as well!

  77. wow!
    he has beautiful eyes (one of the first things i noticed btw)
    i too, would like to see him smile ; )
    must interview him!
    that is amazing work, just amazing. i hope there’s more behind it aside from being a misfits fan though.

  78. holy shit. he is a carbon-copy of my ex, who committed suicide years ago. they could be twins. that’s eerie.

    and i live in montreal – i hope to see this guy live in action sometime! and congratulate him for the balls he’s got.

  79. This is further reinforcing my want to get a facial tattoo. Even though they will be small. This fellow is very good looking, and the tattoo makes him all the more beautiful.

  80. it is quite weird that there are hardly any of “HE’S SO STUPID!” comments like on plenty of other updates.

    i really dont understand that.
    Seeing as it was just posted a few days ago on Shannon’s blog that things have become increasingly nasty on here, which they have.

    I really hope this is a step towards society changing and not looking at a modified person as unprofessional.
    Eventually that has to stop with so many people becoming heavily modified.

    That tat is awesome.
    The artist did great.
    I’m happy he did this.
    I wish i had the balls to do it.
    And i’m sure he will get asked a lot of questions….

    *shrugs* “Why Not?”

  81. Simply amazing. If only our world had more people that would do things such as this. In all honesty if it wasn’t for people discriminating so much this world would have many more fine examples of art like this.

  82. Oh, and I was one of the people who responded to Michelle’s tattoos with a certain level of concern. To the person who said it’s funny that the comments there were more negative… I think there’s not even a COMPARISON between her and this guy. I have been thinking about this tat all day and I may have put my finger on it. Michelle might make us sad or concerned, compassionate or turned on… but never SCARED. There is something scary about this one. Not just that if you’re not expecting it and he sneaks up on you you might be scared, halloween style. But imagining the psychology behind getting it…. how literally in your face (and his) it is… I could write a graduate thesis on this guy.

  83. WOW…that’s the most amazing facial tattoo I’ve ever seen in my fuckin’ whole lifeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! :O
    The tattoo itself screams:”I am from the fiend club, not you..” hahahahaha
    As lots of people said before, he has a pair of golden balls, for sure.
    and yeah..WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW again. :O

  84. I think the quality of the work is fantastic. But having death tattooed on your face for the rest of your life, seems awfully extreme. When getting something which physically, and mentally changes you forever, you have to be satisfied, and fingers crossed that he is…

  85. Have to agree with comment #67. Much like a sex change, this is going to change the way the world looks at him like it or not. I hope he’s psychologically prepared for that. Very curious how long the artist made him wait before doing that. I’m also curious if any other artists turned this tattoo away.

  86. I second the request for an interview, this seems so fascinating!

    It’s really a beautifully done tattoo, and I’d love to see healed pictures as well as pictures where he smiles/ does other expressions. And.. for some reason, I’d love to see him with a goatee.

    To everyone who keeps yelling about how he’ll regret it.. well, I’m sure he thought about it for a good long time before he got it. Maybe, in truth, he’d be regretting it forever if he didn’t get it?

    Oh, and beautiful eyes. :)

  87. Fuck me! That is HARDcore! Not to my personal taste, and I have to say that I feel that he may regret that in a few years but as someone said he must have thought about long and hard, it’s all about personal choice and hat’s off to him for having the guts to go for it.

  88. I agree, he should shave his head, eyebrows included. Very well done. And I too am surprised about the lack of asshole comments. It’s rather nice though, not having them.

    And another set of pictures showing his different emotions would be great.

  89. Things have been getting nastier on here. It’s fine to explain that you don’t like something in an intelligent manner, as I attempted in reaction to Michelle’s tattoos. I like this because the actual work is well done, and because I think that the psychology behind it is more interesting than worrying.

    I really do feel sorry for those posters whose explanations of displeasure are only given using obscenities. I hope that they will learn the lessons that all small children are taught (politeness is good, the English language is useful) one day.

  90. WOW.

    Incredible idea, incredible guts to have that done, and what an incredible job the tattooist did! Can you imagine what that would’ve looked like in the hands of an untalented artist?

    That is seriously amazing.

  91. Not that I have anything against the tattoo, but does anyone else have a problem with the singer of the Misfits being a raving anti-semitic?

  92. It’d be great if during the interview they asked him if he does cover it with dermablend or similar, and if so how often.

    From a parent’s point of view I’d be really pissed if my small child came across him on the street with his skull tattoo in full view. It just seems irresponsible to walk around showing it in public.

    It strikes me as being much the same as having a blatantly pornographic image on one’s face, and in the same way, it takes away the parents’ ability to censor what their child is exposed to.

  93. Split thoughts…

    The tattoo is totally mind blowing. What a great guy. I’m totally impressed, the guy has tremendous guts to do this. He must have thought about the disadvantages it would bring him, but he has chosen show of, stand out and chose for his desires! He really pushes some barriers! How did he convince the established tattooist to do this? Many people have tattooed skulls, perhaps even with the same meaning, but logically, the placing of this tattoo is artistically the best. I’m sure it won’t only repel people, but certainly also attract people, gothics? These people will no doubt form a strong social shell around him. Maybe he can even make money with it.

    However… How long will he enjoy the favor of it? It’s the first thing he’ll see in the mirror in the morning. Also, the face ages, changing the shape of the skull tattoo. Indeed, the subject relates to the radicalism dark view on life involved in growing up. How long will he support that view? Also, he may get tired of the shock effect it provokes all the time. With everybody he meets for the first time, the obvious subject is the skull tattoo. Everybody he’ll talk to is thinking about death, reminded of lost friends, usually not the happiest starting point for talking. I think it will give very difficult unwanted situations around funerals and people who have lost relatives or friends.

  94. He is doing this oviously to show it to the world. It gets people talking. I had to yell at my wife to get in here and see this. And I had to check out misfits on some of my mp3 sites. Word of mouth is the bigest medium. And people will talk.

    He has BALLS of solid titanium! Until death do you part. Rock out man….

  95. I thought this was a great face painting at first, but I don’t like it as a tattoo.

    The colour doesn’t seem to have taken too well over his nose… but apart from that, as someone who’s studied anatomy, the whole “the cheek bone is connected to the jaw bone” thing really gets on my nerves. Seriously, if you’re going to go to that much trouble getting a highly visible, and reasonably detailed, “realistic” looking tattoo… at least google an anatomical picture before you get it permanently inked.

    The mandible (jaw bone) is connected to the temporal bone, not the maxilla (cheek bone) as in the tattoo. The location of the “hinge” of the joint is also way off (it should be very close to, and just in front of, the earlobe/tragus).

    This comment probably seems anal to some people, but I just think this would have looked a whole lot better if it was done more accurately, considering the realistic style.

  96. …just a thought…he may not correlate his tattoo as a “death mask” as society does.

  97. Wow, that’s retarded. There’s no good reason for anyone to do something like that. Seeing that just makes me hate stupid people even more. I hope he doesn’t procreate.


    “Yeesh..not my style but that’s dedication, good on you, Mr Big Balls Man.”: 40-odd

    “Gushing and deserved praise for style/art/mentality”: 110-odd

    Misc: 15-odd

    That’s an encouraging ratio.

  99. Wow, the work itself is amazing, the way it really does transform his face. I wonder if they did a realistic mockup or something to get an idea on how to make it all look so good?

    But anyways, I think its awesome.

  100. I think he should get the res of his eyes (eyelids) tattooed so when he closes his eyes They can look blank >_> Not that it’s my business, just a thought.

  101. 171 – i completely agree!

    i will be circulating an email-petition on banning children from science class, self expression, halloween, meeting different people than themselves and the purchase of human anatomy/science books…we need to have the choice and ability to censor everything so that our children do not go through life asking questions or seeing things (we dont want our children to start expressing how they really feel!)

    you know, someone should really make him wear like a mask everyday so no body can see his self expression. my child saw me and asked what it was, i told her it was a tattoo, just like what mommy has, and she said “oh”.


    so everybody please leave your email below to let me know that you want to sign!

  102. i really am split on this one,

    it is an AMAZING tatoo, and looks really cool NOW, but what is it going to look like in 30 years? i really hope he doesnt regrett having it done in a few years time…

    i would very much like to hear an interview with him about life with thoose tatt’s, because surely he must get some very bad reactions? i know if someone got that where i live they would get the shit beat outta them :(

  103. I wouldn’t expose a very small child to horror themes – that’s not a cutesy skull, it’s quite creepy. Toser, there’s a huge difference between a science class (and I’m not talking about school aged children, as I stated, I’m referring to a very small child) and a man walking down the street with a tattoo like that.

    I’m all for giving children the opportunity to experience new and exciting things and encouraging self expression and questioning of ideas, but if, for instance my 1 or 2 year old child saw that guy in the street and was terrified and ended up having nightmares, I’d be pissed as hell with the skull guy and think him irresponsible.

    You can’t reason with a child before a certain age, and a very young child would not be able to comprehend that he’s just a normal person with some intense ink. Aside from the actual content, I don’t see much difference in exposing a young child to say, a very gory horror film and a pornographic video. Same with explicit tattoos.

    It’s fine to play at being oh-so-open-minded, but when it comes down to it, I absolutely would not want that guy freaking out my young child – and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying so, either.

  104. “From a parent’s point of view I’d be really pissed if my small child came across him on the street with his skull tattoo in full view. It just seems irresponsible to walk around showing it in public.

    It strikes me as being much the same as having a blatantly pornographic image on one’s face, and in the same way, it takes away the parents’ ability to censor what their child is exposed to.”

    Are you serious? And what bad things pornography can bring to a child, when he/she is only seeing it, the same way with this guys face? Censoring your kids from seeing this person just shows how ignorant it is to judge someone by its look.

  105. Amazing…… I sure would not do that shit to myself but i must admit it looks amazing.
    Would be cool to know more about the guy and the artist who did this (his website is in french or some language i don`t understand).

  106. 181 – EXACTLY! and thats why people shouldn’t be allowed to express themselves!!!!!

    and who wants to actually take time to explain anything to children?

    i mean, what if a child saw that tattoo, asked there parents about it, and than the parents went on to explain it, as if it was a science lesson! what if they turned it into something educational about the make up of bodies?

    oh lord i can’t even think about it! it makes me sick!

    especially when children and adults can have nightmares about ABSOLUTLY ANYTHING – REAL OR FANTASY, why add to it? i have nightmares about free speech, freedom of expression, art, individualism, tattoos and skulls – all the time.

    thank you for being there with me!

  107. Wow. That’s really technically incredible, but my main thought is how interesting it’d be to see how different he looks as he ages.

    I don’t understand the ‘WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!’ argument at all, it really is honestly not more ‘scary’ than anything shops sell around halloween, y’know?

    Chalk me up as another one who’d love to see the interview.

  108. Shannon, was this really a Misfits-inspired tattoo? When I read the caption, I thought you were just being tongue-in-cheek…I’d be interested to know if it was maybe for another reason?

    Seems like knowing what inspired his decision would be really informative – this degree of facial tattooing seems like a HUGE step to take. (not saying it’s good or bad – I don’t think that’s the issue – but everyone seems to agree this is a major modification that will really affect how he interacts with society)

  109. 174. Ausmoz

    I wound up singing “The mandible is connected to the temporal bone”
    I don’t think I can go back to the old way!

  110. RE: 171, 181.
    Ignoring all the other issues about this tattoo, it seems to me that if you wanted to protect your child, and children in general, from sights that you and society as a whole consider “scary”…

    You’d have to ban albinos, disfigured people, handicapped people, from walking the streets. Possibly creepy old grannies, as well.

    I understand the basic concern, but kids are going to see far more horrific things on day-time TV… It’s ridiculous to take this to a stage where it becomes discrimination, pure and simple.

    Have some sense of perspective.

  111. I really hope this guy did think about what he was about to get himself into before he started.

    You’ve got to remember, people on BME are a lot more concious of the emotional attatchments to mods than people outside our community are. What if the guy walked in to a studio, and on a whim said, “I want to have my face tattooed like a skull.” and the artist was so into the idea he just jumped on it?

    If he DID think about it, I’d love to know the reasoning behind it. Is it really a Misfits tattoo, does he pride himself as a member of the undead, is this his symbolic war paint against society?

    On the children issue: I fail to see how his decision to tattoo his face like a skull should result in parents freaking out about him corrupting, and damaging, their children. Notice, I said SHOULD. It’s simiar to the Mr. Goodbody thing, but on a much bolder scale.

    And, Toser, I really hope that you’re a complete smart ass. If not, people like you shouldn’t be tolerated, especially not on BME.

  112. Ok, I’m aware my point of view is not what people call ‘open minded’, and it will surely piss most of you off.
    But I’m gonna state it anyway.
    You are not supposed to share it.

    Here we go: dumbness should NOT be confused with balls.
    And it seems to me here we are dealing with the former.
    ** [b] This guy has just completely fucked up his life.[/b] **
    And I’m not talking about his friggin job or anything like that.
    That is a very minor part of the whole thing.
    What I’m saying is that from now on, each and every of his fucking social relationships will be fuckin’ impaired.
    Apart from being simply utterly stupid, and depressing, and regrettable, and ugly, having a death mask as one’s face can upset many, many people one’s gonna meet and relate to. Actually, I think almost EVERY PERSON I KNOW wouldn’t be going to talk with this guy.
    In other words, I think that he’s done a rather dumb thing, and that the guy who did this is to an artist what Mengele was to a doctor.
    You know, I don’t thing there’s anything wrong with facial tattoos, I like facial tattoos, as well as full-body sleeves and everything, but this is plain *BAD TASTE*.

    P.S. Sorry for my English. I know it sucks. I’ve never visited an English speaking country, neither I’ve been formally educated in it, try to not get mad at me :)

  113. > Are you serious? And what bad things pornography can bring to a child, when he/
    > she is only seeing it, the same way with this guys face? Censoring your kids from
    > seeing this person just shows how ignorant it is to judge someone by its look.

    You know, sex is death, death is sex.

  114. Of course he/she is being sarky!
    Around the world, children are starving, enslaved, subject to torment at the hands of paedophiles. Fantasy and imagination are often the only way that these children can get through their everyday lives.
    Every child, both those and luckier ones, loves horror costumes and make-up – that’s every child whose innate imagination has not been ground down by over-zealous parents, stunting their children’s intellectual growth by making insulting assumptions about their mental ability.

  115. Until we have the guy’s own words from an interview or similar, it’s impossible, repeat impossible, to know what his views on his tattoo are. Does he consider it a death mask, a misfits fan art, an anatomical depiction, a joke…?

    It’s possible, that, just like Manwoman with his many swastika tattoos, he’s trying to reclaim a cultural symbol. In which case, by getting this tattoo done, he’s taking a huge job upon himself: that of opening people’s minds up. If so… bloody well done.

    Or he could just be a Hamlet fan…

  116. I have mixed feelings about this one! My initial thought was, “absolutely crazy.” because the social difficulties and personal image and the fact that he does look pretty young all popped up in my head.
    Then there’s the fact that it’s just like putting face paint on every day except now he doesn’t have to waste the time doing it. I bet it’d be a very engaging face to talk to. I’m definitely curious as to his thoughts behind it… Everybody says it took a lot of balls but.. I know there are some youths that just don’t care about their future, and I’d hate to think this was one of those of-the-moment obsessions/decisions.

    I think Toser has got to be using sarcasm.
    Kids need to know about death, just as much as they need to know about sex. Children in other countries see death, some of them are soldiers in wars. Some of them step on land mines when they’re out playing. America is so good at covering up realities, smoothing everything over to look shiny and perfect and new. Bah!

  117. regardless of what other people to think or say about his tattoo harming small children, I think it is really beautifully done. Would love to read an interview with him and find out more about the process of getting it done or what lead him to choose it.

  118. What a nutter!!!! In a few years time he might have to start shaving… what’s it going to look like then?

    I feel sorry for the kid… but I can’t stop myself laughing. Poor thing is going to get the shit kicked out of him on a regular basis for the rest of his life.

  119. One thing I think I’ve only seen one person pick up on (sorry for not giving credit, but I’m not scrolling back up through 200+ posts to find it!) is that not everyone associates skulls with death or fear… I did, and made the obvious comment myself way back up there, but it’s not universal to all cultures.

    Especially in light of Sah’s “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!” crap – because really, it is crap – I think it’s worth noting that if your kids are scared of skulls, it’s because other external influences made them that way. It’s not a natural instinct to be scared of skulls – and frankly by the time they’re old enough to understand what a skull is exactly, they’re old enough to understand that tattoos are no scarier than face paints.

    So, to them, he just looks “different”. And if your kids are scared of anything that’s different… wow, sorry, you failed.

  120. I cannot think of ONE thing that hasn’t already been said about this incredible tattoo. It has brought to life every known human feeling— awe, admiration, wonderment, hate, love, sex, and more. Count ME as one who wants and plans to have his face and skull covered with tattoo ink, but mine will be a ‘ho-hum’ blackwork design that will not evoke the kinds of emotions expressed about this controversial tattoo. I wish this guy well; he has and will continue to stun most people who view him.

  121. Wonderful work but a bad idea imo.

    And what’s with the coke bottle? Makes it look so amateur.

  122. i’m going up to montreal soon to visit my cousin soon.. and this guy is on my ‘people i HAVE to meet in canada’ list. and i’ll probably get inked at Derm FX while i’m at it. hurr.

    ohmygod. amazing.

  123. i think it is one of the best face tattoos i have ever seen it is right up there with ingma and matt gones face tattoos that means i like it and i wish we could see more people all around the world with face tattoos and more people not being told that thay cant work a norml job just because there face is tattood i all so have tattoos but not on my face because my work would not let me have it if my work wood let me get my face tattood and cary on working as norml i wood get my face tattood as i have wonted this for a very very long time and it would make me more happy as it would be a nother tattoo to my colechin from bob fox

  124. What an average tattoo. If it were on someone’s shoulder i’d think it was flash. Good luck.

  125. Geeze “bob fox”, learn how to use punctuation and capitalization… that was the roughest comment that I’ve read on here.

  126. Cool 4 about 10 seconds, then the reality of it set in, now I just feel sad 4 him. The rest of his life will be an extreme mental challenge, I hope he is prepared ………I would like to hear from him in 5 years…….I wish him well!

  127. WOW…

    We are 138…

    But he’s that is some amazing work, and I love it. What an awesome guy…

  128. hahahahh LOVE @ COMMENTZ 206!!

    “people not being told that thay cant work a norml job just because there face is tattood i all so have tattoos but not on my face because my work would not let me have it ”

    hehe GO HARD SLUGGER!!!




  131. Nope, only people who type in all caps and talk shit, they’re the real ones who deserve the money

  132. I would love to read an interview done by bme about this person. I think it would be fascinating to hear what motivated such a beautiful but intense piece like this

  133. Ok I have to comment on this… Hello “Charlie , just because this guy with the skull tattoo and people like ME with facial work have erm.. Visible tattoos DON’T mean we cannot get a job!

    I have never been on MIN wage and never will.. And I don’t work in the bod-mod industry.

    Some how I don’t think you “have seen it allâ€?

    And you will find that it’s the government that is STUPID!!
    ….. Oh and narrow minded hicks, enjoy, lol

  134. hahah! oh god. i am peeing myself from comment 182(toser). i love it.

    as for this work, it is by far MY FAVOURITE on bme.
    the bar is set as far as facial tattoos go.

  135. The “think of the children” argument is ridiculous.
    A skull is a bone in the body. Everyone has one. We’re going to teach our children to be scared of our own anatomy? Yeah right.
    Kids are more likely to be scared of a woman in a bright gree shirt and bright makeup with a big red leery grin than a man wandering around with a skull for a face.
    And have you not noticed, kids love halloween. I think it would be great fun to see this ghoulie wandering around off-season. I know I would have loved it.
    By protecting your kids from the out there and different, you are teaching them to be scared of things that are unique. You promote closemindedness in your own children.

  136. wow, being a very serious, huge misfit fan myself, i am completely blown away by this. amazing. utterly.

  137. This goes out to blue – Is your job being a smurf ?

    If you want to look like a halloween costume and need the attention…..good luck!

  138. I think the most frightening part about this one was only just brought to my attention by comment 209. The colour of a lable and a mere EDGE of the packaging logo, and edge that isn’t connected to the larger more universal logo, but the edge of the design….AUTOMATICLLY, we all know it’s a coke bottle.

  139. Aw man. :/ I didn’t know if it did that…thing with open brackets or not. sadface.

    Anyway, my comment got cut off; so, to recap: COKE IS SCARY, POOR YOUTHS!

    -Think this guy looks a bit like a wanker, but
    -I really love those fucking teeth! S2!
    -I also want expression pictures/an interview, like everyone else ;D

    The difference between this guy and the girl from a bit back:
    Her tattoos were less ambigous, more direct, because she chose words. The words were self-reflective and possessive ["_MY_ pussy" "_I_ fuck"] so they were much more blunt about it.
    This guy chose imagery. More appropriatly, symboligy. The skull is a symbol of death, but death in this sense is a concept and not an absolute, and depends on the viewer’s concept of death and experiance with it. It also helps that skulls are tres hip and ultratrendy, which weakens our cultural assotiation with fear.

  140. im kinda on both sides of this. of course i dont know him or his story, but freedom of expression aside, a lot of questions immediately spring into your mind when you see someone this young making such a drastic identity shift. such as concern for his psychological well being- before AND after the transformation. and im not against facial tattooing, but its a choice that will hugely effect your future, it will narrow your options in life, not just career wise. contrast this guy with someone like bruce potts. i think theres a big difference.

    that being said. its a pretty wicked looking tattoo. i think the jewelry detracts from it, its so strong on its own, i think it should be embraced on its own. it’d be cool to see more cracks on the chin and forehead. and more black on the throat and neck. finishing out the eyes i think would really finish it off, even though that would loose the whole misfit’s idea.

  141. he cant get in trouble now, cause tell me if you are running from someone, who CAN’T recognize you… “we have a 1025, a guy with a skull tatoo all over his face just stole a tv”

  142. I think its amazing, would look good to do the whole eyelid and some on the forehead. Sumwhat bemused by the ‘will he regret it?’ comments. In New Zealand there is no shortage of facial tattoos often gang related, that im sure some people would find much more hardcore or intimidating, but these dont seem to get so much comment.

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  144. Sorry, but this is just a lame, albeit fairly successful, attempt at
    getting attention and pity.

  145. For all you near sighted people jumping on the “I’m so liberal” bandwagon carrying on about how skulls are an anatomical part of the body and not to be feared, look at the first hundred or so posts saying how real it looks. Then spend some time around very small children, and think about this:

    If you thought you saw a guy walking down the street with a creepy looking skull instead of a face, and didn’t understad the concept of tattoos or facepaint, don’t you think you’d be a tad frightened?

    Honestly, if you people think it’s fine to expose your VERY YOUNG (as I have to keep reiterating) children to random encounters with realistic imagery like that, I hope for the sake of your proposed progeny that you never procreate.

  146. “He forgot to not do that.”

    He couldn’t even get a job as a carny now–it would scare the kids. Maybe he could work the Haunted House but carnies have to be flexible.

  147. I wonder if you can win the Darwin Awards by doing something which causes you to NEVER have sex again thereby removing yourself from the gene pool.


    I hereby nominate this bonehead.

    That’s assuming this is a real …

  148. Ummmm…

    Over 90% of people who get facial tattoos end up commiting suicide.
    its a very telling thing about the state of someones mind and self esteem for them to disfigure their face.

    i’m not saying people should not be allowed to do it, i’m jut saying that the statistic resonated with me when i read it because the three people i have known who have gotten face tattos have all killed themselves.

    – and everyone time i mention that statistic to people, they have similar experience knowing people with facial tattos.

  149. someone said he works at a convenience store, well that sucks that hes going to be forced to work there for the rest of his life because I can’t see too many places wanting to employ him, especially in such a horrible economy where it is already so hard to find good employment

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  151. interesting, but it’s my opinion that this guy just has poor judgement.
    Good luck meeting people, finding work, getting laid, etc.

  152. Pretty crazy photos, but to me that looks almost nothing like the Misfits skull. More like a Pushead drawing.

    I like how in the side shot it looks like a huge skull face with a cute little bottle of Coke.

  153. What a cunt. Let’s take another picture when he’s 65 and fat, if he doesn’t kill himself before then.

  154. Sah, in YOUR HOME you can censor what your children see. You can block channels with a V- chip and decide what kind of reading material is allowed into your home, but you cannot dictate what goes on in the rest of the world. You talk of others’ responsibility to children. I personally have no children, nor do I want any. What I do with my body (or what anyone else does with theirs) is no business to you or your oversheltered offspring. If you don’t want your children exposed to real life, then board up your windows, light a candle and say a prayer for your socially naive and psychologically maladjusted kids.

  155. For fucks sake. Well this guy has made a major commitment. It’s an amazing tattoo, I hope he knows what he’s gotten into.

    Now for the haters:

    What about the children? Puh-lease. If you can’t explain to your child about a random dude who has a tattoo, please give me your address so I can have DHS take your children away ASAP. Clearly you aren’t up to being a parent.

    Minimum wage? Uh, yeah, dude, until you learn what caplock is for, you deserve to be on minimum wage.

    And for kyle every: DIAF. Seriously.

  156. Sah I have to reply to this. I have two kids myself they are older but both have been around tattoos their whole lives. They have seen many types over the years and not one has ever scared them. I have never seen a child scared of a tattoo even those that have never been around them. Matter of fact most want to touch because they want to understand even at very young ages.
    I had both my boys look at the pics and even though both said they would never do that they thought it was a “good job” and “weird.”
    I do see how some parents would get upset but chances are the kids will only get upset because the parents did. Kids tend to be more accepting of things they see that adults give them credit for.

  157. A balding kid with bad acne gets a Misfits skull tatted on his face and all sorts of girls post here that they want to have sex with him.
    Um, girls: You have issues and need therapy and a father figure that never molested you. (Oh, and Hot Topic sucks.)
    Tatted kid: Danzig laughed when he saw these pics, you can still see your acne, you’re still going bald, and you’re never going to get to actually meet/fuck these girls because their dads won’t stop molesting them long enough for them to find the convenience store you will forever work at.

  158. Wow. Add me to the list of people who wants to know “what were ya thinking?” with a followup in 5 years. Serious sincere curiosity here.

    It’s quite well done. I don’t know about the Misfits but I too think that coloring in the eyes would complete it if he wants a regular skull look, also adding knits to the forehead. People are mentioning healing, I guess if it’s fresh some of the pink will lessen? But it looks good right now as is.

    That said, it’s definitely a permanent, life-altering change. If he decides he doesn’t like the scary skull look, it seems it’d be all about the completely black face, from here. That’s extreme too, but not horror. I think it would change the reactions, again. Or, I guess he could get a mask like Phantom of the Opera, actually that alone would be an interesting non-permanent daily wear.

    As for the small kid thing – maybe you all loved Halloween and horror, but I hated it as a kid and I hate it now. I don’t like Halloween, I don’t like zombies, I just don’t like gore and skulls and all that kinda thing. I don’t like the rubber dismembered body parts the coffeehouse has out in October. It takes all kinds, I’m sure I’m in the minority.

    Everyone’s free to be a skull, but I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that all kids are gonna think it’s great (or hate it, either) – you just never can tell.

    While I’m in here – I am really appreciating modblog, Shannon (and I say that as someone with no mods whatsoever).

  159. hi there,this is Frank the artist,i see that this tattoo is getting alot of attention,i dont usualy tattoo faces unless i’ve got something to fix;i was not going to tattoo him because he had no tattoos on his face so he went and got someone to start it and came back so i could fix it his plan is to be a complete skeleton with maggots, cockroaches,and spiderwebs and has nothing to do with the misfits.

  160. Pussy. A real committed bodymodder would have found a plastic surgeon to actually remove his lips, nose, and cheeks.

    Someone tell this guy to be sure to vote for candidates that support increasing the minimum wage!

  161. So… what does this guy do on the other 364 days of the year that’s not Halloween? What a loser.

  162. There’s no word in any existing lexicon that can describe my amazement, respect, curiosity, and instant infatuation towards this guy!

    Beautiful eyes, beautiful face, beautiful tattoo, and a hidden message. Wow.

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  166. I met this guy and have photos from New Orleans hanging on Bourbon Street. He has limited coverage as far as other ink. (76). Kind of a street hustler and capatalizing on the tattoo thing with photo-opps. I work for a tattoo shop and we took photos of one another. You can tell the ‘look’ has become part of his psychie and social self now. Better yet, it has become his identity. Up close, the work was average as far as black and gray work goes. Decent guy with a crazy ass tattoo though… I know it must of hurt like hell.

  167. What an idiot. Why would you want to deface your face like this? Having the odd tattoo in a place that nobody would notice is one thing, this is quite another.

    And of course, folks like this will whine that they don’t get a job — they probably should realise that society has some rules that need to be adhered to.

    What a complete retard.

  168. YEa, it is cool, but tonight i close my browser, go to bed and I wake up with my normal face…he wakes up every day with a skull on his face. I would have just simply had this done temporarily or so – not tattoed for-evar … it looks cool with a black background and lit dramatically – think about walking down the street at 2 pm on a sunny day? It looks like ass at that point.

    As photographed it is very cool…in the context of a lifetime, not so much. But hey, good for him and best wishes to him. He made his choices and he will live with them – most people let choices get made for them.

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  170. Great point, Sah.

    Folks should understand that they live in a society, not by themselves. This is all nice and fine if this man is living by himself and comes into contact with nobody.

    But if he is having any kind of social interaction, this is wrong.

    Secondly, this is a great way to beat face recognition systems. Good luck getting through any flights, with that mask.

    People like this should not procreate.

  171. I think it’s important to remember here that art communicates in primarily two ways: as a means of exposition for an artist, and as a subject for perception by an audience.

    The art may be created with one, both, or neither of these concepts in mind. But both exist, regardless of the artist’s intent.

    Tattoos are a singular form of art in that they make a human being the canvas. Although the individual and the art are separate entities, they are perceived and judged as one. I would go so far as to say that most people are marked with the intent that they will be perceived as one. Otherwise, would the tattoos not be hidden? Would they not be better on paper than skin?

    In this way, a tattoo is a direct and pointed communication to society–whether it be a positive or negative one.

    I think a work such as this is shocking (whether in a frightening or beautiful way) because it is a more pointed communication than most. In this case, undeniably a confrontation. The face and its components are our most essential guides in personal communication (at least in the west), and this young man has destroyed any ability he may have to communicate with others in a traditional mode. It is a forced confrontation. To interact with the young man, others must confront this representation of an aspect of his self whether they want to or not.

    As a mask is used at Halloween to construct a false identity, so he has here. And I call this identity a false one because it can represent only a small aspect of his self at best, and does so in an inaccurate way. He has made himself a symbol–a loaded symbol–and hidden or denied much of his self-identity in the process. He has deleted his face.

    Scan the messages on this board–see how many snap judgments have already been made about him, with no communication or comment from the subject himself. See how many people even here cannot separate the art and the man.
    It’s little different from a controversial t-shirt in that respect…except that he can’t take it off.

    But the responsibility for these judgments is his, not society’s: it is a mantle he took up when he tied himself to the art, whether aware of this societal predisposition or not.

    Part of an artist’s responsibility is to try to understand the potential reactions of his/her audience, and then continue to create with them in mind or deny them completely.

    Even the Mona Lisa must not have been created with the expectation that all would call it beautiful. But certainly, it must have been created with the expectation that it would
    be judged. As the art, he is subject to critique. In subjugating his identity to the art, he has accepted this judgment, for better or worse.

    The unification of the self and the visual is part of the art. Likewise, the results of this unification (ie, audience reactions) are also part of the art…I would go so far as to say, in fact, the very essence of the art.

  172. I’m a parent of a small child, and I just stumbled here, having no special interest in tatoos.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, from the “OMFG WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN” point of view. Some people do strange things. You just explain that to the kid and move on. I like it when something interesting happens that illustrates something he should know about.

  173. Considering I have nearly a full facial tattoo for the past nine years almost, I’ll say this:

    He could of done an easter bunny theme on his face and he’s still going to have emotional and mental “issues” to deal with may they be positive negative esoterical etc….You can’t wear an appearance on your face that you haven’t seen all your life (and I’m not talking your internal image) without having moments of adaption and consequence.

    Will kids be scared? Some, but the same would go if he was the fucking easter bunny. (odd how now I”m having a Donnie Darko flash….lets put him in a bunny suit for the interview!)

    Is what he did “socially appropriate” YUP. He woke up one day, saw something that made him come to a decision, and here is his answer….Its what we do, we’re human, we either lead the flock or follow the shepard, or bounce around on the fence line looking for a lame lamb to gobble up….then again, some of us are to busy eating our curds and whey….

    Heavily themed or modified individuals are still at a point where they act as “social drugs” meaning, they walk in a room and people “react” Some aren’t phased, others lose it, others think its great…

    It will be great for these individuals when society no longer reacts this way. But for society it will be a sign of redundantsy (sp) and a lack of conflict that helps us grow and strive further….

    So kudos to this guy for doing it for whatever his reason is, and kudos to society for not embracing this 100%….will help keep you thinking and reminding those out there doing it that it really does mean something to people, even if it means they think your idiot, at least your being thought of….balance.

  174. “If you thought you saw a guy walking down the street with a creepy looking skull instead of a face, and didn’t understad the concept of tattoos or facepaint, don’t you think you’d be a tad frightened?”
    Absolutely. Let’s ban Hallowe’en.

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  176. I wouldn’t like my little girl (or boy for that matter) exposed to all the media images that associate worth with appearance. However, they are everywhere – billboards, posters, even broadsheet newspapers and “acceptable” children’s TV programmes, even their toys: they are impossible to censor. That’s why we have a generation of dieting, over-sexualised 7-year-olds who want big breasts. These images can destroy a child’s self-worth.
    Considering that, I don’t think Sah’s actually considering the effects of images on vulnerable children. He is just frightened of the big scary skull himself, and is extrapolating these feelings on to three-year-olds with an infinitely more acute sense of reality.

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  178. I have three kids and spend a lot of time around kids. I would turn around to face the other way if I was carrying a toddler and saw him.

    Beyond that, his face just makes me sad.

  179. I sat here in front of the screen with my mouth open. For about two minutes.

    It is amazing work, but damn. I hope he works in the side show business…

  180. One word.


    The artist that would do this to some obviously disturbed individual should be ashamed of themselves.

    He is going to wake up one day and realize what a bad choice he just made.

  181. I like Misfits as much as the next man (unless the next man is this dude) but they’re not THAT good.

  182. Dressing him up as the Donnie Darko bunny would look amazing.

    In response to comment 246… Haven’t you read the numerous comments above yours from girls expressing unplatonic interest in the guy? And anyway, if you’re hanging onto clichés of what’s attractive and non-attractive to women, don’t you remember reading all that tosh in magazines, about how women respond to words, voices, sense of humour before visuals?

    As for #271 and similar comms: if you don’t like the idea of visible tattoos anyway, I don’t see what you’re doing commenting on *MOD* Blog, which is clearly directed at people who appreciate body modifications on show.

  183. I can’t believe some of these comments on here. This dude got a tattoo he wanted. Unless we hear from him that he did it to scare children or just on a whim, I’m not sure why you all feel the need for so much commentary about it.

    I don’t believe he had a social responsibility to not look like he wanted to. Its his face, let him wear how he wants.

    He didn’t ruin his life. Can someone name a person who has tattooed their face and subsequently ruined their life?

    The artist who did this had some skill, I doubt any artist would put their hard work and name on the line if the person getting their face tattooed wasn’t 100% into it. I have never met a tattoo artist willing to tattoo someone above the neck that they didn’t know well.

    I look forward to hearing from him on his reasons just b/c I find it interesting. But some of these comments blow my mind, people should be free to do with their bodies as they please and havign a skull tattooed on your face doesnt even seem like the most over the top thing I can think of.

  184. Fine, its a cool tattoo. It is. Who’d deny that?

    BUT… Its an awful idea, and I can say that. Its my right, thank you very much. Seriously, don’t people think about things before they commit anymore? I used to be a member here about 4 years ago, and was a member for several years. I’d watched the people change, and I honestly didn’t think the majority of the “modified” were nearly mature enough to wield as much power over their destinies as they thought.

    Your life with a skullface. Your employment opportunities have just been reduced to “tattoo artist,” “body piercer,” and “brick layer.” Women who think its sexy now won’t be quite so fast to disagree in 10-20 years when its blurry and saggy. The mental health issues of being shunned, mocked, and at times hated from all perspectives, even your own when you look into a mirror.

    This is a bad idea, as are most massive “modification” projects. Think twice, think about your eventual adulthood before you do this to yourself. Sure, a certain percentage of people who do this might “make” it, but most don’t.

    Where do you think you’ll end up?

    Its reasons like this I quit the community, no self control. No sense of perspective. Its unhealthy. There’s tattoos, piercings, and then there’s self-destruction.

  185. 247: where did you get that suicide statistic?

    and Sah, you keep on keeping on!

    just to update you on my fight – my littlest had a nightmare about a tree falling down on the house, so we cut down all the trees in our yard! She wont ever have to see a tree again! (that was a close one, but we GOT EM ALL!)


  186. Branded.


    After he parlays this illustrated gamble into fifteen minutes of fame and changes his mind at great expense, the laser removal may very well appear just as unfortunate.

    This is a kind of protracted death wish and demonstrates significant emotional scars. I wish I could have talked him out of it–he’s been in his angst too long.

    There is nothing more compelling and intriguing than a soul in a human face and he has just erased it completely from consciousness.

  187. Branded.


    After he changes his mind about this illustrated gamble, the laser removal may very well appear just as unfortunate.

    There is nothing more compelling and intriguing than a soul expressed in the human face and he has just erased it completely from consciousness.

    This is a kind of protracted death wish and demonstrates significant emotional scars. I wish I could have talked him out of it–he’s been in his angst too long.

  188. pul-ease

    kids can be afraid of those happy smilin’ clowns

    talk about teaching the world about how to look past “skin deep”

    pushing past the limits!

  189. I’m not a fan of the Misfits, but this is one grand tattoo. Why are people saying that’s “Oh my God, it’s so retarded” et cetera. You’re on a fucking modification blog, if you think modifications are “retarded” THEN GO AWAY. It’s that simple.

    To comment 282: Why would you even be on this website if you think that?

  190. Large balls or small brain?

    Perhaps they go hand-in-hand as people generally considered to have “large balls” always seem to be doing stupid things like this.

    Damn those balls…

  191. okay yeah, he And the artist should be interviewed.

    i think it’s pretty stupid to get any band name or logos tattood on you. but i really dont think that looks like the misfits skull.

    he does look really young underneith. 20, 21? he better have the personality to back that up. what kind of personality would someone like that have?

    it Is ironic that he looks like a skull because he just threw his life away, he might as well be dead.

  192. When I was a kid, the nightmare I remember most was being chased around by a stuffed fabric horse head on a stick…a kid’s toy. So the arguement that he’s going to scare children and thus he shouldn’t be allowed into society is suggestive that only that kind of thing will cause children to have nightmares.

    I’d like to know where the stat came from that 90% of people who get facial tattoos commit suicide.

    Visualcutlery, very well written, and I like how you start, but I disagree with the point you seem to be making. You state that his tattoo is a mask, he’s portraying a false identitiy, but is this any different than a transgendered woman who’s born as a man and changes her outward appearance to match what’s inside? This can be taken on a number of levels:

    On the inside he _is_ a skeleton. Perhaps he has an untreatable emotional problem – some kind of extreme depression that makes him feel dead inside. Maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with death, simply that he feels out of step with society and chose this to manifest his feelings. Maybe it’s something entirely different and personal to him that we can’t understand without his help.

    And if you scan the message boards here, or anywhere else, snap judgements happen to everyone. We can’t exist without having someone judge us based on how we look. Every time you choose what clothes to put on, you run the risk of someone not liking your choices and treating you badly because of it. How about skin color? It’s not something you choose and for thousands of years, and still today, it changes how some people react to you. I think his tattoo could be a case similar to either of these. Yes, he had the choice to not get the tattoo, but just like the transgendered model I used either, it’s not a choice who he is, just if he admits to it and lives out his life how he feels, and as who he truly is despite what society thinks.

    That being said, I don’t know what the motivation was for his tattoo, and maybe this is entirely inaccurate, but I think it’s rather inclusive to the possibilities.

    And I think as an artist, their responsibility is only to make the best art they can in their eyes. We don’t know how others will react. Obviously with the different opinions here there are some people who can’t imagine others disliking it, and others that can’t imagine people who would like it. The only thing he could to was make it a piece of work that he was happy with, and let the rest of the world decide on its own.

    Yes, as a unification of art and self both will be judged on the other. Sometimes this will be done well, based on fact, and othertimes it will be done based on suspicion and stereotypes. We can’t make everyone happy, with our appearance or our selves. But we can do everything we can to make ourselves comfortable and if this is what he needed to do to get there, then it’s his world he’s changing.

    I think this has become long enough, I’ll end with a quote I find fitting but don’t feel like explaining:

    “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” – A. Einstein

  193. It seems that an extension of the logic we’ve seen here would lead to people with facial disfigurements being barred from public, or even ugly people.

    “Protection” of children is the duty of THAT CHILD’s parents and nobody else.

  194. HA! I hope this guy really works on his resume and has some really good technical skills.

    I keep all my tats below the neck and above the wrist.
    You can be a player in the alt subculture but you still have to live in the real world.

    Oh well, that’s what you get bringing a face to a tattoo fight!

  195. It’s great how once the comments get passed the point where IAM members are commenting on it, and they come from other links, the majority of them tend to be incredibly rude. Honestly.. why are people so concerned with how someone else chooses to live their life? If this guys wants a skull tattooed on his face, it doesn’t concern anyone else but himself. If somone is so concerned about it “scaring children” perhaps they should practice better parenting skills and show their children different view points and lifestyles. Really. Who cares?

  196. I think the art is well done, but the artist shouldn’t have done this. It looks like the inking was done in Canada, and in Canadian criminal law, a person can’t consent to forms of self-harm beyond a certain threshold. It’s pretty clear that this tattoo is going to constitute a severe disability (his avenues for future employment have been seriously foreclosed, not to mention associated social interaction issues and very likely potential mental health issues). I’m sure the guy thought he was consenting to get inked, but due to this threshold issue in Canadian criminal law, it’s not valid consent. If I was the artist, I would be concerned about a criminal assault charge.

  197. If that comment up there is true, his tattoo has nothing to do with the Misfits and his plan is for a full-body, maggoty rotting-zombie tattoo. I cannot imagine a healthy psychological state that would result in the kind of determined quest for this tattoo that this guy has obviously exhibited. I’m not in any way against tattoos, but I think there are some deeper issues here which he’s basically chosen to plaster all over his face for all to see. That’s just another aspect of the snap judgments that people will be making about him for the rest of his life. I hope he did it for the right reasons and that he doesn’t regret it, but I wonder if he’s a happy or satisfied person.

  198. Um…I don’t think this is a tattoo. It looks like makeup. Very GOOD makeup.

    I looked through all the galleries at that Derm F/X site, and there are no pics of it.

  199. I just keep coming back to look at the pictures all the time. There’s something so interesting in discovering his real face (in the physical sense) underneath the tattoo. I really want to meet this guy, I get more and more fascinated towards this tattoo, even though the anatomy seems quite off.

    I feel like I’m looking at him with x-ray glasses

  200. Boy has this turned into a major judgement party or what?

    Those who have expressed “sadness” for this guy are simply projecting their own feelings of discrimination and judgement.

    I have a bit of facial ink, as well as having my neck completely covered as well as a large 3D-looking scull on the back of my head. I do not feel discriminated against.

    The key to being yourself or looking however you choose to is simple. Stop actively looking for and living out of the reactions and/or approval of others.

    Some people react to heavy tattooing, some don’t. Most of the reactions I get are positive. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t receive compliments or at least the ubiquitous “I bet that really hurt” comment.

    However, I never let compliments of any kind give me any sort of ego boost or “make my day.” If I never feed at the trough of compliments of others, then when the inevitable negative reaction comes along I’m not crushed by it.

    Living out of the approval of others is instantly addictive. Once you allow yourself to get an ego charge out of a compliment, you need more and more to try to sustain the effect. When you don’t get the compliment, or someone tells you how stupid you must be, it’s like getting the rug jerked out from under you.

    That being said, this guy has made an extreme choice. His own reactions will either completely destroy him, or he will come to some profound realizations.

    Discrimination can be real, but often it’s most virulent effects are in the minds of the people who think they are being discriminated against. If you get angry or judgemental towards the people who make negative comments or give dissapproving looks, you are lowering your defenses and making their unhappiness your own.

    In other words, if I judge back the person who is judging me, I am immediately sensitized to their judgement. If I don’t judge back, their judgement falls back on them.

  201. Tolley @ Comment 302:

    He didn’t ruin his life. Can someone name a person who has tattooed their face and subsequently ruined their life?

    Mike Tyson. You owe me an icecream.

  202. holy shit. this is fantastic. i’ve never ever seen anything like this before. I wonder too, what he looks like underneath it all?

    good for him, he should be really pleased with the results!

  203. I like the theme, and this kid has some serious guts. Wearing something you love on your face is pretty liberating. (…and I thought I was hardcore for the tiny bit of work I have on my face, haha)

    Honestly though, the tattoo looks a little underdeveloped to me? Since the eyes were done at a seperate time and someone else mentioned it covering other stuff — are they planning on doing anything with the forehead/chin area? Some fracture lines and more shading in the forehead area especially I think would pull this piece together and make it just that much more impressive. Just my opinion…

    Regardless… I love the “carpe fucking diem” attitude this kid has. Right on.

  204. I like the theme, and this kid has some serious guts. Wearing something you love on your face is pretty liberating. (…and I get people thinking I’m hardcore for the tiny bit of work I have on my face, haha)

    Honestly though, the tattoo looks a little underdeveloped to me? Since the eyes were done at a seperate time and someone else mentioned it covering other stuff — are they planning on doing anything with the forehead/chin area? Some fracture lines and more shading in the forehead area especially I think would pull this piece together and make it just that much more impressive. Just my opinion…

    Regardless… I love the “carpe fucking diem” attitude this kid has. Right on.

  205. Wow. I didn’t think that posted the first time. And somehow I managed to type almost the exact thing from memory except for the slight re-wording the second time around. Nice.

  206. I personally think that this fine young man has just elected to remove himself from the gene pool.

    Whether it be from accident or malice he has just short listed himself for an early death.

    When you do something this stupid no one should feel bad when they find you swinging from the rafters.

    After all, he deserves it.

  207. “Mike Tyson. You owe me an icecream.”

    The facial tattoo didn’t really do much in terms of work for or against Mike Tyson’s demise, his attitude and persona did. Chalking that up to his facial tattoo is just hilariously wrong, if anything.

    The outmost amount of everyone who does facial tattoos are prepared of how they’ll be viewed in the future, for better or for worse. It does take a tremendous amount of courage to do something like that.

  208. “The facial tattoo didn’t really do much in terms of work for or against Mike Tyson’s demise, his attitude and persona did.”

    It showed as an outward manifestation of his inner turmoil. It was the moment that everyone could stand back, whistle, and say he’s gone off the deepend.

    And no it is not necessarily “courageous”.

    He should have started with a smaller tattoo that could have been incorporated in to the larger one later. That’s how I did alot of my bigger ones.

    Now instead of a small mistake, he’s made a gross error.

  209. “It showed as an outward manifestation of his inner turmoil. It was the moment that everyone could stand back, whistle, and say he’s gone off the deepend.”

    You’re right Luke, after the rape and the jail time then biting Holyfield’s ear off, most people thought Tyson was still pretty balanced…

    but I think all would agree it was when he finally got that facial tatto that he had “gone off the deep end”…

    Man that’s some conclusion you’re drawing there… Hoot!….

  210. > Where do you think you’ll end up?
    > Its reasons like this I quit the community, no self control. No sense of perspective.
    > Its unhealthy. There’s tattoos, piercings, and then there’s self-destruction.

    I think you’ve got the point.

  211. I probably have just as many tattoos as the next guy on this forum.

    But what this guy did was just plain stupid. Although he will be the coolest looking homeless guy you ever met.

    At least no one will have to figure out a cryptic suicide note when he finally does himself in……..the answer will be staring them in the face………(rimshot).

  212. That’s a pretty grim view on things, and what you’re forgetting is that there are plenty of people with facial tattoos who if not doing just alright are doing very well. Just look at people such as Lizardman or Shannon who not only made this post in this blog but also runs Just as there is place for people without facial tattoos in this world there is place for people with. Granted a facial tattoo can be a great social handicap, but if you’re prepared for possible outcome and to deal with whatever hardships may come to you, what is the problem? It’s his life to do what he want with.

    Like we say in Sweden, you’re “painting the Devil on the wall” (meaning that you’re taking the worst possible outcome out in advance and promoting it as the only way things can end, which needless to say is rather short sighted).

    …and when Tyson got his tattoo he was pretty far gone already, it’s not like he was a totally balanced and popular person who just got a facial tattoo and BOOM his life was in shambles, no.

  213. Yeah way to go moron, you look so AWESOME DOOD. Why not just remove your facial tissues and look really badass until the infection sets in? Wait til he has children and has to explain to them why dad is a loser.

  214. I wonder “why” he did it. Exept for being a fan of the misfits, of course.

    I’d like to add anyway that, even if he actually WAS homeless and poor because of it’s tattoos, at least he’d have looooads of women (just read some of the comments up there) because he really looks GORGEOUS (with the tattoo…and probably looked beautiful before too).

    I still wish the best for him.
    And his tattoo is beautiful, I can’t see anyway it could’ve been drawn ‘better’.

    looking forward for an intervieuw :)

  215. Way to go, you fucked up your face for life! It will be funny when you finally hit puberty and realize skulls are fucking retarded.

  216. I’ve only got one small tattoo, on top of my foot, so I wouldn’t qualify to be a member of this board. I’ll admit that I find this guy’s tat shocking. I don’t know him, so I can’t pretend to know whether it was a good move for him.

    I will say, though, as a father of five, that I have no issues whatsoever with him appearing in public. Frighten the children? That’s for me to deal with, just like I’ve dealt with my kids seeing disfigured people, people in wheelchairs, people with odd behavior, etc. We don’t have to boil society into a creamy white paste so that kids can be safe.

  217. Has any one even considered the fact that maybe he wants to black in his face in the future or cover his face all the way with ink. He may have just done this because at the moment thats what he wanted and has future plans. Regardless of that, its really no different than transforming your body into a lizzard/ tiger/ cat/ or any thing else for that matter. Maybe hes themed in the human anatomy who knows. I support it and i supported michelle as well. Im pretty sure he knows how hard life will be i mean shit my lifes hard enough with large ears, neck tattoos, full sleeves and hands and fingers. I dont think he needs every one telling him how hard it will be. And if your afraid of your kids seeing him dont ever leave your house.

  218. I WISH PEOPLE WOULD STOP CALLING IT A MISFITS TATTOO. as you can see in comment 259 — it has nothing to do with the misfits. thank you frank for posting!

  219. It’s people like this that give me some hope that there is sanity in the world I live in. Seeing this face and the tatoo on it has extended my life by many years.

  220. this guy is a fucking retard! how fucking stupid can you be!?! who is ever going to employ him, and only some bitch just as fucked up as him would ever go near him! he’s a total fucking knob!

  221. I was thinking what was just mentioned. No one seems to say these things about Erik Sprague, Stalking Cat, Catzen, Lucky Rich, or Enigma. These people have all transformed themselves, yet they all have successful lives. They are not homeless, nor do they worry about SCARING oversheltered kids. I don’r anyone freaking out over them. Is it because they are well known and therefore accepted in the body mod community? Is it because their facial art is considered “acceptable”?

  222. Has the ‘Lizardman’s’ life been ruined by facial tattooing? What about Tribal Face? Oh, or even Shannon? to name but a few who have facial ink. The people that I have named seem highly intelligent people that also appear quite happy with their lives. What should be so different about this kid? Comment’s like #282 just show the amount of intelligence some people have! Grrrrrrrrr
    As for it frightening children, PAH! Has anybody noticed the horror themes available for face painting that many kids have done?

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  224. I am glad I dont give a shit about expressing myself. It sure does make you do stupid stuff.

    I can’t believe you INK folks are so fucking insecure its astonishing. You are all fucking posers who are desperate for other people to validate your lives.

    Its just a bunch of fucking pictures idiots. It doesn’t mean shit. Those Chinese Letters on your neck SPELL DOUCHEBAG…..those other pictures you have…..are GAY

    Worried about expressing yourself……..Cut off your genitals.

    Be bold

  225. I’ve got a couple of large tatts myself, but what this bloke did is just plain fucking stupid. And the artist who did this is just as stupid. This isn’t about a FTW attitude, this is about a real lack of self esteem. As for the comments from and about women here saying he’s gorgeous, are you into fucking corpses?

  226. I really see no point in arguing with trolls, but one thing has to be said, why does it always so often seem to end in encouraging people to in some way cut off or maim their own genitals? It’s like there’s not as much as one original fibre to share between most people going apeshit over this.

  227. my 3 and 6 year old neices would LOVE THIS GUY.

    give children more credit, to those who have obviously forgotten what it’s like being a kid. there is way more honesty, acceptance and innocence than you’d ever expect in a child.

    i seriously don’t see this man running at any kid trying to scare them either, get over yourselves if you think his face could damage somebodies child.

    it’s a shitty thing your parents never took you by the hand and explained to you why it’s okay not to be afraid..

    putting fear in your kids about life is the worst possible action you can take in raising them.

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  229. How are people missing this?

    #259 – From the ARTIST (claimed): “his plan is to be a complete skeleton with maggots, cockroaches,and spiderwebs and has nothing to do with the misfits. ”

    If this is true, I’m behind the guy 100%. I think that, if he goes through with it, the results could be absolutely amazing.

    It is pretty extreme as far as a full-body themed transformation goes, but heck, at that point it’s like comparing A Bombs to H Bombs.

    Forget the convenience store, he could be a sideshow attraction (though he will have to learn a few tricks if he wants to make any money). It’s almost like bringing back the attracting/repelling powers of tattooed sideshow performers of the last century.

    He does look a bit young to be making this sort of commitment, but who knows? He may have been thinking of this for the past fifteen years.

    At any rate, I really want to see where this goes…

  230. First though – Amazing tattoo. From an artist (not tattoo artist) point of view it is incredible. I would deffinately let that artist tattoo me if I never saw this picture. He may be a great artist but he has shitty judgement. I wouldn’t let him anywhere near me. I did save the pic so I can PAINT my face like it for halloween.

    Second thought – This man will kill himself at some point. You must be beyond fucked up to do this to yourself. It makes me sad. I’m all for an interview because this guy should be studied and put on suicide watch.

  231. First though – Amazing tattoo. From an artist (not tattoo artist) point of view it is incredible. I would deffinately let that artist tattoo me if I never saw this picture. He may be a great artist but he has shitty judgement. I wouldn’t let him anywhere near me. I did save the pic so I can PAINT my face like it for halloween.

    Second thought – This man will kill himself at some point. You must be beyond fucked up to do this to yourself. It makes me sad. I’m all for an interview because this guy should be studied and put on suicide watch.

  232. First though – Amazing tattoo. From an artist (not tattoo artist) point of view it is incredible. I would deffinately let that artist tattoo me if I never saw this picture. He may be a great artist but he has shitty judgement. I wouldn’t let him anywhere near me. I did save the pic so I can PAINT my face like it for halloween.

    Second thought – This man will kill himself at some point. You must be beyond fucked up to do this to yourself. It makes me sad. I’m all for an interview because this guy should be studied and put on suicide watch.

  233. …to the commenter who mentioned the old ladies asking questions and touching his face as walks down the street…

    are you kiddin?

    those bluehairs will be RUNNING in the other direction.

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  235. Fuck…. surprising how many people need to leave negative comments…….. It’s a happy happy world we live in…

  236. I don’t belong to your community, but I do belong to the community at large and this is what I thought when I looked at his picture–you may not give a damn about what outsiders think, you may think them slaves of their own culture and you may feel some level of elitism for escaping the bonds of polite society, but you all know life isn’t fair so here goes and no I don’t care if any of these things are true (though you know odds are in my favor) they’re just what I thought when I looked at this guy:

    1. His mother must be devastated.
    2. He’ll probably kill himself.
    3. If he doesn’t kill himself, the other bums will probably kill him and then we’ll read about that too
    4. He is not well-adjusted. He is the polar opposite of well-adjusted.
    5. He is not intelligent.
    6. He would never, ever, ever be able to get a “respectable” job and even if he worked at a convenience store (see also, you’re retarded) he was fired
    7. He may not admit it until his pre-suicide appearance on Maury, but the moment he got home from the tattoo parlor and saw his reflection in his own mirror, he was horrified, if only for a moment.
    8. He’s going to get punched in the face so many times.
    9. Again, his mother must be so devastated.
    10. I mean really, he will probably kill himself, and if he doesn’t, the other bums will.

  237. Oh hell, I hate it every time a modblog post starts getting attention on non-mod sites, it always ends up with a bunch of people who can’t respect other people’s decisions that have no effect on anyone’s life except their own. Little kids are not so psychologically fragile as some people think, or as incapable of telling real from fake as adults seem to think. Kids see this sort of thing every year on Halloween and it’s acceptable then, I don’t see any difference between October 31 and May 31.

    Now I have to respect this guy for having the balls to do that, and I think the tattoo is beautiful even if the anatomical inaccuracies are pretty obvious. I do worry about the affect on his psyche that it might have coming in contact with the type of people who’ve posted here about him being crazy and should go shoot up a school (what the hell was the person who said that thinking). I think it’s a great tattoo, not what I’d want by any means but if it makes him happy then that’s what matters not whether it makes me happy.

    But it makes me think, whenever I get around to having my facial tattoos done (which will be when my artwork sales can support my getting all the tattoos I want) I’m getting something much less in your face to pun a little in the form of Art Nouveau flowers framing my face. I wonder though if even something so delicate and feminine is going to subject me to that sort of reaction, and it scares me a little. I don’t want to have to be afraid of expressing myself in the way that I want and to see such venom from some people about facial tattoos is a bit disturbing to me. What business is it of yours what other people look like? It’s not you, no one is going to hold you down and tattoo your face so what does it matter to you? I’m not hear to decorate your life, I’m here to live mine in a way that makes me happy with myself.

  238. Whenever anyone has the courage to express themselves behind an image that is typically considered socially unacceptable and can turn peoples’ perceptions upside down, the respective parties mutually benefit.

    Personally, I think if anything, celebrate this tattoo’s wearer as an advocate for radical social progress.

  239. #247 – and where did you find this statistic about 90% of people with facial tattoos commit suicide? In order to prove that, wouldnt you have to know how many people even HAVE a facial tattoo??

  240. Ok first off I do have some quite visible tattoos on my neck hands, and yes face. My face has been posted on here before (look at recent work by TattooJoe. I am mostly working on a body theme with allot of my work. I am planning to do a mix of tribal, and biomechanical on my face. Maybe not quite as morbid as a skull, but that from a social point of view is because bio-mech is a bit dehumanizing, unlike a skull. As people mentioned with this person, and how the image will distort with age, that is why I was starting to shy away from work like this. TattooJoe mentioned you tattoo lots of stuff on your face, but your face is always flexing, moving, exposed to the sun etc… so tattoos with lots of detail, shading, color etc can fade out easily.

    As for picking the artist and peoples negativity towards face tattoos, I did not even want to ask an artist for years if they would even DO a face tattoo. I finally found an artist who had, and does face tattoos, and even THEN I did not ask right away if they would do a face tattoo. Regardless of what I said, he knew I planned to ink my whole face.

    Also for people claiming a 90% suside rate for people with facial tattoos WHERE the hell did you get that from. I am pretty young (22) but I can tell you I wanted to tattoo my face for YEARS now. I finally got sick of always putting of doing it because of social ramifications when I knew it was something I REALLY wanted to do. I LIKE waking up in the morning and seeing my face tattooed and I can’t wait till I finally have my whole face and head inked. overall it has been a positive experience for me I have been much more confident in my self, and stopped always caring what other people think. IMO it will be good once my face is finished.

    Also I do NOT work in the body mod industry (and not that I have anything against doing that, I love body mod so much in the future I may start to) but I actually work Retail! I deal with the public on a regular basis and I do NOT cover my tattoos with makeup. I know some places will discriminate against me because of my tattoos, I knew that getting my tattoos, and I fully accept that. If a place does not want to accept me for my tattoos, I don’t want to work there. Having my face tattooed makes narrowing employers down pretty easy. I no longer second guess my decisions and debate trying to “coverâ€? tattoos just for job interviews. Even with my tattoos I get job offers quite often to work in retail. Allot of people I work with see how good an associate I am, and how good I am at dealing with customers. Intelligence stands out MUCH more that what your face looks like when dealing with people on a professional level. Now would a skull tattoo instead of what I am working on be a bit more extreme for a retail environment, probably. But if that was what I REALLY wanted to do that would not stop me.

    If I woke up one day with that tattooed on my face I would not be mortified because the concept has crossed my mind before. I am actually glad to see someone else did this because I wanted to see it done. I love the concept of a signal body theme, but I like too many different tattoo styles to pull off just ONE theme, so I am sticking with trying to mix a few concepts together on me.

    As for the other questions people mentioned, I would love to here an interview and this guys motivations for getting it. I would love to know what he does for a living and plans on doing in the future, just because what I do is so “unexpectedâ€? for someone with face tattoos, I wonder if other peoples jobs are equally unexpected.

    The quality of the work, and the effect of the placement is GREAT. I love tattoos that really use the 3D nature of the area being tattooed. I actually wanted to see someone like paul-booth do a tattoo like this since he is very good at laying out work on 3D spaces.

    “Pussy. A real committed bodymodder would have found a plastic surgeon to actually remove his lips, nose, and cheeks.
    Someone tell this guy to be sure to vote for candidates that support increasing the minimum wage!�

    I actually would like to see that and though of it before as well. Don’t think I personally would have the balls to do it, but I am sure someone might.

    Again face tattoos do not = min wage, I have a large portion of my face tattooed (and working on full coverage) and I make MUCH more than minimum wage. Anyone that cant find A job because of a face tattoo is using the tattoo as an excuse. It may take them longer to find a job, but they will eventually find SOMETHING.

    tattoo on lips?�

    What does the lip have to do with anything. My face tattoo goes onto my lip, so I can assure you it is possible to do.

  241. As I said in #112, this image seems to really get the attention of people. I’ve never seen a post here with 350+ comments.

    Forget about the varying opinions formed for a moment. Just think how interesting it is that this particular image commands our attention. I suspect humans are innately drawn to images like human-looking skulls, as a product of our evolution. It was probably a big survival advantage for our ancestors to take extra notice to such things, and to always be on the lookout for them.

  242. That guy is 400% totally out of his freakin’ mind. You should be in a mental hospital if you even think about doing this to your face.

  243. What a f*cking retard! What a f*cking retard! What a f*cking retard! What a f*cking retard! What a f*cking retard! What a f*cking retard! What a f*cking retard! What a f*cking retard! What a f*cking retard! What a f*cking retard! What a f*cking retard!

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  245. What a tit. What was this muppet thinking? I have a number of tattoo’s myself and love body art but this is so moronic it’s defies belief. If my son came home with this done i’d first of all mutilate the wanker who did the work and then burn it off my sons face with a blow torch.

    And to all the young girlies here saying they want to marry this clown – you really need to get a grasp of reality.

  246. amazing tattoo, hes got balls, but then coke snorters tend to have balls (look at the side on pic!) ;-P

  247. Funny….so many people are so disturbed by this…letting this image affect them in such harsh ways, thinking about mutilation and telling him to shoot up schools.
    I’m sitting here laughing at all of you…for something you despise so much…you’re all wasting an awful lot of time on this. You are so opposed to this…yet….you waste minutes of your life, typing up comments to post, on somthing you tell us you *hate*. I’m just thinking…all the links, all the buzz on the internet…all over just some guy who got a tattoo….that’s impressive.
    If you hate it so much, back off and let it go…

  248. Well, looking at his skin I’d say he was just as ugly before he did this stupid tatoo job… wasn’t worth it if you ask me, except that I probably feel a bit more sorry for him than if hadn’t done that to himself. But then, I seriously doubt that was his intention :-)

  249. what the fuck is hot about that? when he´s dead he will look like that pretty fast…
    so you all like rotten bodys. that´s sick!

  250. Chrispy … we all are different, and accepting everybody else is the best way to claim legitimate rights to be accepted for what you are and/or want to be.If I follow your path, then anybody else offendend by your tattoos may want to burn them off your body with a blow torch. Right?

    Question : why do you think that all the women who said there that they want to marry him, fuck with him or kiss him would be YOUNG? How can you be stupid enough not to realize that some people may perfectly have fantasies, at any age, and that all of us have different fantasies?

    As a man, I’d find it REALLY cool to have a relation with a heavily tattooed woman. Even better if she’d have full facial tattoo, and even better if she’d wear some mad stuff like this one.

    Of course, I’m not just sitting here and saying “cool stuff”. The social consequences of his tattoo, the macabre side, the fact that he’s young, all this is certainly somewhat disturbing. But disturbing or not, this guy is free to do what he want, and you, I, anybody, we all are nothing to judge our pairs. We are mere mortals, and late or ever we will all look like him…

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  252. Seems to me that all people who have facial tattoos done have a deathwish… How many people over the age of 40 have you seen with lots of facial ink?….

  253. Noadi – Post 380:
    “Oh hell, I hate it every time a modblog post starts getting attention on non-mod sites, it always ends up with a bunch of people who can’t respect other people’s decisions that have no effect on anyone’s life except their own. ”

    You’re an idiot. People getting together to express opinions that are different from each other’s is called a “discussion”

    What sort of discussion do you like,fucktardo? The kind where everyone sits around and agrees that every tattoo and every mod that anyone could ever get is “fine and good and worthy of respect”?

    I don’t respect this guy’s assinine descision, I think that it is the dumbest thing he will ever do in life. That’s my right. You can disagree with that, and that’s yours. But don’t turn this into “all those nasty non-mods are infiltrating my precious shithole site and they don’t even AGREE with what I think.”

    I can only hold out with a grim, macabre hope that this fuck gets killed doing something stupid and his story gets posted on my site for me to ridicule and deride him.

    Go to you fucking stain.

  254. brutal. nothing says your an idiot like a tattooed grill. Only G.G. Allin could get away with that.

  255. Hope he’ll like making minimum wage the rest of his life, ’cause those are the only jobs he’ll ever get. Talk about not thinking through the consequences!

  256. wow. love the concept. but indeed it’s pretty hardcore. and you could question it. facial tattoos are always questionable, hence many tattoo artists won’t do them (although that has changed over the years). but then again it all boils down to the wearer. and not knowing anything about that guy would refrain me of making any remarks about it being good or bad, being dumb or hardcore. if i think of mike wilson, lucky diamond rich and enigma i know that with some people you don’t question it at all.

  257. Kewl Han Dluke whos crazier a person with a tattoo on their face or some dipshit publicly wishing harm/death upon someone. It sounds like your the fucking stain.

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  259. Great tat work… HUGE balls… But unfortunately this guy is going to wake up X days/weeks/years from now and immediately regret what he’s done for the rest of his long or short life. This is my opinion of older dude… Employment opps? The same convenience store he’s been working in or the Tattoo convention circuit, again, for the rest of his short or long life. I wish him the best of luck…

  260. In response to #183, # 206 , they live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (as I do) and it’s not commun for people to get their ass kick around here for what they are or what they look like. Of course there are some ignorants like verywhere else but Quebecers are usually more open-minded about stuff like that (I even overheard some tourists complaining in disgust how tattoos and piercing being too well accepted by society in Quebec).
    As for the artist himself, I know he wouldn’t tattoo just anybody like that because he turn me down two years ago for a facial tattoo I wanted to get done. Frank asked me to wear it as make-up for 6 month before he would consider it… And the facial tattoo I want is far less radical!

  261. WOW I LOVE THAT GUY! I’m just going to make the same tatoo on my face!
    – Love : Princess Goul

  262. Falldown:

    Clever comment – saw the MySpace page – It seems high school is the loftiest education plateau you ever reached.

    Is it any wonder you are making less than 30K and in debt.
    You also have shit on, in and through your face?

    Do you ever wonder if there is a co-relation? Oh well, at least you are unique, David.

    Maybe you can have a new apprentice to “work the grill”.

  263. i’m not gonna read all the comments, but i think he should definately have his eyelids tattooed so it looks even more impressive when his eyes are closed… anyhow, FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC concept and artwork!

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  265. For the love of Pete….Do you always believe MySpace you nut? It’s MySpace for crying outloud. I lie on my page as well about my income because frankly…that’s not something I want to share with the world.
    And while I’m on this level here, I have only a high school education…yet…I make more money than most people my age with a college degree. So…don’t believe everything you read.
    …and yes, before you ask, I’m modified, with an implant and hand tattoos, neither of which are easily hidden.
    You do have some serious issues wishing harm on another human being because of their tattoo…. HA!!! I believe, you are the one with the psychological issues my dear.

  266. 403: This isn’t a discussion anymore, it has degenerated into a bunch of trolls flaming, your post being a perfect example. If “fucktardo” is the best insult you can come up with then I have nothing to fear from a real discussion with you or any other of the trolls that have shown up. I don’t expect everyone to like mods whether mine or anyone elses, just to respect other people’s personal decisions when they have no affect on anyone other than themselves. I really dislike nascar but I’d never tell someone who wanted to be a driver that I hope they crash and die, I have more respect for people living their lives as they wish than to ever say or think something like that.

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  268. Kewl Han Dluke:

    And if i do make only 30k a year. Did you even bother to look were i live. Thats a decent income in my city, none the less i actually do make more than that. Even if i made just enough to make it by id still be happy with my decisions. Not every one needs money to be happy and your one of those people. All i Know is if i profited off vidoes of people dying id feel like a pretty shitty person. But, i quess you can live with that just fine.

    Its pointless to even argue at this point every one knows who the real dumbass is anyway.

  269. From far away (sized-down pic), it looks like he has a “kitten-face” tattooed on. Close up, though, it’s like peeking into hell… On one hand, it’s just tattoo. But it’s the scariest fuckin tattoo I ever seen…

  270. I like it – but it is something that I would NEVER think about doing. But that’s me. I work in retail and anything that isn’t “normal” is frowned on.

    Is this guy grabbing for attention? Perhaps, but I’m sure that he never bargained to have a list of 400+ comments on

    Again, not something that I would want to do because I value people looking at my face and not what I have on it

  271. That guy has possibly the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. But besides that, I’m almost surprised he found a talented artist to do this. I don’t know if any of the artists I know would do a project like that on someone so young.


    A shining example of the human paradox!

    I hope this young man chooses to educate himself throughout his life, continually seek and absorb knowledge, so that he can, when confronted by those who question his choice, calmly yet profoundly, make them question nothing but themselves … and their own mediocrity.

    hats off to this young warrior!

  273. Imagine skulldude:

    1. at the airport
    2 at his wedding
    3 doing anything intimate
    4 eating pie
    5 at his mother’s funeral

    Anyone aplauding this kind of obvious retardedness is welcome to actually follow suit. Whooping like some fratboys at a bumfight doesn’t make this any less idiotic and fundamentally sad. I’ll settle for somewhat smaller balls ,thank you very much.

  274. Wow, I applaud this guy.

    But… sadly, seeing fellow humans comment on this make me feel ashamed of my own (human) race. Some people are intolerant ignorant pieces of shit.

    Who gives a fuck how this guy looks, and how is this affecting the idiots posting negative comments? Some people really need more time consuming careers.

  275. I’m sure he thought it would be a good idea at first… Give it a few years and im sure he will start to regret the fact that he has just fucked up the rest of his life… It looks good n all, and I do appreciate good artwork… but damn…

  276. seriously. this shit is pretty retarded. i mean come on, he looks like a 10 year old kid with permanent marker smeared all over his face. and that inked on gaping nose cavity, what the fuck? he looks ridiculous. this guy is better off burning his obviously undesirable human face off with hot acid.

  277. What a loser dumbshit FREAK. Anyone who thinks that this is normal or cool is also a dumbshit.

    This freak will be dead within a year.

  278. I don’t think that the issue is facial ink. I don’t have a problem with facial ink, in many cases i think it’s awesome. I think most people here have a problem with the fact that his face is now a skull, every day of his life. and in our culture, the primary meaning of a skull is death. i don’t think that this person is very happy, and he has imprinted this on his skin for however long his life lasts.

  279. ok…this is getting out of fucking hand…why is this such a big fucking deal? People writing novels over one mans choice??! It just shows how unexcepting society still is really. Now im not saying i wouldnt take a second glance if i saw this art walking down the street, but to have controversy over one mans choice that effects him and ONLY him? I say go fuck yourself if you think your really that important in life…lets be honest were selfish creatures and the choices we make only effects ourselves. Now i know im going to get (well what about his wife and kids, friends, work…) well, hes young probley doesnt have a wifey or kid, bosses can hire and fire, and if his friends are freaked out and wont talk to him anymore, well they were never friends at all, were they? As sad as it sounds people can choose who they would like to know and who they would not like to know…its that simple and if you have a problem with someone elses personal choices…than you just dont have a life of your own.

    i love it.

  280. Jebuz! The comments!I like the work. I love his green eyes. I totally don’t get the realigning parts of the skull to his face and the weird bite line with extra teeth. I guess its stylized? IN any case, That is really intense. I’m not sure I could deal with that much facial intensity and my brow is already pretty fucking furrowed at this point. Yes, please interview him and Yes, please shave eyebrows!

  281. i am imagining him doing regular day things. and i think he just looks very very very silly. must’ve been ages since i’ve seen such a silly thing published on the net… i thought the hello-kitty darth vader girl was silly, till i saw this.

    this obsession with body-modification, from a western point of view, in which the whole ancient tattoo philosophies are recycled into one big pudding of pseudo-individualism, seem just veryyyy… excusez-moi-les-mots: stupid, attention-seeking, pre-pubescent and very much based on hypes. it’s like some kind of Jackass, but performed on your body.

    he’s so brave and such an individual, and look at his balls… ENORMOUS!
    yeah fucking right. and yet, looking at it, being able to absolutely want to look that silly, he must have a big ego.

    ps: the jaw-bone is drawn completely incorrect, which makes it even sillier.

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  283. “Look at me Im an attention whore with my crazy tattoo!!! Yarrr its in yer face! Get it? In your face!”

  284. What a fukin idiot.

    No wonder the world is so fucked up with
    brainless dorks like this.
    To those of you whom think this is great
    would you allow your daughter to walk
    down the isle with him??

    But then pen and talc are great ar’nt they.

    FanTinZine TatToo Studios
    La, North Main St

  285. theres a fine line between bravery (balls) and stupidity….
    this not so much brave as stupid.

    great tattoo work but COME ON!! he just fucked his life

  286. @ nr. 446 … No, he should have a “dick” implanted on his forehead, because he trully is one…

    Talking about social suicide..geez.

  287. i don’t understand why people who have a negative approach towards these images are supposed to be unaccepting, ‘without a life’ or ignorant.
    i hope someone will call them fascists at a certain point! that would be delightful!
    everyone’s always babbling about freedom of speech and choice and what-not. until the other person doesn’t agree.
    i would personally never go over and talk to a guy like this in public, because i would still think he looks silly (i can only stand so-much) and i would constantly have the feeling he would just love the attention and the deep questions/compliments/discussions/possible fights/problems/laughter.
    is it so difficult to see this has nothing to do with a real motive of self-expression? or maybe it does, but it certainly seems as only being skin-deep (pun not intended). yes, having a skull printed on the skin of your skull is ofcourse quite original… but… ehm… well, please let’s not act like he reinvented tattoos or is a walking piece of art.
    this guy is having his fifteen minutes of fame on the internet, but i’m sure he’ll eventually get bored with his ‘fame’ in real life. unless he truly is an attention-whore.

    ps: once again; the jaw-bone connections are drawn completely incorrect.

  288. Stunning work, a real nice tattoo. As for balls, I think his maybe transported in a wheel barrow!!!

    I’d like to hear what he thinks in a year or so, how it has affected his life, good or bad!

    Any chance of this Shannon?

  289. There’s one good thing about this retard having this tattoo
    on his face: he won’t have kids and thus his genes will be
    gone forever… Don’t forget: Survival of the fittest!

    He is definitely out of the race… thank god…

  290. It looks like paint… i am not shure if it is a real tattoo! The ends of the tattoo are smugged… it looks fake…

    But if it is a real tattoo, than it is great! I like it a lot!

  291. holy shit, that is fucking crazy. i wonder what kind of psychological effects it will have on this guy. on the plus side i guess he ll always be easy to spot in a crowd.

  292. #448 “Jimbo” If your daughter was in love with him, how would you stop her from walking down the aisle with him? Disown her? Do you really HATE your daughter that much that you would prevent her from a happy marriage and wonderful life?

    And why, oh why, are all you people posting negative comments, isulting, and making inane assumptions about this man? If you don’t like the choices he (or anyone else) has made, simply click the back button. In person, walk away from these people. I’m sure he may not agree with the choices everyone else has made in thier lives, but you don’t hear him attacking anyone.

  293. Absolutely STUPID. and the fact that people are posting comments saying it took balls to do, HARDLY. it not what it took, its what it lacks – BRAINS, SELF RESPECT, and SELF WORTH.
    one of the most idiotic things i have ever seen

  294. He should have spent the money on a hair transplant instead. Too bad ‘intelligence transplants’ arent available.
    frikkin MORON

  295. What a jackass. probaby would have been a better idea to spend that money on medication to clear up all those zits on his grimey forehead..

  296. looks like he just needed a tat to cover up all of his acne….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooossssss!!!!!

  297. “If my son came home with this done i’d first of all mutilate the wanker who did the work and then burn it off my sons face with a blow torch.”

    Well, what a wonderful mother you make… I hope your son’s allowed to choose his own clothes now he’s over eighteen? Or do you threaten to burn them off his body if e comes back with a t-shirt you don’t approve of?

    Strange paradox when paralleled with the parents who were accused of overprotecting their children.

    Oh, and “bon-appetite”…Pour l’amour de Dieu, please learn how to use French properly before attempting to display your knowledge in polite society.

    The sad fact is that a lot of modified people are not only more accepting of differences, but more thoughtful, cultured, and aware than the mass of the population. It had to be said.

    Oh, and for those asking ridiculous questions, why don’t you take the trouble to read the comments? Quite a fex interesting points have been made.

    You might even learn some new words in the process…

  298. OK, the Misfits are good, but THAT good…?? Jesus. You wouldn’t want to get sick of listening to them.

  299. chalk up one more who would love to read an interview.

    and quite frankly, i’m disgusted by all the people who have such negative responses to this without having any sort of story or interview to respond to.

    judging a man solely based on his tattoo is a horrible thing to do, especially since you’re presumably, as a modblog reader, tattood, or at least interested in tattoos, yourself. what makes this tattoo so contreversial, while people who read this praise shannon larratt and erik sprague? people who respect them have issues with this man? i’m confused.

    i think that before anyone makes a judgement as to how smart this tattoo was, or how stupid it’s wearer is, should at least give him a chance to speak on his own behalf.

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  301. “I like it – but it is something that I would NEVER think about doing. But that’s me. I work in retail and anything that isn’t “normalâ€? is frowned on.”

    where do you live man? I work retail and HAVE face tattoos (although not a skull, more traditional tribal work.)

    Also the ignorance of the people posting on here make my want to finish my face tattoo even more. I am SO glad the place i live is relatively accepting of face tattoos, and i do NOT get excessive attention for my tattoos. My tattoos are for ME not you to like. For everyone that is against this it is NOT YOUR face. This man obviously decided this is what HE wanted to look like. Agree with it or not that decision is his, not yours.

    Also you all can NOT know the meaning behind his tattoo or his cultural background. In many cultures a skull is NOT a symbol of death but of LIFE. When the US government was planning on building nuclear waist repositories they were trying to think of universal symbols representing death, and the skull was almost immediately ruled out.

  302. I can’t help but be amused by all the people who keep commenting about how the Misfits suck and you shouldn’t tattoo band names or logos on your body. THE HEADLINE IS A JOKE. He (and his artist) have both said it isn’t a Misfits tattoo. The guy is going for a full body zombie type rotten corpse tattoo. At least read a few of the comments before posting whatever asinine insult that pops into your head.

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  304. I am just a few months shy of my 60th birthday, and I am pleased to announce that advancing age does not automatically make you in to a narrow minded bigot. I find this tattoo to be a super piece of work, and I hope that it ill do much for the right to freedom of expression. A brave lad who will be another icon, hopefully in the foot steps of the likes of out amazing Lizardman.

  305. I new to the site and I am really curious to see “Michelle’s tattoos” that are referenced in post #88. Can anyone tell me where/how to see those?
    Thanks in advance.

  306. Really cool. I’m sorry to say thats not a tattoo, but a face-painting. But really cool painting though.

  307. Tatoos doesn’t smudge and melt, as his face-painting does. This is just a nerd seeking attention. And I hope he gets it, he seems to need it.

  308. What’s this “his tattoo is for him, it’s not your face, maybe he just doesn’t identify with society” bullshit? If that kinda nonsense was true he wouldn’t have used his face (the first thing people usually see) for a canvas.

    This is a sad individual who has something going wrong in his brain and for some reason craves any kind of attention… similar to sexual abuse victims, fanatic religious extremists, etc. And what he is getting is negative attention from anyone with good taste, and positive attention from others who are equally brain damaged.

    Cmon people. It’s downright ugly, anyway. Yuck. Way to go, dumb ass.

  309. I can’t help but notice, the tattoos around his eye orbits are fully healed. So I think he already prepared for public reactions to a degree.

  310. #478 and 479: Its not face paint. Jesus Christ, his tattoo artist has already commented on it. I don’t get where you’re seeing smudging and melting. If you’re talking about it being shiny, its because of fluid seepage and/or ointment to keep it moist.

  311. Despite the reactions he may recieve from the general public, this is beautiful. Tattoing skills at their finest, in the way it realistically displays impressions in the face. ;D He wouldn’t even need to stretch a muscle for Hallow’s Eve…

  312. BTW, It would seem that to many of us are focusing too much on the natural imperfections of the person’s face/head, instead of commenting on the quality of the art. Get a reality, if you’re going to judge.
    And it would take some braving to bear the process of being tattooed on the face to that extent, especially with the after-effect that doesn’t fade for a week or so.

  313. yes, perhaps in other cultures the skull is not a symbol of death. but i think we can agree that a “full body rotting corpse”, if indeed this is his eventual intention, has a certain amount of death symbolism.

  314. It’s interesting that he has chosen to get his face tattooed first when he’s planning on getting a full thematic body suit. It would be the more ‘cautious’ move.

    To the people who have pronounced this ‘social suicide’ on his part, it is more society’s fault if it segregates him because of such a superficial reason.

    I’m going to join of the list of people who would love to see an interview.

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  316. Hmmmm…
    You can call it cool, awsome etc., but yoy have to be f…ing idiot not a fan, to do THAT to your face.
    Someday he will 30, 40 years old (maybe) and I already feel sorry for old prick with “cool tatoo”

  317. misfits rule!!
    sometimes later in life you regret a tattoo, as i have many and have regretted getting some of them, not the fact of getting work done, thats cool, but more like the places you get it. i guess this guy will be famous for something!!

    you have balls of steel!! :P

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  319. Notice the pimples and potatoe farm in the ear. I think this guy has had social issues for a while now. He has simple sped up the inevitability of his future.

  320. wow!~~~!!!!

    let me just say that back wards


    i mean just looking at that tattoo makes you wanna say something..


    maybe not now but one day

    and dont bother arguing till ya see my tatts


  321. Just because we live in a free society and can choose to do whatever we please does not mean that doing so is a good idea; the ramifications of such an action remain to be seen, yet few would admit that their irreversible actions have been poorly thought through and were a mistake.
    The work has been well executed but the initial euphoria over such a striking piece may well give way to an altogether less welcome set of emotions.

  322. I didn’t know modblog was frequented by so many Dr’s in the fields of psychaitry and psychology! Everyone seems to be an expert on how this man will regret his decision to tattoo his face, not to mention seem to know exactly what emotional and mental states he is and will be in the future.

  323. Why does no one ever talk about the forces that would drive someone to do this? It’s more than mere “euphoria” it’s clearly a 100% sexual obsession.

  324. I am new to the site and I am really curious to see “Michelle’s tattoosâ€? that are referenced in post #88. Can anyone tell me where/how to see those?
    Thanks in advance.

  325. p.s. For all of those of you who instead of commenting on the tattoo and want to harp on the “potatoe farm in the ear” that’s residue from being tattooed.

  326. #513: I hope you’re veing sarcastic, otherwise, you’re just coming off as completely uneducated. How are tattooing one’s face and sexual obession in anyway linked?

    #514: On the upper left side of the page, click “most commented on entries” and you’ll see a link “Michelle, the pass around girl”

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  329. I just had to comment on this… All I can say is that is hard core!! When I first saw the pic, I said outloud: “Holy shit, that is fucking hard core!”. I know I couldn’t do it, but I give you kudos!

  330. Another vote for an interview.

    Also, I would be very interested in seeing an actual academic reference to suicide rates among facially tattooed people. I highly doubt the 90% number, but am curious if there is a difference, in either direction.

    I give the guy credit for the stength of his convictions. He went so far as to have someone else start the work on his face, in hopes that his preferred artist would finish it!

    re: Kids: You’re concern isn’t really germane to this particular tattoo at this stage, just tell them it’s like a halloween mask. On the other hand, I would love to discuss that issue sometime in regards to public ink which would generally be viewed as pornographic. It does raise some interesting issues of public space versus private space. Most folks would say it is wrong to share hardcore porn in a magazine with a kindergartener, so is it wrong for a kindergarten teacher to have hardcore porn tattooed on his forearm? Maybe Shawn could post one just to get it started? LOL

    As for comparing it to other heavily tattooed faces, welllll…

    If I had a friend who decorated their living room in blue puzzle pieces or tribal tiger stripes or leopard spots or swirling tribal lines or a checkerboard pattern or like a lizard’s scales, my response would, “very cool”. The leopard spots might be a bit cheesey ala Eartha Kitt, c. 1967, but cool anyway.

    If, however, I had a friend who decorated their living room in full on death imagery, including maggots and bugs and rotting flesh, as the artist who did this piece says is the eventual goal. I would be concerned. Not concerned, like, “you dumb ass, what the hell did you do?”, but concerned like, “Ummm, buddy, is everything okay?”

    That much death imagery does imply a certain…. state of affairs mentally. That would make me worry about my friend.

    This is not meant as “he’s an ass/ retard/ dickwad/ whatever”. I am just saying that if he really feels this dead inside, or really does fill his days with such a preoccupation with death, maybe he could use a quick swing by the local mental health practitioner. Just for a quick checkup is all I’m saying. Very possibly nothing is wrong, and this was simply an aesthetic choice. But if I were his friend, I’d be concerned.

    As for his future prospects, having face ink does not mean a lifetime of minimum wage jobs. Besides, I find the implication that low wage jobs are inherently bad rather classist and materialistic. Some folks take low wage jobs intentionally because they like the job itself. I suppose a convenience store job might mean flexible hours (including hours for committed night owls), lots of contact with many different people and a discount on slurpees. Plus, it seems, you get a loose dress code in regards to face ink. As long as you make enough to support yourself and like your work, that’s what really matters.

    At over 500 posts this fast, it is unlikely I will be able to keep up with responses to this post, but feel free to message me on my IAM page, if you’d like to discuss further.

  331. I find it odd that everyone keeps talking about a future of minimum wages. I don’t know about the rest of you, but in my area there are dozens of indutrial jobs in my area where one can make very good money regardless of tattoos (facial or otherwise).

  332. I am new to the site and I am really curious to see “Michelle’s tattoosâ€? that are referenced in post #88. Can anyone tell me where/how to see those?

  333. Someone already told you where to find the entry on Michelle’s tattoos. Take a few seconds to scroll up rather than asking again, why don’t you?

  334. As a general rule I don’t fuck guys….but in this case……just so I can tell Mum about it

  335. Ok, I have read the long list of posts (took me a while) and I have collected a lot from reading this. Firstly, I am outside to the “active community” of BodyMod, but I am modded myself.

    The thing that struck me the second i saw this picture was “wow”, I zoomed it and then my stomach muscles told me to look away for a while. To be able to really see this tattoo properly I’ve had to take lots of short looks because it is really quite disturbing.

    This is the point at which I must raise the same question a lot of people have posed. What about children? I feel that personally it is up to the individual parent what they wish for their children to be exposed to. If this has made me convulse (1 excessively drunken night aside, I have not vomited in 8 years), I wouldnt want to think how a small child bred on a diet of teletubbies and thomas the tank engine would deal with something like this. Especially in countries that do not have Halloween or cultures that do not acknowledge it, this could potentially disturb young children. It disappoints me to see people like Toser (please note: just an ‘S’ away from self-description) who believe that they alone have the right to mediate what everyone else’s children may or may not be exposed to – for an “open minded” person you seem to have a narrow view of how to bring up children.

    I also have to wonder about the employability of someone with such definitive artwork. In a place that does not see the staff members interacting face-to-face with the public as an ambassador for the company they work for, i would not be concerned in hiring this individual, however if this man was an option in a list of potential ambassadors for my corporation, i would not employ him on the basis that a skeleton-face is not the kind of face one would want representing a company.

    Looking under the skin, there are a number of issues that need to be raised. I have a lot of friends who are either qualified as psychologists or are studying toward it, I would question the motives. I would be interested to read an interview with this man about his motives here. It would also be interesting to look at his background, what environment has he grown up in? What issues has he dealt with that have affected his mind set? On a more cynical note, perhaps he was raised by Toser with the intention of keeping him “open minded”? I am also interested to see how age will affect this, much as with the “Emo” cult, how will this man look back at himself with 40 more years under his belt? I’m sure he is elated now, and its a good thing for him… but that is a permanent modification and as anyone who has done something they thought was cool and looked back on it, that could be self-doubted in years to come.

    That said, I am impressed by this tattoo as an artwork, from the critical perspective I am disappointed that the eyework and nose-work have come out smearily, but the rest is great. Hopefully there is chance for this to be touched up and the eyelids included as per previous suggestions. It takes guts to do something like this and I dont think it is fair to view it entirely negatively when on the whole it is well constructed and extremely effective.

    I just want to add, in a premature response to anyone who wants to add a smartarse remark about the way I would bring up children or look at artwork or the fact that I criticised or the fact that the sky is blue and not a subtle shade of coral-pink or something (i’ve read these posts, its on the cards!) These are my own personal views, which is what I have been asked for in the invitation to leave a comment. It should not matter what I say, at the end of the day it is his body and he can do what he likes. I’m not about to dive in front of him and stop him, but it does make me wonder what it is that people feel they have to gain from something like this.

  336. It’s amazingly well designed and tattooed, no doubt. I find it fascinating and somewhat attarcting in a twisted manner but… As soon as I turn off my computer I will forget it and if not, I will be reminded of it a couple of times in the next week and what… once every few months? and in a few years, nobody will talk about it anymore. Or once in a while in a tattoo convention or if you see him on the streets. And him? In one , ten twenty years? there wont be anymore blogs about him but hi will still have the same tattoo on his face. Friends will have come and gone, but who gives you a chance with that type of ink? What else can you get aside of fascination or rejection? Who can go beyond such an appearance to really understand who you are? Well I don’t know who, but I hope he will meet a person like that and stick to her/him cause his life won’t be easy…
    good luck man

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  338. This guy is amazing and that tattoo is the best i ever seen. I want a facial tattoo and i think this is a perfect model for my face,maybe with more colours,but i have to find a tattoo artist who can do this for me. I am impressed by the artwork

  339. My ID messenger is “mariantattooo”,in case if anyone can help me with a tattoo artist information from Europe.Thanks

  340. It’s a great idea rendered excellently, and yes, very ballsy.


    what, is he fucking STUPID????

    I am guessing, yes.

  341. Don”t know what to say. Confused me a bit… A bit! Amazing work!! Although I don”t understand: the guy under is beautiful… Ana

  342. I think it is absolutly beautiful! Super Sexy! Well, executed. Looks great on him and fits. And YES, I would love for him to make love to me!

  343. yeah, he’ll be gittin’ a tattoo of a regular face pretty soon. Thats what i hear anyways ……

  344. what a fucking idiot
    thats the biggest waste of a human
    id be ashamed to know that fucking idiot.

  345. He needs a public blog, and to blog for the rest of his life. I for one want to know why, want to know how this changes his life for the rest of his years. I want to know if he has a girlfriend, what his background is, etc. Something like this changes everything. It’s comparable to voluntary castration.

  346. I’m a misfits fan and i respect everything that this guy did to his face, but if he is truly a misfits fan shouldn’t he have the teeth missing the way the ACTUAL logo looks if it is infact a tribute to them??

  347. The tattoo is very nicely done, I must say, but I’m sorry he did it because he looks pretty handsome underneath it… so it’s one cute guy gone and one scary skull gained… I don’t which is better… (=
    Have a nice day ya’ll.

  348. An amazing piece of artistry, yet even more amazing, a screaming, gut wrenching,cry for recognition as a person.
    The strength and conviction, the resolve of this mans mind
    is truly something to be impressed with. *ART IS A BENIGN ELEGANCE, PERPATRATED BY THE BEAUTY OF A SANE MIND,

  349. what an idiot. he’ll regret getting that when he grows up…or wants a job. (minus being a tatoo artist or a musician)

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  352. what a fucking moron i mean really could you be anymore emo how much attention do you need ass… you look like a freaking misfit fan reject

  353. In not from the modified comunity but I study art and i consider myself open-minded, afte reading many comments……it’s interesting, they are mainly repetition; it’s interesting to read a bit other comments before commenting
    the fact that the tattoo artist, FRANK has said he pretends to tatoo a whole skeleton with coackroaches….. i don´t think he is taking his own tattoo as seriously as we have…..there’s no way i can finally express my opinion until i hear what his got to say….
    i think the question is to wait for that desired interview…

  354. Jeez. Let’s see, if he’s not a trust fund baby he’ll be…washing dishes for the rest of his life? Hell, they won’t even let him work at Taco Bell or the Dollar Store. Way to go, ace.

  355. What a fucking prat. I cant beleive someone would be that stupid to get a tattoo like that on their face. I lovew tattoo’s dont get me wrong but thats just sad. I’d love to kick him in the throat just for being such a sad fucker.

  356. I could never take anyone who did this seriously, I hope he works in some dark hole where nobody sees him. It doesn’t matter the explanation, there is absolutely no reason to turn your face into a deathmask, except maybe if somebody rendered you unconscious and tatooed your face while you were sleeping.

  357. I agree that only complete inbeciles and idiots would think that this is a good idea or that it even looks good. The most asinine idea and look ive ever seen. He deserves to be looked at like the buffoon that he is, WHEREVER he goes. When he is older and looks back on this incredibly severe lack of judgement, he can tell his grandkids and children (if he ever has any) to not be the cretin that he was once when he got this ridiculous crap etched on his retarded face.
    The psychological aspect of this is not that complex. Hes an OBVIOUS attention whore who has become over zealous and now just looks like a desperate half-wit.

  358. im all for tattoos but what a fucking retard. have fun getting a job anywhere bud. and lookig urself in the face in 2 years and saying “why?”




  360. i thought of the same thing…where the fuck is he gonna work at? a sideshow? (if they still have those) a tattoo shop? i think that is about it

  361. ROFL. This guy is a freak, obviously hasn’t gota job and has givenupon ever getting one. I feel sorry for his family and for him actually. Must suck knowing you are going to die alone. When he grows up he’ll realise what a mistake it has been and probably (hopefully?) shoot himself in the face.

    what a fucking noob

  362. Everybody grow up and get a fucking life. Who fucking cares what this guy does for a living or how he lives his life, as long as he’s happy. No one should judge him or anyone else for that matter especially on this forum.

  363. Ha! Ha! What a joke. Let’s see where this clown (hey he looks like one) is at in 20 years when noone will hire him. I’ll sure he’ll have a great retire package with a face like that, NOT! Hey ship him off to Iwak he could scare that country into conformity or they might worship him, hard to say!

  364. you are a fucking idiot you look like the biggest faggot ever what the hell is wrong with you, you anti- social wierdo i bet you like gettin skull fucked you fag

  365. Well he’s going to be working in that store for the rest of his life it seems, no-ones going to give him a job with a face like that.

    It’s sad really what ugly people will do to get attention. He should really shave off his hair, that receding hairline isn’t helping him much either.

  366. Dude thats the biggest piece of shit ive ever seen. Hes probobly already killed himself and if not it wont be long. The work on it is awesome but wtf man? Are you kidding me? And if your like this guy and think that this is an expression of self then go cut yourself you emo pricks because you obviously have no idea about life or how to survive. Jesus Christ.

  367. This guy is seriously a tard, I can’t believe this. I can’t help but strongly agree with the people saying he’s out to get attention, what a bastard.

  368. I have a shitload of respect for this guy. The tattoo is amazing, he has one skilled artist! Everyday life for him must be kind of a hassle, like as far as a career goes. Eh, fuck society.

  369. Sweet jebus! And i thought i was enough of a Misfits fan naming my daughter after Franche Coma…

    Good for him to have the guts to do something so extreme =)

  370. Wow… I have to say that that is probably the most intense thing I’ve ever seen. Kudos to him for having the balls to do it… wow…

  371. Truly amazing. I have for a long time fantasized about something similar being forcibly tattooed on my face. I’ve wanted a bio/mechanical design that will travel over my chet and arms, that will eventually cover my entire body. Any takers?

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  373. Everyone keeps saying that he’ll never be able to get a real job.

    Dermablend anyone? That stuff works marvels.

    He could become the new face of Dermablend.

  374. Its cool that he got a decent artist to do it and had a total theme laid down. The funny part is that when someone reaches that level ….what any1 else thinks gOod or badd is really of little Consequence to them . ~_0 Respect 6969

  375. P.S. as far the $ flow J.O.B’s goes… giving out $10,000 a day to random deserving people is a realistic goal that can be acomplished while having ones face covered in tatts. So ur right while a standard 9-5 J.O.B might very hard to obtain …financail $..Wealth..$ is not….P.P.S there are allot of beautiful…..
    on the inside…. freaks out there that wont leave there house because they feel ugly from the outside in .which is str8 up silly,Freaks ~R~Cool !!!!! Respect ~_0 6969

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  377. I felt the change immediately, in how people acted twards me, once I started getting work that you couln’t hide with a long sleve shirt. I couldn’t immagine how society will treat this guy. I wish him, and his massive balls, the best of luck and respect.

  378. Think the tattoo work is great technicaly. But i think it does not realy look like the misfits skull. No missing teeth, different nose shape etc. And the guy must be a big fan of halloween or hate his job. Hope he stays normal looking at this face in the mirror every day for the rest of his life.
    Good luck with that

  379. How funny that poster 589 is too daft to spell retarded right.

    That tattoo is amazing, I’d love to see more photos and hear how he decided to get it done.

  380. If it really is a tattoo, I still cannot believe a tattooist agreed to do this to someone. Where were his morals, im sure by now this guy has regretted having it done.

  381. I think it’s funny that people are digressing to nit pick about the teeth. “Misfits” skull was taken from the Crimson Ghost – which if you look online, actually did have teeth. But who cares – amazing art – big balls – not for the social ramifications – but that HAD TO HURT?!! Props.

  382. Hmmm i went to the artist web site that did the work and after looking at his Gallery i would say that he is very lucky on how things have;s just my thoughts on things but i cant see myself from his gallery on how any1 would pick him to do thier entire face,but hey I like to eat spaggetti O’s str8 from the can so who am I to judge lol

  383. ladies, ladies, ladies… it was stated 500 posts back or so that this tattoo is not intended to be a misfits tattoo at all, period.

  384. Frank, artist……You really ought to be ashamed of yourself, do you really believe he will be happy to look this way for the rest of his life?
    When he commits suicide over this, will you feel any pangs of regret?
    I guess its a lot of free publicity for you, maybe thats your motive.
    Tsk Tsk, shame on you….

  385. EMpress,
    i just fixed a tattoo that he already had,my motives are only to make my custumer happy, not you or anybody who think that a tattoo may cause suiside

  386. Hey Frank there really is no need for you to respond or make any justification for your work..Its silly and strange that most of the tattoo artist that I know look upon facail tattooos with the same feelling and thoughts that str8 laced normal folks look at them with for having thier own tattoos.Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black,Lol they even make the same type of comments .Lol WORD ~_0 FREAK’S ~R~ COOL!!

  387. Frank – Have you read all the comments on this posting, if not may I suggest you take the time to read a few of them. You will surely see I am not the only one who thinks that you have crossed the line giving someone a tattoo like this.

    I can appreciate why people have tattoos, piercings etc to make their bodies unique, or more beautiful in their eyes.

    Tell me Frank exactly how much time you spent with this man talking over the pro’s and con’s of having a tattoo of this calibre on his face. Not just for the day you did the work, but for the rest of his life?

    Just so long as you can look in the mirror every morning and feel proud of your actions. I guess why should it be worrying me, I havn’t got to go round looking like the freak you have made this man into.

    Have a nice day Frank I’m sure remorse is a feeling you do not have.

  388. Empress, I am very impress by the stupidity and arrogance of your comments: ” I can appreciate… ” Like who do you think care about your apprecition: as you surely have no Psychological background. The artist already told you that he did not do the initial tattoo, and as he is not a Psy, it is not in his skills to judge his clients decision. We are talking about adults here and as you do not know them, you should only comment on the artist work, but I guess that you are the kind of person that thinks that you know everything and that your shit taste like chocolate. What ever makes you happy bro. Remember live and let die…

  389. “If that were me I do not think I would stay healthy mentally for very long if the only way I could see myself was as a corpse.”

    Err, getting such a tattoo in the first place is a pretty clear indication that you’re not mentally healthy to begin with.

  390. wtf half u baked heads shouldnt be allowed to even view this site lol I gurantee u that dude dont care what u

  391. Nicky, Thank you for your assessment of my mental state, I assume its a professional one. Maybe you should have signed yourself, Doctor Nicky.
    Have you taken the trouble to read the postings on this entry, when you do, you will see that clearly im not the only one who thinks and indeed commented on what they think about this tattoo.
    Can you honestly tell me that all tattooists would be happy to give someone a tattoo like this one. I think not, when someone wants something of this nature, a professional person would have talked to him at some lenghts as to the implications of it.
    As for me thinking my shit tastes like chocolate, you could not be any further from the truth if you tried. People who know me would tell you im the most down to earth person.

    I must state most clearly that I think Frank is a very talented artist, I just wish he had displayed his work somewhere else.

    So Nicky, go have a crap and fall back in it , im sure you like the taste of chocolate, as you seem to have a very high opinion of yourself.

  392. Empress, why do you find excuses, and yes I have a master in Psychology and working with mental health clients, if you ever want to be happy, I would be willing to deal with your stupidity, until then, do not try to find excuses or express other opinion: YOU HAVE LOTS OF FRUSTRATION TO DEAL WITH, and until you do so, you will always feel stupid and angry…. I pitty you, and please do not bother answering as I am leaving on vacation with my family and won’t bother coming here to read stupidity at his best. I am disapointed as I though that his blog was for open minded people who had an interest in body modification, not passing on their 2 cents worth of knowledge and 1 000 000 worht of frustration.

  393. All you people saying this loser has “balls” are just as much of a moron as he is. skull freak doesnt have balls hes just a moron/retard/freak/ crying for attention, nothing to do with balls. and yes he will die alone after he kills himself in less than ONE YEAR FROM NOW when freak boy realizes what a moron choice it was, MISFITS SUCK THEY ARE TALENTLESS WHO CARES ABOUT A BAND THAT MUCH SERIOUSLY if they saw you they would be like “that is fucked”

  394. This is really sad.. Not only does he have a low self-esteem, but he hates himself and has zero respect for his body. I don’t want to judge this person as I don’t know his background – but it’s now very apparent on the surface this is a person with some serious mental problems. I think as difficult as life would have been for this person, he just just magnified the difficulty by 100 times by this one act. Makes you wish you could have helped the guy before he resorted to something such as this.

  395. I would want to drink and skate with this kid and talk about how the Jerry Only Misfits suck compared to the real Misfits. However, if my son came home with this tattoo, I would take a cheese grater to his face and then shoot him.

    “If I woke up looking like that, I would just run at the nearest living thing and kill it.” -Master Shake

  396. Nicky,
    I hope im not going to find a bill off you in the post for your professional observation of my mental state.
    How totally stupid of you to assume you know me from a posting I made here. Actually it did make me smile how far from the truth you are, but carry on im sure it makes good entertainment for others who read here.
    Tell me Nicky why have you chosen to abuse just me, there are maybe half of the 627 postings here that are calling this person a (loser, douchebag, retard, fucking moron) just to name but a few of the nasty things that have been said about this tattoo.
    I have posted many things on the net, and I can honestly say I have good and bad things said, of course I love the nice things, but have taken the bad things on the chin. Why have something posted if you expect every comment to read, oh how talented, wonderful job, wow how do I get one of those its so cool. It dosnt happen in life my friend and if you truly are a psychologist then you will know this to be the truth.
    Im not sure of his motives of having his picture put here, but good or bad its just life my friend.
    If this blog was only opened for people who have simular mods then half the postings here would have to be removed.
    This is an open site for anyone to visit is it not?
    So, Nicky tell me you just want every comment to read, omg thats so great, grow up fool this is real life that you pretend to deal with on a daily basis.
    Coming round to you personally Nicky, I have known a few doctors in my line of work, you bunch never sense to amaze me how you think your a cut above others.
    Being as its the season of good will to all men…
    Have a great Christmas Nicky, im sure you will take a look when you get back. I look forward to yourself professional opinion when you get back.
    Hugz & Kiss

  397. So, Lola
    You think I should only post nice comments?
    Go read above over half the postings here said far worse than I did.
    I told the truth how I felt, I always speak that way, I do not sugar coat things for anyone.

  398. I didn’t know people capable of obtaining a masters in Psychology could get away with using run on sentences.

    Yes, almost everything that was said up here is pretty mean… but that is life. There are many people who cannot accept body modification as something that is okay. The teenagers who get their first (be it ears or eyebrow) always get ridiculed by someone. That is the choice they’ve made. They weight the “social risks” of body modification and decide if it’s okay for them to get another one.

    PS I am sure he can get a job that pays well. Someone having made this big a change in there life is most likely strong willed and can probobly do anything. Hell… everyone is so obsessed about speculating his mental condition that I am sure he will be seen on Discovery Health in the future.

    Best of luck!

  399. WORD:
    Sadly, those of our species who are found to be outside the borders of normality in appearance and action have been often stared at, studied, exploited, exhibited, and most often, feared. In the middle ages, they were seen as “prodigies”, signs of God’s displeasure and/or dominion over the earth, and were thus exploited by religious zealots. Later, they were scientific curiosities, probed, prodded, and dissected for further study. During the period of 1840-1920 they dominated the stage and were seen as entertainers. Today, there are kept out from Society behind the walls of specialized institutions. Human beings who suffer from obvious congenital deformities represent a form of monstrosity that is uncomfortable for us to confront on many levels (social, political, psychological, and even critical). This visceral discomfort is indicative of the taboos associated with mutations.

  400. yea it looks “cool” at first glance but that impression doesn’t stay with me for long and just gets me thinking things like why rush what will come naturally to US ALL? [and what kind of regrets this poor bastard is going to have to deal with down the road. Yes it may be far from “anatomically correct” but at the end of the day who cares?

    Personally, I’m in no hurry to die and rot. He’s not a bad looking kid…so why do this? Rebellion? I bet it REALLY pissed off his parents…maybe the answer lies there somewhere?

  401. This guy’s fucking nuts. Who the hell wants to scare the shit out of everyone he’ll ever meet for the rest of his life?
    I have to admit, though, it is a dramatic way to commit suicide. And for the rest of you who think this is cool and heroic and are thinking about doing something similar, make it easy on yourself and just put a bullet it your head.

  402. That is art! I like it and my oppinion is this guy is gonna have alot of responses about this one! It is cool though, not shocking to me though, I have done several tattoos on people and facials too, no biggy, it is alot more of a facial then I have ever done!





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  406. HAHA! Unreal. # of goth girls that man will bone within 5 days: 50. # of jobs that man will get within 50 years: 0.

  407. Like whoah…… just realized that some comments are like like empty space that is filled….~_0

  408. So all of you are bitching about this dude …but I have a job for him. So if you if some one of you know this fellow and are truly interested in his financial well being . I will will hire him as a model for a fashion shoot.

    [email protected]

  409. This is retarded, fuck you all.
    You have no balls because they rotted off from a piercing god bad.

  410. Total support for this sick great fella.

    Only retarted thing is your comments.
    His life will be difficult because people like YOU.

  411. WTF!!! it doesn’t take balls to do something like this….. You just got to be a complete fucking idiot!!!

  412. I love tats. Have about a dozen myself, but his dude is a fucken idiot! Anyone that tats their fucken face is a moron, probably with nothing more than a kindergarten education, and will amount to nothing more than a pan handler!

    You’re a fucken idiot! Dude, I’d drink a beer with you. I’d probably screw your hot girlfriend, but I won’t fucken support you when you can’t find a job!

  413. What on earth is that? I mean, I really like tatoos. But I would never even think about tat my face. Every other location can covered, so it is at least out of your mind in case you ever start to feel uneasy about a tatoo. But in your face have to make a decision, that is even more determining for your future then anything else. I don’t want to second the tongue of Shawn, but I agree with him, that this guy is an idiot.

  414. For everyone that has commented how cool this guy’s facial tattoo is – Would you have it done? Isn’t that a measure of what’s cool, when you gotta have it? Like the latest ipod or tickets to the see the Rolling Stones?

    Saying shit like that is just fucking stupid. Why don’t you live with this guy, hang out with him for a year and then ask yourself how cool his tattoo is?

    I’m all for self expression, but we don’t live in a bubble do we? The way we interact with the world shapes our own concepts of self identity. This guy just pre-empted any possibility of that ever being a positive experience for him. How cool is that?

    Famous people with eccentric behaviour can consider themselves artists – look at Michael Jackson. This guy is no artist, he’s just some retard that fucked up the rest of his life.

  415. Dizzy Chair Time is better than you because we got the 666th comment on the most ridiculous tattoo ever to exist. Check out our website, that kid is our new lead singer.

  416. you know what I’m really loving at the moment? all of the “haha, imagine when you’re 75 you fucktard” comments.

    if we all decided not to get mods because they might not look too good when we were 75, there might not be too many of us modded people around.

    life is much to short to live with regret, you don’t know this man and his reasoning. who are you to say that he hasn’t thought things through? and if he hasn’t, what’s it to you?

    learn to embrace life an stop being so tight-assed. if you can’t be open-minded don’t come to here and make bullshit, bitchy comments about people. i’m not saying anyone has to love everyone’s mods and support them, but you could atleast learn to be civil, and try saying something constructive for once. don’t make fucking lame attempts to insult people, who cares what some random on the internet says anyway?

    you should live in the moment. all that said, i actually kind of like this piece. i wouldn’t go for it myself, but that’s just a matter of personal taste.

    …and fuuuuuuuuuck.. it’s taken me like an hour and a half just to read all the comments!

  417. Boy he sure does look a cock. What was he thinking “Damn I look so hard” Bwahahaha

    Cocksmoker of the highest order


  419. I’ve got several tattoos and I consider myself open-minded. But I feel sad for that guy. I’m scared to imagine myself for the rest of my life with such a big tattoo on my face.

    Deciding of having this kind of tattoo on your face is a tougher decision than changing of sex.

    Like sex changes, this kind of extreme, extreme tattoo needs extensive psychiatrist counselling prior to be done.

    Just imagine, if, in the future, he regrets his tattoo??

  420. dude, u got some fucking balls man,im sure u got ur own company or u might be rich man, fucking love the tattoo.

  421. Woa yea that is class. Love it, im so glad you did it instead of me, i dont have guts – yet. Haha, looks well sexy.

  422. Without those like this gentleman, our society would get nowhere. Hard-core boudary-pushers have always existed, and without them, we would stagnate as a people.

    Images–especially tattoos, I believe–are meant to illicit a reaction. It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative: this is just the first step for it to become “socially acceptable”.

    (FYI, I am the FIRST to pooh-pooh social acceptability, however, there is something to be said for taking the first steps to changing a social climate).

    Hats off! I think it looks great! Kudos to the gentleman for having the strength of character to pull it off, and to the artist, for his stunning work.


  423. This is absolutely and completely fucking amazing.

    It’s sad to see so many disapproving comments.

    1) ….he’ll never be able to find a job? If that’s the biggest problem anyone has with this, maybe they should reconsider how they’re living their lives. Our sole purpose in life is not to work, it’s to enjoy our time here. I bet he’ll do more living than the majority of negative posters here.
    2) ….he’ll never get laid again? Preposterous! I’ll bet there’s a waiting list.
    3) ….it’ll look bad when he’s old? News flash, everyone’s skin eventually rots off.
    4) ….the artist was being irresponsible? He did an amazing job and delivered what the customer wanted. This is no different than what a plastic surgeon may do, just different approaches to human enhancement.

  424. I understand that this tattoo is more “dramatic” than other facial tattoos, but there definitely hasn’t been this kind of response to photos of people like Lucky Diamond Rich… why? Because its been made clear that the others are able to make a living? Is it because this tattoo offends the senses more dramatically because it depicts a skull?

    I just find that interesting. Honestly, I think this was a horrifying decision (but my mother feels the same way about my tattoos, so I can hardly say anything about besides the fact that he can’t just throw a sweater over his).

  425. I have always had great respect for guys who mod their faces like this, they are truly special people who deserve great respect, especially from those of us who consider modifiying our bodies a lifestyle in itself. I find it exciting, to and humbling to to see beautiful mods like this, I sure would like to have this person as a close and intimate friend.

  426. WOW, all i gotta say is that this guy should become there new singer or something, he tottally fits the part. micheal graves is gone and all, dont think danzig and only would play again in life time..
    i think he should become the new misfits singer… : )

    good luck dude.

  427. He is gonna regret this in about a months time. He will wake up and say “Shit, now what am I gonna do.” Sad really.

  428. I am in med school now, going to go into family medicine and probably some tattoo removal lazer stuff. I think it is a cool tattoo, that being said it will be hard to live with as one gets older, I wish I could give this kid my business card

  429. I am sorry guys, but I think this is mental illness! Wearing a skull mask permanently over your face, your whole life??

  430. Like any piece of art, what can be the most amazing thing to one person isn’t to another. I do like some facial tattoos, just not this one. I think the idea and the result are 2 different things.

    Anyone know his name?

  431. Dude, i have skulls tattoos all over my body BUT what you have done is threw one up on a blowjob!!! YOU FUCKIN BLEW ME AWAY!!! wish i thought of it first, keep rockin & stare at ALL sideways onlookers!!! FUCKIN COOL

  432. Sick,

    I am sorry. This guy is insane.
    I love tattoos, I am 25% covered myself. And I love skulls and horror tattoos. I have seen many crazy stuff, but this is going to the level off madness. Quality of the tattoo is okay. But what is the moral off this transformation. I can not believe that some normal thinking person who loves modification and tattoos goes as far as this. This guy ruined his life, future etc. If he wants to be a corpse he should have shot himself.
    I think this is stupid and insane.

  433. Haha, some of the responses to this are rediculous.

    So he got his face tattooed, so what?
    It looks neat.
    I’m sure he KNOWS his chance of getting a job dropped drastically after tattooing his face.

    Stop stating the obvious.

    The quality of the tattoo is neat.
    The dude has pretty eyes.

    The insults being flung his way are so stupid.

    It’s NOT meant to be a Misfits skull, it’s just a damn skull.
    This was already stated mutiple times.

    Why does a tattoo have to have a moral?
    Why is everyone talking about the handful of pimples the dude has?

    Yes, he tattooed his face to cover his zits and he’s going to be so completely devastated by the UNEXPECTED negative response of everyone around him and the fact that he can’t get hired at Starbucks that he’s going to kill himself.

    Are you people fucking kidding me?


  434. the tattoo isnt that great sorry . sure it looks mentel but should have gone to a better artist

  435. I’ve seen this guy a couple times around the city, I think he’s had more work done now.

    It actually looks really awesome in person.

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  437. Im going to have the same thing done – maybe we could create an army and walk around in groups to freak people out!

  438. Wow, he’s so brave. I wonder what daily life is like for him… I completely agree that an interview with this guy would be awesome.

    Looking at just makes me wonder… how bad did that hurt?! I have 2 small tats and personally I think they hurt like HELL. Could you imaging the tattoo artist coming at your eye with the gun… yikes, THAT turns my stomach. =$

  439. *bows down to the new god of mod* i’d wear his face on a shirt…holymotherfuckingheck!

  440. Holy Fuck!! Niice fucking tatty, hard fucking core. That’s all I have to say.

  441. Laser technology advances all the time. If he truly regrets it in the future, he should be able to get it off.

  442. I just figured id throw out there that the original people who got tattoos did so because they either didn’t give a fuck, or they wanted to look badass/freak people out. Back then a good ‘ol sailor jerry use to do it…now a days it aint cuttin it. Now like it or not if you wont make fun of pioneer ink men for being attention seeking whores then I suppose you don’t have any place knocking this dude.

  443. i think its terrible that ppl are bashing this guy ive seen many amazing mind blowing things on modblog alot i wouldnt do personally but i give props to the ppl that do have them. this is definitly not the most shocking thing ive seen and i dont see why ppl are being so ignorant and obtous srry for typos

  444. I used to know that guy, and still see him around the street.

    He was panhandling by the time I knew him, and was such a nice and damn hot guy….

    I just hope is doing well and did not do this in a really really hard time of his life.

    If ever you see this man, we used to talk while you were hanging around the church near viger and st-denis. :) I hope you’re great :)

  445. They say humanity is doomed. I always hoped that it was not true, but I fear the worst.

    To all the ignorant gene pool scum leaving stupid and nasty comments.. May a dear family member/ child find bodymods and fall head over heels in love. May you have to look at it every day, and grow some goddamn decency in the process….

  446. I talked to a body mod artist who said that someone asked them if they would cut off his nose for a skelaton like effect,The artist so no…

  447. Oh my goshh!!! I know the guy.. I never thought he would do such a thing .. I think it’s a shame that he did that to the beautiful face he HAD!!!!!!

  448. just ugly… nicely done, but he looks ugly…. he is going to regret it or comit suicide

  449. I asked my dermatologist about him. He said, “Well, you shouldn’t be tattooing your face. You will be limited in being able to get a job.”

    He said if he wanted to get it removed, some colors can actually darken with laser. He said it usually takes about ten treatments and he charges about $500 per treatment for one tattoo. A whole face is really expensive, but with something like this, he may find a doctor to do it for free. He said it hurts a lot, but it is not impossible to remove, as long as it is not a color that will darken.

  450. I asked my dermatologist about him. He said, “Well, you shouldn’t be tattooing your face. You will be limited in being able to get a job.”
    Posted by Fifi

    Does ur dermotoligist suggest that i jerk off with my right or left hand(wish i could use both doh)*_+

  451. this tat is wicked, although i cant help but doubt what it looks like in daylight, in everyday situations without the backdrop!!
    meh, who cares when its as god damn funky as that!!

  452. We had a flash meeting on the new layout and all ur repsones to plz put it back .And the board voted to tell u wake the fuck up Ur MOd Bloggers adopt motherfuckers adapt…

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  454. I would just like to say that this guy has a air of brass hanging and anyone who talks shit is just a lame-ass sheep that fallows the status quo of normalcy in modern day society so they can kiss my ass!

  455. first i saw this picture i was, like everybody, totally paralized, but now i can see the art of his tattoo, living poetry my friends.

  456. Hmmm… I guess I wouldn’t hold it agaist him, but I dunno. What would you tell your kid… “Daddy just didn’t feel comfortable with his regular face, so he decided to be a skeleton for the rest of his life.”
    Not for me, but it was done well.

  457. it’s so shocking, cool but shocking. i wonder if he would ever regret it. i wonder what kind of job he has…

  458. i keep comeing back to see this facil tattoo as its so cool few more words people writing bad coments like thay will regret that later on in life should relis that people with facil tattoos are more happy than thay have ever been because thay now look how thay have all ways wonted to look as thay are real tattood people thay are tattoo lovers not just people geting tattoos because its fashinibl if peole do not like whot thay see thay should stay a way from bme mod blog page and leve it to the millin of people out there that love looking at these sorts of things thanks for lisning i hope you all like whot i had to say bme mod blog is the best page on the internett in the world from bob fox

  459. The tattoo is really awsome, and it would take a big big hairy set to have that done, but what’s going to happen when the guy has kids or even grandkids? Imagine that nice tattoo in 20-30 years on a set of wrinkles and gray hair. Maybe he just should’ve used facepaint for a few weeks until he got over his urge.

  460. How will we know when he has died??? Or are we already too late….?
    Either way I would not care to share breakfast with him everyday.
    I suppose it’s better than being dead boring……………………… hehe

  461. I don’t really understand what’s so boundary pushing about this guy. The face tattoo thing has been done several times before (tiger guy, leopard guy, the enigma – off the top of my head and I’m not even a body modification fan).

    I think all you ‘balls of steel’ people are just preaching to the converted.

    He may get kudos from a very specific crowd. He may have very personal reasons for doing it (I really really hope so for his sake). But really, it’s nothing groundbreaking.

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  466. I believe that in Canada you can get worker’s compensation if you have a facial tattoo due to it being harder to get work. (Someone look this up, probably just an urban myth.) Secondly, everybody assumes that you *have* to have a two storey house, a white picket fence, and a quiet commute home from the office every day. He could easily live doing odd work and spanging. If you want a 9 to 5er, good for you. Cover your sleeves and giggle at office jokes. Some people don’t.

  467. He will regret having this done. No doubt. Unless he can get some kind of lucrative, satisfying work based off being marked this way. Showbiz or freakshow or something.

  468. Holy crap. This guy is going to look even scarier in about twenty years. It’ll be even more realistic.

  469. THATS SO FUCKING AWESOME! but poor kid is never going to get a job, get laid or anything social again! but by far the most intense tattoo ive ever seen

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  471. you can’t say he’ll never get a job, he might work in the body modification industry for all you know and of course he’s gonna get laid!

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  473. It’s lush. It looks amazing. Wonderfully done. I love the cheeks the best.
    I am impressed. x

  474. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
    This is THE funniest damn thing i’ve seen in a while!
    Not nearly as shocking as it is…uhhh…just funny.
    And will everyone stop talking about how brilliant the work is? Please. The work is completely shoddy. at best. Am i the only one who will admit it?

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  476. wow! I thought what he did to his face? Did he tear off his facial skin? Was it some kinda new trend? He is crazy but it looks really cool according to my Arts taste.

  477. huh! lots of pimples and glossy. That really make it yaaauk! Even I think the tattoo is way cool.

  478. hey! he should shave his hair too. Girls don’t like guys with losing hair line. He is a piece of hot shit.

  479. It’s people like this, pioneers, who have the strength and bravery to make such a bold statement about society’s “norms” and the sheep mentality, that make me have hope for the future.

  480. Philosopher, you have stated it wonderfully.

    He paves the way for so many of us. To be willing to help the body modification walk on, albeit subconsciously, he deserves kudos, whether this is in your taste or not.

    Many of us wouldn’t have the power to do that. Heck, with our stretched ears and lip piercings, we get enough grief. He’s going to endure and open a lot of people’s minds. Let’s just hope they’re not as ignorant as I have seen.

  481. on the “think of the kiddies argument”…my mum told me that once when i was 2 or 3, we were out 1 day n there was a punk with safety pins through everywhere tattoos and a huge pink mohican sitting… i merely toddled straight up 2 him and said” you look lovely”…im now tattooed and pierced myself and have nothing but respect for this guy

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  483. Nice. I dig skulls and tattoos that stay timeless. I also dig the fact that so many pussy assholes have left negative comments. These kids just saw a new image and react the only way they know how. But the image has been seen and all you can do is acknowledge and move on. I guarantee 100% this dude doesn’t give a fuck what we think. So its cool, leave your criticism and fucking move on. The world keeps spinning.

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  485. wow, thats awesome! i saw someone do a tribute to this on youtube and have been trying to find him for ages…amazing guy to actually go through with this, just hope he doesnt regret it in years to come. His body though he can do what he wants to it. Brave to do it though….fucking hardcore!

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  487. And just what in the fuck makes people so damn sure this guy *WANTS* a “job”, or “social interaction?”
    All these comments about how he won’t fit the parameters that other people want themselves to fit in.

  488. seriously – I am covered in ink (hands, neck, knuckles, sleeves, back, etc) but I think this kid is totally fucking retarded. out of his fucking mind. moreover, what kind of reputable tattoo shop (ESP in Canada) would tattoo something SO cliche on some dude’s face??? unreal.

  489. I sit her and read all these comments and “opinions” you know what they say about opinions right? For the ones calling him a dumbass and a loser: question for you all: How the fuck would you know? I saw this guy at the Montreal Tattoo show in Sept. 2007 and hey was a very normal and not a knuckle dragging freak. Has society taught you nothing in all your years on this planet? We can all show examples of very “normal looking” people who are fucked up losers. So before you start with the accusations why not try to find an email or something for the guy and talk to him and THEN decide on what you would like to call him. His style is not for me, I am heavily tattooed myself but none on my face, i say let the dude live “HIS LIFE” and you “LIVE YOURS Maybe just maybe if “normal” people were a little less quick to judge we may live in a better world.


  490. I just dont get it. You could have that done with temporary tattooing when you crave attention, on halloween or something. But why in god’s name would anybody want to permanently do that to their face ? What is he trying to say ? What statement is he trying to make ? I have always thought that personalized license plates were stupid, because I dont understand the need to say anything at all, to all the other drivers on the road. I have nothing to say to other drivers, and I do not desire any kind of attention from them. I once saw a guy who covered the towing-ball on his truck, with a flesh colored pair of testicles. I was driving with my mother in the car, and this set of balls is stairing us in the face, and it was like an ‘elephant in the room’ thing, big time. These people with the face tattoos take my lack of understanding to a new extreme, where the same principle applies – what is this guy trying to say to everybody ?

  491. holy fuck one crazy mo fucker dam n i thought i was a hardcore misfit fan thats def taking it to another level ha hes going to look like shit in 30 years

  492. Okay now……….well i am A Misfit Fan, but like this is just a little odd, i understand shock Value, i had my years with a Mowhawk and died hair all that, and i have a few Punk style tattoos, and i sport a few piercings

    but this is just friggin retarted, if this is real then this guy deff has issues, and must be suffering from a bought of stupidity or is just plain socialy disabled

  493. Good for that guy! What I find funny is how a bunch of people are claiming to be Misfits fans but don’t realize that the skull tattoo homeboy got is just that, a skull tattoo. That looks nothing like the Misfits Fiend. Jerks.

  494. My buddy saw him the other day in person and he came back and told me that his work looks like… crappy in person…

  495. I agree with a poster up there about this not being that groundbreaking. I don’t really care about it one way or the other. Groundbreaking would be something that makes people think about their reactions. This just makes the separate camps even more stuck in their views.

    All the sheep comments could be for either side of the debate. “dude he’s changing the societal status quo’ or ‘wow, I would never do that, he’s an idiot’.

    He had his reasons, I hope they were the right ones. Good luck to him.

  496. Hello Folks

    I have thinking long about writing a Post in this Thread.

    Factum: it is not the Tattoo i want to have on my own face. I don’t like Skulls FOR ME. But if other like it. It is their Way.

    I self have some Facials, who i like, and i will get more ;-)
    Ok but its not the Topic, right, i want to talk about “Skullboy” and about Sociality, but i will give a little “Erfahrung” of my own (they are no way heavy like Skullboys, but Facial Tattoos marked you, no matter it’s a Skull or whatever.

    I think he and all other who get Facial Work done are making the Way ready for i called “wannabee” Facialtat Lovers who want to have them but don’t can get them because what other People think. I self know not many People in RL with Face Tats, on MySpace i known a bunch of People, and they all have a good Social Life, there Lives are NOT “Fucked up” like some Poster here will make us believe.

    They are all nice Guys who make a Statement. I think it is a Statement about a cold Society, where it is ok to kill Children in Mothers Body because they was an “Accident”. A Society that give a fuck for others, a Society where it is normal, than 2 Quarters of the World are hungry and have to die where 1 Quarter is bathing in Money and Luxus. Where Ministers (Politican) give Blessing to Weapons before they go out into other Lands to KILL HUMANS. Yes this is society too. Where People who have not the newest Clothes in School, where bulliyed by Closed Minded People because these Victims are “not hip”. Is THIS Society. What poor Society. Then a Facial Tat and NOT in THIS Society is better.

    Ok Society is other too: Helping Organisations, People who see other, who accept other. They are found in Society too, but there is more Egoism in the World than Helpful Hands. Politic People call for War, and poor Soldiers go into Death because their Chiefs want more Might/Power in the World. This is Society too. Why the World is so cold.

    And some Poster here judge a Guy about only Ink on his Face.

    Where are this Posters on other Bad Things happen to the World (like the List above. Where are They ;-)

    I find it good that this Guy and other Guys go and do what they want, not what other want that they do. Better wearing a Facial Mask then put into the Army to kill People. Better live as an Freak as an Cold-Society Man like some Hate Posters up here.

    I send many Kudos to Skullface and send Many Kudos to everyone with Visible Tattoos, and Many Kudos to every who jump over her own Shadow and helped to make this World a little better.

    Don’t hate others, dont bullie others, give others a helping hand. Give all back the Believe, that Society is NOT so cold as i descriped it above. Can we all do this, i think yes. But the Beginning of this Process is IN YOU. If you want to set other on Fire (in positive Sinn) then you have first to burn self.

    In that Case (In diesem Sinne) best Greetings from Mystic Fire from Germany. Even A Face Tatted Folk and a Guy who whas bulliyed in Past for being not like other (Psychical Ill in Case of Birth Defect), that has make me other than other, i think so. And i self have feel how cold this Society can be if you dont fit the “Normals” Believe.

    And i say at last: I never will FIT there Believes, I only will fit to me self. Sorry about that little off topic, but that has must be written out of me.

    Wish you all a good Time and more Power to love and accept each other.

    Mystic Fire

  497. and i have forgot my Erfahrung “Experience” with my own i postet in the Begin of that big Post.

    Ok in a pair of Words.
    I dont have lose my friends, ok they where a bit shocked (i not have told them about my Beliefe to get a Facial in Future) my Parents not have killed me and Society is not so bad to mee (I wonder, but i think there is Hope, really). Some have Say “Brave” , or “i not believe this is real because you are freaky but not SO freaky”. And some say it look not good. But my way is normal like before. Ok i have waste your time long enough. Wish you all good. Bye Bye. And to all Face Tat Folks, wear your Facials with Proud. You are all Warrior on a way to a Society who visible Bodymodifications become more Acceptable.

    Bye bye from Germany
    Mystic Fire

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  499. If i had this tattoo I would find ways to entertain myself.
    I would for sure scare my children. Like pop up from their bedside.
    I would get a mask at halloween that looked just like it, then when people would say Take off that mask! I would be like.. TOTAL FACIAL. …Get it. ….Yeah. But seriously folks.

    I’m a big misfits fan, and I’m a big tattoo fan. But I’m also an enthusiast of common sense. This isn’t exactly the best example. I will never get anything popculture related tattooed on my body.
    You think having Bugs Bunny on your shoulder is bad.. this guy is going to be kicking himself in about a year when he grows up. Probably more so that he didn’t use it to cover up that colony of acne on his forehead. Those scars are brutal.

    Good artwork though. I can’t argue that.

  500. Hey Body, thats not cool anymore. Who am I to judge, but what the hell have you been thinking!?!? I can hardly imagine that this guy is gonna get another job than in a haunted house or in the circus. I’m pretty sure his life was a waste before, but now he really messed it up…
    But, as I said before, who am I to judge!?!

  501. iMGOING TO GET a tattoos like his but with itshowwing me schewing a big mouth full of asparigus ,,,

  502. Thats fucked up, people who get facial tattoos are fuckin idiots. I like tattoos, but on faces/heads or hands are fucked up and I disagree with them. If you really want one on your face/hands then get a fake one drawn on in vivid so it can be washed off over a week or so (and you can get photos put on the net etc show it off) not for life, fuck that

  503. @Westcoasting

    yeah whats on Brotha

    The Case of Facial Tattoos is not to show them on the Web, if it so then i agree, than you can draw it nonpermanently for a little Fotosession. But the Reasons for getting Facials are much deeper then seeking Attention. Skullboy has his own Reasons for it, i have my own reasons for them and any other Folk with Facials have his own. Why u called us Idiots, do you know Skullboy, do you know me, do you know anybody with Facial Ink. I think NO, perhaps iam wrong with this and you know some of us in RealLife. But i think u not know anything about us gays, you see only the Ink and you are not able to look behind that so u not will see the Human behind the Ink, thats your fault.
    It’s the same thing like Westcoast vs. Eastcost, only the own things in Sight, but not looking over the own Borders.

    I know really, facial Tattoos go strong beyond the Norm. Ok in the 50′s and 60′s there Earrings for Men was a heavy Mod and in Society inacceptable. Times are changing, and if u think Facial Inked Guys are fucked up, why. Not the Ink, Guy’s who named them fucking Idiots and so on are the Case of “fucked up”. I have my facials and iam proud of myself to have done what i want to do and no longer have the Chains of Society bound on me.

    You wrote, you like Tattoos, thats great. But the only Difference between a Tattoo on the Arm and a Tattoo on the Face is located in the Sight of Cold Societymans who only can judge others for being what they want to be. In our Land, Germany there was so an Individual and have judged, judged and judget. Your Nose is to sharp, you have to wear a Star.

    Ok saying that Facial Ink is idiotic is not to compare with that fucking Bastard A.H. but the Ground Idea is the same. Ages ago it was idiotic to be a Communist or a Political Left, today in your sight it’s idiotic to wear Facial Ink. The Spirit is the Same, intolerance and the own angle is the only saving Thing. Iam proud to be other than you, Skullboy i think is proud too. I not judge you for being same like many others. Please don’t call us idiotic for being what we are.

    For what i want IAM free to do, are you?

    Cya and best Regards from

    Mystic Fire

  504. Sorry, in the last Post

    But i think u not know anything about us gays,

    that must say :

    But i think u not know anything about us GUYS,

    sorry for that Mistake, it’s my fault.

    Cya from Mystic Fire

  505. i have tattoos covering my throat, hands, most of my body, and i find it funny that his face shocks even me. then i have to take a second and think about why that is. in the end it doesn’t matter, there’s so many streams in today’s society that the Mainstream is just another way to get upriver. ill be more concerned with weather or not im shitting regular when i get older, not how blurred the images on my body appear…


  507. If the link in the original post is correct and that is indeed the shop that did his face the only thing the kid should be thinking is how grateful he is his tattoo is as good as it is. Those galleries are a collection of some of the absolute worst tattoo work I have ever seen. Face tattoo dodged a bullet all things considered.

  508. I loved it.
    People should get a clue and stop being all ‘shrink’ on the guy. ‘He has issues, yadda yadda yadda’. Fuck off! He is free to do whatever he wants!

  509. All I can say is tattoos are an art form and to disfigure one self with a horror theme he should be ashamed and also the tattoo artist who also did it to him.In ten years time what will his employment choices be.If he can not lift heavy things what job do you think he will be able to do?Would you be a used car of horror head.He could work in a themed retaraunt with a cloak on as an usher.Maybe toys r us in the harry potter section.
    Well I have had my say.

  510. All I can say is tattoos are an art form and to disfigure one self with a horror theme he should be ashamed and also the tattoo artist who also did it to him.In ten years time what will his employment choices be.If he can not lift heavy things what job do you think he will be able to do?Would you buy a used car of horror head.He could work in a themed retaraunt with a cloak on as an usher.Maybe toys r us in the harry potter section.
    Well I have had my say.

  511. Disfigurement my ass. He’s a responsible adult, I’m sure he’ll live with the consequence of his actions. It’s pretty high and mighty to suggest (which you do in between the lines) he hasn’t thought about his future – you think this guy just walked into a studio and said “what flash have you got?” and walked out with this? Besides, there are a hell of a lot of jobs where you aren’t facing the public, where his tattoo won’t matter. “he should be ashamed of himself” ..Pwah..

  512. Daniel: Or he could just work in one of the thousands of job that doesn´t require direct contact with customers that could be offended (or just start his own business)?

  513. Disfigurement?!!???!!
    This is a BODY MODIFICATION blog. What the fuck are you doin’ here if you think that a tattoo (not a simple one, I agree; but STILL a tattoo) is such a ”horror” thing?

    J-e-s-u-s *-*

  514. Yes Bianca your correct to a point but the face horror tatts not for me.You have to live with it for ever and your employment chances are very slight.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and frankenstein has now a bride with Rick

  515. I hang out with this guy on a regular basis, he has a higher paying job than probably most of the assholes on this site, and higher than most people I know. HE’S the one who made his bed, let HIM lie in it. His future isn’t your problem.

  516. I’m a 62 year old ex-tattoo-artist and i think it’s looking great!Thanks that i could see the pictures!

  517. anda a cagar hermano, mira q yo estoy al pedo, pero este chabon se zarpa, q gil q es, por favor!!!

  518. A few comments from a non-tatooed tatoo lover:
    * Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder
    * I think he is beautiful
    * It’s cool that he has the courage and conviction to express himself
    * I’m turned on by his artwork >;D
    * Hope I can see more pictures someday!

  519. I really like this one, and I think it’s great that it turned out to not only be a really cool thing to do, but the tattoo is so well made.

  520. dude i’ve never met a person who can actually still look hot when he looks like a skeleton :|
    marry me misfit boy

  521. I think it’s a great idea. It’s his life to do with it as he chooses. I personally wouldn’t do it, but I love horror ink and have a lot of ink myself, even on the back of my hands.

    To the people too ignorant to read or pay attention.

    1. Yes it is real
    2. No it’s not the Misfits skull, it’s “A” skull
    3. His ears aren’t dirty, theres ink residue from the tattoo process on his ears
    4. Pimples? Really? You’re looking at a pic of a guy with his entire face tattooed and you’re focusing on pimples?

    5. This guy will never have a problem getting laid, any more then any heavily tattooed guy has that problem. We just find tattooed ladies who appreciate it.

    6. A Zombie body suit is brilliant and something I find a lot more interesting, daring and dynamic then making yourself look like a Tiger, Lizard, or giant puzzle pieces.

    Cheers to the guy, if I ever see him I’m buying him a beer.

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  524. dieu merci kil é un fan de misfits…tous comme mopi….

    é pr le tatou

    chapo lartiste

    nempech fair de la publicité pr dé coca

    c un peu….
    dosan ke c po grandioZzZzZz….


  525. I was throwing around the idea of getting a facial tattoo, and not knowing anyone with any tattoos period, I looked on Google to see what kinds of facial tattoos others had gotten. he first thing on Google’s list was this post here, so I thought I’d check it out. WOW! I was just thinking of getting either a star or a crescent moon on my forehead, but this guy… OMG! It’s like his whole face was turned inside out! That is so strange! I don’t know wither to love it or hate it. On the one hand it’s amazing, yet on the other had it creeps me out. Well, he’s certainly got guts, I’ll say that for him.

  526. The argument “Well, he’ll never get along in the real world,”/”He’s ruined his life for x-amount of time,” always seems to be thrown around as if the people with mods like this aren’t living in the real world. As if having just posted your pictures of a modification is the beginning of your life and you will have no idea how to handle any adversity that comes with living.

    I would think that anyone who would make the decision to be such a showman would understand that you have to take the negative with the positive.

    Also, it isn’t as though there aren’t products such as Dermablend if it ever comes to it.

    It is a very interesting piece. When it comes to aging with it, I’m just curious about how the skull with start to migrate as his skin goes saggy.

  527. This punk is a brave dude. The squeamish employer will faint and new
    age divorcees will flee.
    I think a check is available for us
    or a one way trip to mars.
    either way, this warrior has seen the underworld.
    I love you brother.

  528. how many windows is he gonna have to squeegee to pay that off? cuz just don’t see him working a 9 to 5 and if he makes it to 40… he might have second thoughts… better him than me at any rate…

  529. what a gimp uv got 2 b if makin ur face luk like dat makes u feel gud.. mate u luk like a fkn spakka

  530. I just got a misfits tat on my leg and i was starting to think it might be a little over the top….yea i feel kinda dumb now. But on a side note, I wonder what it would be like to make out with this guy?

  531. He’s a lucky man couse he get what he want! I try to find a f….. tattoo artist in my area to tattoo my face for 2 years ago,but no succes :( With money ofcourse,not for free! My messenger yahoo id is “mariantattooo” if anyone can help me! Atherwise i respect that guy and also apreciate his artwork!

  532. Ahh… I Think Its Amazing.

    I Would Also Like To Point Out Thats Quite An Early Pic

    He Has A Brain Now XD

  533. Two thoughts immediately permeated my thoughts.

    The first was “Awesome”. Not in the kind of “socks and hot dogs” kind of way, (to quote Eddie Izzard), but like in a truly AWESOME to behold bit of imagery. Shocking, brutal, and savagely interactive with no allusions to it’s meaning or interpretation for anyone who will see it.

    The second, is of a much more conservative stature, and was literally the word “Why?” Because undoubtedly, the load of social stigma and barriers now automatically leveled at this artistic effort and smash-mouth hit to the nodes of sensory overload will be more insurmountable than probably most of us could ever realize or understand.

    I mean I see emo kids get made fun of for eyeliner, women that get ridiculed for breast implants, or even older men for hair transplants. This is an identity fix on a level that I would love to know the reasons behind if only because I would hope they were thought provoking and startling.

    All that babble aside. It IS a phenomenal and astounding bit of work. Beautiful and haunting in it’s application, location, and technical aspect. Striking in it’s visceral attitude.

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  535. he did this for exactly what hes gettin- lots and lots of attention, even fame. hes already got u lot desperately wantin to listen to him. in my view the artist should have been more responsible and said no- the young person looks too young and may have little in the way of life experience, which is what helps us make better choices. wots the artists excuse? suppose they gonna get all the work more responsible artists turn away!

  536. that is incredible….seen him around for years…take alot of guts, that’s for sure….I’ve got Tats on my arms and legs and I call them my ” Boy Boobs ” because people stare at them instead of looking me in the face!!!!!…at least people will look him in the face!!!…And just remember all…The only difference between Tattooed people and non-Tattoed people is that Tattooed people don’t give a FUCK that you don’t have Tattoes…Rock on and Ink on!!!!

  537. i think tattoos are great but people should know when they are taking things too far you cant even see “who” he is and “see” his face anymore,… the one that God gave him,..

  538. really, why do people bother say “oh its sad” and shit like that. the guy got a wicked tattoo, it looks insane, no grandma wont like it, and yes, its permanent. i love it, and next time im in canada, im hunting this guy down and buying him a beer.

  539. that is awesome, I would like to meet him, n be his friend,, And I’m agrree with kirk comment that “people will look him in the face!!!…And just remember all…The only difference between Tattooed people and non-Tattoed people is that Tattooed people don’t give a SHIT that you don’t have Tattoes” So,keep transform yourself bro,, n make it perfect……..

  540. lol…
    ‘mom, dad, I’m home!!! what’s for dinner?’

    it must’ve scared the shit out of em :P

  541. Dude good luck getting a job, but other than that it looks fucking sick you have a good artist.

  542. I´ve been reading your blog for awhile and also it by no means occurred to me to comment. Which is absolutely ironic, because I´ve spent quite a lot of time over the past few months studying what it takes to make people comment on my own website. Immediately after reading a couple of your posts I guess it´s controversial topics that stir people´s emotions to the point where they can´t simply just ´let it go.´

  543. right on zombie! your inkwork’s not fugly; dude, its fuckin awesome! I’m 32 & I got my face heavily covered with some awesome inkwork 10 years ago; I planned it out realising it will be a complete change in how I live my life, and it has been just that. I made the right decision for myself and the experience has given me satisfaction that I never would have had if I never had it done because I was worried about getting a job or what people will think; FTW!

  544. I would love to meet this guy. Where does he live. I just had skulls tattooed on each side of my face as sideburns. Will post pictures shortly.

  545. The tattoo is frikken crazy and I wonder what would possess someone to do that to themselves. What is really astounding is the responses on this forum to this idots tats. Are you really all that nuts?

  546. The tattoo is frikken crazy and I wonder what would possess someone to do that to themselves. What is really astounding is the responses on this forum to this idots tats. Are you really all that nuts?

  547. oh my gosh!!!! :OOO thats kinda stupid,but i actually LOVE it!! i kinda find it hot :P Its so unique and cool and i like how it makes his eyes pop! :D

  548. I was kind of wondering if some one was going to mention his debut with Lady Gaga. Lucky man :)

  549. That is not a really nice tattoo. It’s a really shitty tattoo, the blacks are not black and the blending on the greys is well, non existant. It’s applied really poorly. If you are going to ruin your life with a tattoo like this, you can at least hire someone who is skilled at what they do.

  550. On the second picture it looks really nice, you guys should repost the second picture as the first one.

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  552. I’m not much of a reader of BME…but I never knew there could be so much judgement and ignorance on a BME forum.

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