Rick Genest Doppelganers in DREDD?

Arresting Judge: Judge Francisco
Plea: 2 = CONTEST    Finding: 412 = INSANITY
Sentence: 71 months(s) isocube, no parole
Probation: 3YRS    Appealed: Y = YES, Rejected


I believe that’s the lead singer of Sküllböï

I was initially pleasantly surprised to see that in the new Dredd movie, Zombie (Rick Genest) seems to play the part of a Peyote Kings gang member, although it’s a brief part because he is almost immediately murdered by the rival Ma-ma gang. Every rigger, gaffer, muffin wrangler, and fluffer is listed in the credits, but for some reason they decided Rico wasn’t worth including among them. Then I realized an odd thing (and maybe someone more familiar with the Dredd franchise has an explanation) — there is more than one person in the movie wearing his skullface tattoos. At first I thought it was a reflection in a mirror, but no, it’s a doppelganger (different hair, and one has stretched ears and the other thin hoops) — and then I realized that the mugshot above likely isn’t Rick either, judging by the throat tattoo. And then I started to become convinced that none of the characters are actually Rick!!!

rick-genest-dredd-screencap-1-t rick-genest-dredd-screencap-2-t rick-genest-dredd-screencap-3-t

Like I said, Rick doesn’t appear to be listed in the Dredd credits. I can’t find any mention of him appearing in Dredd anywhere online, and while I’m willing to accept that my google-fu can be weak at times, I find it highly dubious that Rick would make a major appearance in a movie as big as Dredd and not mention it on his blog or facebook page. But ripping off his character rights seems like a shocking oversight for a major film to make… Isn’t it? I think it’s important to note that this isn’t “coincidental”… It’s not as if it’s just someone tattooed like a skeleton. Many specific details of his tattoos have been copied — for example, the spiderweb on his right ear — in a way that makes it obvious they’re exploiting the theft of his character and likeness, and ensures almost everyone will believe it is him.

Here are some side-by-side comparisons… what do you think? Am I imagining this?



But then I reminded myself that it’s pretty common to see people “draw inspiration” from Zombie’s tattoos and mimic him in various mediums. It’s no big deal if someone makes a YouTube video of themselves in makeup looking like him, but it becomes a problem when a movie rips off the character that Rick has created without getting his consent first — and this is just what happened in the first episode of the first season of the show American Horror Story. One of the characters in the show appears with Rick’s tattoos done so precisely that it’s obvious that it’s been directly copied and he’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see the image. Here’s a pair of screencaps of the episode:


They might have gotten away with this if Rico was still a Montreal gutterpunk, but now that he’s ascended into one of the glitterati he had his lawyer slap them silly and Fox settled out of court for what I assume is more money than Rick had made in his entire life up to the point he was first unleashed on the world with that glib “you call yourself a misfits fan” ModBlog post back in 2006. Perhaps that is what’s happening right now — an ongoing legal matter would certainly explain the complete lack of mention of this online. Ah, the wages of fame.

Well, if anyone knows the truth as to what’s up with ol’Skullboy’s presence in Dredd, please let me know. Either way, Rico really is one of my favorite rags to riches stories — what a wonderful unexpected adventure his tattoos are bringing him.

Times are a changin’

To think, it was only 6 years ago that the world first met Rick Genest.  Looking back at his first couple of ModBlog appearances, you can see back then people thought that his dramatic facial tattoos were either incredible, or incredibly stupid.  Here are some choice quotes.

Is it just me or does he look like a full of acne, russian looking nerd?  I mean, thats a great work by the artist, but common..  that guy just looks ugly “whearing” this.

Well, everyone’s gotta be unique somehow. While it might be fine to say “Fuck society” society will fuck you back. Big balls? I guess.

I don’t care what kind of crap I get for saying this but I think this is a really dumb tattoo. I know everyone can do what they want with their body but everyone is also intitled to their own opinion, and mine is negative towards this. When I first saw the photos, before reading anything I hoped so much that this was just a cool halloween mask someone painted on. To my dismay it is a tattoo. No doubt the tattoo is done pretty well but come on! It just plain looks stupid. I sincerely hope this individual knows what he has done to himself and is ready for a life time of negative feedback in many different forms. Yes, he may have support from the body modification community but he most certainly will not have support anywhere in the outside world and I am afraid for what his future looks like. . Hopefully it is more positive and safe than what I am suspecting.

And my personal favorite…

wat a moron, his whole life is ruined

Well, it’s 2012, and we all know that Rick has gone on to great success within the world of fashion.  In fact, he’s become so successful he now has his own action figure!

From Tonnerdoll.com..

Here is a peek at our 2012 SDCC Exclusive: Zombie Boy. If you don’t know Rick Genest visit his website rickgenest.com to find out more about him and like the Rick Genest Facebook fan page. Rick came into larger global awareness when Lady Gaga featured him and his tattoo styling in her “Born This Way” video (below). You can read his personal story here, on this website.

Not only is this doll – the hashtag #zombiedoll on twitter – a SDCC 2012 exclusive (our only SDCC 2012 exclusive and limited to 500 pieces), Rick himself will be at our booth 4149 for two signings on July Friday 13th, one at 11am and another at 3pm.

It’s pretty amazing the journey that Rick has gone though, and for those that found his tattoos to be amazing back then, be happy to know that you were right, and the naysayers were so incredibly wrong.

Oh, and if you happen to be in San Diego this weekend, pick one up for me.

ModBlog News of the Week: May 27th, 2011

This week’s news post is pretty small compared to the last news post.  However, there are a couple of stories this week that are pretty big, including a couple of follow-ups to stories that a lot of you have taken an interest in.

First up we’ve finally got an in-depth interview with Rick “Zombie Boy” Genest, the heavily modified Montrealler who has garnered a lot of attention over the past year.

Rick Genest, tattooed former squeegee kid, is posing for pictures and video on a patch of gravel by the tracks in Westmount. A young woman gets out of her car and runs over to congratulate him. She tells him she loves and admires what he has done.

Genest, also known as Zombie Boy, has become a local and international hero, a muse to fashion’s avant-garde, a role model for Lady Gaga. His claim to fame is his almost totally tattooed body, including a rendering of brains on his skull, the skeletal system on his body.

The past six months have been an incredible journey – Genest has walked the catwalks in Paris for Mugler, courtesy of creative director Nicola Formichetti; appeared in Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video; and travelled far, wide and often – New York, Paris, Milan, Budapest, Warsaw, Mexico City last weekend, with Rio and Copenhagen coming up on his agenda.

They cover a lot of ground in the interview, and there is a video portion as well, so if you’re a fan of Rick’s it’s definitely worth checking out.

More news to come, just hit the read more button to continue on…

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Fingered by Skullboy

Veronika was kind (and drunk) enough to send in these recent photos of Skullboy (more on ModBlog.. 1, 2).

Rick reads and then gives his verdict on a recent magazine article about himself.

Oh and yes, he does smile in case you were wondering..

Skullboy and Veronika.

You can read Veronika’s BMEzine.com interview with Rick here.

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Zombie (“Skullboy”) Interview Posted

Edit/Update: After being offline for ages, here’s an archival link for the first-ever published interview with Rick Genest / Rico / Zombie Boy/ Skullboy.

Sorry about not getting this online earlier — it’s been a long day, which among other things, includes having a transport truck smash into me while I was driving with my daughter to an appointment! Ack!

Big thanks to Veronika for scoring (and doing) an interview with the infamousSkullboy“, more appropriately known as Montreal’s Zombie. Click through to check it out, and as always, come on back to comment.

PS. You may remember Veronika from her cat portrait neck tattoo as well as her half-sleeve — she’s no stranger to both being featured and creating features!

ModBlog culture influencing YouTube culture?

So ModBlog’s “Skullboy” as he’s come to be known out on the weeb, has tribute videos out about him on YouTube! I thought that was pretty cool, and just goes to show you how fascinated people are by what he’s done (note: the video’s best part is near the end, so don’t give up).

And a second video as well:

You call yourself a Misfits fan?

Damn!!!! I really think this is the most intense facial tattoo I’ve ever seen in terms of radically transforming a person’s interaction with the rest of the world… and speaking as someone with a facial tattoo, I definitely feel like this is going to be a shock to his system. Very, very intense; I’m seriously impressed at the size of his FTW balls… Turning your face into a death mask is, just… wow…

rickgenest2006-1 rickgenest2006-2

Click for a closer view of these facial Misfits skull tattoos by Frank at Derm FX Tattoo in Montreal. Seriously, I wasn’t going to post today, but when we got this submission, I just had to share it. Wow.