Tattoo + Cutting Combo

It is nice, I like!

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31 thoughts on “Tattoo + Cutting Combo

  1. ( : That is beautiful. It’ll be really neat if the scar raises because with following the torso lines it would feel really neat. It’s so strangely sexual to me.

  2. I hate to say the same old thing, but it really is so gorgeous I had to express my appreciation. Very nice, and unique.

  3. all the borat refferences make me want to kill myself. oh well.

    other than that, I love the tattoo and scarring. I hope more pictures get sent when it heals.

  4. shame the lines arent straight.
    i like simple modifications to be extremely accurate, but its a good concept none the less.

  5. I guess I wasn’t the only one who read that in Borat’s accent :P

    I really liked this one, and I agree it’s a shame that it won’t stay bloodred forever. All scars should.

  6. Actually, I really like that the lines aren’t straight. Especially at the ends when they flay out at different angles. I love ‘hand drawn’ and graphic designs. Anyway, it’ll probably heal a little more even.
    Also, I want to see the other end a bit better – some more technical (well lit, haha) pics.

  7. i really dont think they are supossed to be straight at all.. if you look at the second picture one points up and is wavy and the other points downish…

    i love the combo!

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