Quickdraw? Quickinflate.

Click to uncensor or here for another view — this is genital inflation using nitrous oxide using a sterile cream blower… While saline inflations can sometimes take hours to reach their maximum size, these are done in seconds or minutes!

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36 thoughts on “Quickdraw? Quickinflate.

  1. Is the rate of inflation in proportion to the amount of pain? I don’t know. Having genitals stretch to that size so quickly would seem like it would be a bit more painful.

    I am so incredibly ignorant on genital inflating, though. So please don’t laugh if that’s a stupid question.

  2. my question is would it cause any from of embolism cuz when scuba diving to much nitrogen can be harmful so is there any risk with this? it seems saline maybe safer because the residual water and salt is just absorbed

  3. And we have a winner! lol

    I would be interested in seeing something like this being done in a video format… looks like someone will be asking for a bme subscirption for the holidays!

  4. Volleyball anyone? I agree with the video of the inflation…the only thing better would be a hidden cam video of people’s expressions as he walks down the street.

  5. Honestly, i prefer my nitrous oxide for other fun activities – but this looks alright, too. :)

  6. how long does that last? I can’t imagine that would be comfy during the inflation process, but wow…the end effect is certainly shocking to say the least.

    Whatever makes ya happy, right?

  7. so… not to sound close-minded, but can somebody who understands this give me a quick explanation of the mindset behind blowing your genitals up like a balloon animal? i mean, i get as sick of the ‘enlarge your penis’ email spam as the next guy, but…

    and please, don’t everybody dogpile me about being judgemental, i think it’s a legit question.

  8. To Meegs: Maybe he wants to see what he looks like with a really really massive wiener. I know a lot of guys who would love to look down and see some gargantuan beast.

  9. i just keep imagining what it would be like if you had just done an inflation like that and then the fire alarm went off. i can’t imagine trying to move quickly with something of that size hanging between my legs. or trying to cram it into pants. yikes.

  10. What are the side effects of using nitrous oxide instead of saline for inflation purposes? I know it might seem like dumb question, but I am curious. But wow, more power to him.

  11. It shows the sorry state of my mental desensitization that my first thought was “aww, Shannon didn’t do anything funny with the ModBlog logo” !!

  12. HAHAHA! Wow. My quesiton is “why”
    Whatever floats your boat i guess..and other things..
    This makes me laugh though :D

  13. it’s perhaps the last thing on my “I’ve seen everything now” list.

    Gas canister with needles in to the scrote, to inflate the scrote and cock.

    my god.

    :D haha
    If he used helium someone could suck it and sound like Mickey Mouse :D *or am I being silly* wa wa waaaa

  14. i used to do the same thing with the worms i used as bait to fish with…. attracts the fish

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  16. Wonder pic! I’ve been doing saline for years. What info can you send me on nitrous. Where can you purchase that, what do you use to inject that into your ball sac. I agree that saline takes so long and this looks like a faster way to inflate your ball sac.
    Are there any health problems as your body reabsorbs the nitrous?

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