26 thoughts on “Apparently I have Welshdar

  1. leroy, you do know what a dirty sanchez is, right?! i imagine they changed the name because the american audience would be more faint-hearted about euphemisms like that.

  2. WOOOOOOO wales. the modblog neads more welsh people on it. because we is the bestestist innit butty boyos.

  3. red*razors – Yeah I know what a dirty sanchez is… Maybe it’s just that the phrase isn’t well known over here, so people wouldn’t get offended, and they could get away with it.

  4. Totally, not many people here in the UK know what Dirty Sanchez actually means. Us dirty minded folk however… we know… we know.

  5. They changed the name for the US? Aww, I’m quite disappointed in them for that. Not a big Dirty Sanchez fan anyway, but I’ve lost a little bit of respect for them, somehow.

    And I’m joining the “looks like Corey Taylor” group. Definately a good thing =)

  6. Dirty Sanchez were pretty boring live in Newport last week, I’ve seen better things happen in my living room…then again, my living room has been on modblog *lol*

  7. Hooray! More people who think he looks like Corey Taylor.

    Yeah. Definitely a good thing.

    Corey Taylor is mucho shaggable.

  8. Bit of a belly over those jeans while looking vaguely drunk and more obviously disheveled? Let’s bang, kthx.

  9. You keep getting better and better penski…

    PS: You and my mom have something in common (hint: Edwards).

  10. He is just nummy. I could spend the night looking over every line in those tats very intamatly.

  11. Outmywindow – the peurile, infantile and…well…just downright pervy part of me wants to say this…So I’ll let it:

    “That’s not all we have in common…”

    Tangent – At work tonight, I met a small, cute, heavily-pierced girl who recognised my *n tattoo off ModBlog comments. She just reads, doesn’t post.

    If you’re here, say hello.


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