Hey, yell at me about Photoshop!

The lovely and impossibly slender Book, who’s the bees knees! The bees are tattooed by Mark at Cottage 13 in Hamilton, ON:

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96 thoughts on “Hey, yell at me about Photoshop!

  1. lala,

    why make a negative comment about someones body size? how is that constructive?

    it just reflects poorly on your personality.

    even if your personal preferance is for someone of larger size, why voice that so negativly? shes not just a picture, shes a real person, who will likely read this, just like many of the other people posted on here. would you say that to her face?

    and ps – she dont eat meat! maybe you would have better luck making friends by offering her a veggie burger.

    and BTW, sweet tats book ;)

    i can’t believe i called you book.

  2. I’m with just about everyone else. Her feet tattoos are -adorable-. The bees knees ones are also very nice. Though I’m wondering what’s on her shins?

  3. “why make a negative comment about someones body size? how is that constructive?”

    It is really clear (to me) that this girl is not just skinny but ill. My sister has (had) anorexia and bulimia too. I don’t like the pic

  4. I dont like her tatoo, but it is my very personal opinion ! they still well made but… i dont like them:-p

    nice stretch tough!

  5. Jasmin – So you can diagnose a serious illness like Anorexia Nervosa or Bulima Nervosa just from a picture? Without knowing her diet habits? Thats a great talent.

    If you don’t like the picture, don’t comment. Simple.

    She’s cute and her bee tattoos rock.

  6. Jasmin (22), i dont think its your place to view that kind of oppinion. I also know some anorexic bulimic people and they full well know theyre “ill”, and that its not good for them, but its how they choose to live their lives and you should respect that. Sure its painful, and offer to be there, but at the end of the day its down to the person. I don’t think any emphasis in this photo is meant to be on that anyway – try be objective.

  7. Just because you’re that skinny doesn’t mean you’re ill or that you have an eating disorder. I’m about that size, have been all my life, probably will be until I die.

    But more on topic… those are some cute tattoos, especially “left” and “right”. I’ve always liked the simple straight-forward tattoos best.

  8. i think that she’s precious, regardless of her size. why should she have to fight the nature of her body type? either way her tattoos are so clever and great, they look like they fit her reall well, i love the bees too! ive been considering getting some bees myself

  9. she’s so adorable ^-^ i wanna pick her up and put her on my porcelin doll shell (needless to say she would stand out a bit, in a good way) the tats are sweet

  10. Jasmin
    It is really clear (to me) that you have no idea what you’re talking about. If, as you claim, you know people with disorders you’d know they look nothing like that. You can tell by her hips her frame is naturally very slender. She also seems to have a bit of muscle on her stomach.

    As for her tattoos, they’re absolutely adorable. I’m really curious about those shin tattoos as well though.

  11. :D!! bees knees! Cute! [also left-right feets :3]
    Someone should get the cat’s pajamas!

    I also want to tisk at those who’d make remarks about her weight or lack-there-of; she looks like a perfectly healthy person who just so happens to have been born with a smaller bone structure. And it really doesn’t gain you any points in “supporting” “normal” and heftier persons.

    [honoes, responded to the drama and not the post, really :/]

  12. Am I the only one who thinks that because of the way she’s sitting, it looks like she’s been stretched out?!

    Love the feet though.

  13. I agree with Adrian(32), she fits her own frame, which happens to be pretty small. anyway her tattoos are lovely!
    and I say let them be more a judge of her character than her weight.

  14. “If you don’t like the picture, don’t comment. Simple.” – Leroy.

    Leroy, why should people have to censor themselves? Why should we not be free to comment even if we don’t like the picture? Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and just because you don’t share the same doesn’t mean you should try to suppress them.

    THAT SAID, beautiful tattoos. I won’t comment on the girl’s size because photos can be deceiving and I’ve never met her – and am not a doctor. I do wish girls of more varying sizes were shown on here, however, and I know Shannon is making great strides in that department.

  15. 1. Hella awesome left/right and bee tattoos.
    2. She’s super cute so leave her alone
    3. Will someone please tell me what the heck is on her shins because it’s driving me nuts.
    {So, a pirate walks into a bar and he has an anchor in his pants! He sits down and the bartender says, Hey, whats up with the anchor?
    The pirate says “Arrrrrr Its drivin’ me nuts!”}

  16. 1. Hella awesome left/right and bee tattoos.
    2. She’s super cute so leave her alone
    3. Will someone please tell me what the heck is on her shins because it’s driving me nuts.
    {So, a pirate walks into a bar and he has a wheel in his pants! He sits down and the bartender says, Hey, whats up with the wheel?
    The pirate says “Arrrrrr Its drivin’ me nuts!”}
    Haha I can’t believe I put that in wrong the first time lol

  17. Thank you Dr. Jasmine for your diagnosis.

    While we are at it, I will diagnose her too – clearly, she has a case of some really cute tattoos!

  18. and a case of being brave to post a picture like that and knowing that she could get judged negatively because of assholes wanting to say bad things because they are too quick to throw out negative thoughts instead of pointing the finger at themselves to see who they really are. i give her a lot of credit for posting the picture on her page and elsewhere so shannon could post it here to grace us with her beauty.

    for any of you with negativity wanting to post how about trying to send that message to the person you are speaking badly about and see what kind of response you get.

    p.s. the bees rock and the feet tattoos rock even more.

  19. By the way, to all the dumbasses hassling her about being too thin, I PHOTOSHOPPED THE PICTURE because people have been whining so much about the use of PS, so you’re “diagnosing” an illusion. The original can be seen on BME or on her IAM page, and she appears perfectly healthy.

    Seriously, I do include IAM links not just so people get credit, but also so that people can go and visit the source images and see them without the filter of how I perceive the world.

  20. as another tiny person i would like to know where she gets her bras = |. and how she works out.

    i love the bees.. i dont see alot of people with knee tattoos..why is that? (i think i know where i’m locating my next tattoo!)

  21. PaleCheekedAngel – I’m not asking people to censor themselves, I’m just saying if the only thing you can come out with is ‘eat a burger’ or some other crap, it’s probaly best left unsaid. It’s just being polite.

  22. What are you talking about I can’t see anything!?
    Oh wait….let me crank the rez

    there she is!
    She was so skinny her pixles didn’t even show up.

    Her feet tats are pretty cute too (the left one tastes better tho)

  23. I dig the bee’s knees sososo much. In re Photoshop, I hope the glaring cloning was just a context clue. :p

  24. ok, so i don’t have a problem with her being skinny, but i DO have a problem with using photoshop to make her look impossibly skinny, thus perpetuating an impossible body image. i mean the mainstream media does that all the time, but why did you stoop to their level shannon? it’s one thing to celebrate all body types (including healthy naturally thin women), but it’s another thing to make bodies look artificially thin to perpetuate the current (unhealthy) beauty standard.

    i don’t mean to bash you shannon, because i do appreciate the time you put in to publish modblog for us (and keeping it free for everyone). i’m just upset and curious why you would resort to tricks used by the mainstream media that only kill women’s self esteem by holding them up to an impossibly artificial beauty standard?

  25. Haha! Stick it to ‘em Shannon! I’ve noticed an increase in photoshop calls in comments lately, great response.

    And she’s hot, super skinny or not.

  26. if it was photoshopped.. for us sad, sad, non-members (you never approve any of my pics) can you please post the original photo?

  27. this is in response to #54 aka “moi”…

    um. are you serious? i’m pretty certain that shannon didn’t photoshop the picture to “perpetuate the current (unhealthy) beauty trend”. he photoshopped it as a joke, for god’s sake. recently many people have jumped on him for posting photoshopped images of women…so he took this opportunity to (in my opinion) distort this image quite OBVIOUSLY.

    don’t flip your bitch switch at the drop of a hat. cripes!

    also, shannon, i received stickers in the mail today! yay! i guess i won the random drawing…woo! thanks :) just in time for my new car…

  28. in response to #57 aka “minibeth”…

    i specifically tried to be rational and objective, and not resort to name calling.

    check your bitch switch first, before accusing me my dear.

  29. bees knees! that’s just so cute! i love the look on her face.

    ( i have to say, i’m laughing my ass off, i thought the title and the caption were a pretty good hint that she’d been photo shopped! ; ) good one shannon

    people get their panties in a twist too easily now a days! hey, i have panties like that! ; )~

  30. Book,
    I love your feet tattoo’s, You look awsome! You should tell shannon not to photoshop your pictures, they make you look skiny. LOL ;-)


  31. the sad part is that even though she’s photoshopped *impossibly* thin, people still think she’s hot, and I have to say I agree. what does that say about our perceptions of beauty?

  32. if my iam page is set to “members-only” with NO public access, my diary and mod-tracker pics aren’t up for grabs for modblog are they? yikes.

  33. shannon, i know that’s clearly not your goal. that’s why i was surprised that YOU of all people would do that. meaning i held you to a higher standard.

    and yes, it was just one jokingly done image. but put in a larger context, we get bombarded with with this message, one image at a time.

  34. I don’t see how this is obviously Photoshopped, and how she is impossibly thin, and if I may, from some of the comments above, there are at least a few people out there of that size as well. I know I am, but with a more ample chest (which I hope is proof enough that I am exactly the size I am supposed to be–I would hope my body would have the sense to not invest fat into 32D breasts if it were needed somewhere else :oP)

    I want those adorable left right tattoos on my hands! They would make my life so much easier!

  35. I think its funny how Shannon had a reference to photoshop IN THE TITLE, yet it wasnt until 47 comments later (plus an admission!) that anyone realised this… haha…

    she looks 8 feet tall!

  36. jess – No, that link should only work for IAM members.

    Hold Fast – I don’t think it says anything, really. The way we see stuff in our mind is different than how they appear when we see a low res 2D photo. Photoshopping and artistic manipulation, from my point of view, is to make a photo look its best, to make a photo look like your mind would have captured it at the moment rather than a camera.

    moi – I fail to see why it’s an issue (see my answer above).

  37. The picture looks slightly distorded, like her body is rubbery and bending in the wrong places. Is this an effect of photoshop, or the angle that the photo was taken at?

  38. haha I agree with penski….
    I mean, it *is* Shannon’s blog after all…. he does what he wants :]

  39. And this is the reason I have never submitted to BME – I refuse to give permission to have my photos modified or published without my explicit permission. I’d be furious if this photo were of me, or if I were the photographer.

  40. I think the number of people fooled into thinking she’s that thinned shoudl be a nice compliment to Shannon’s photoshop skills.

    I like the bees knees too, they’re adorable.

  41. Skinny girls are awesome, bees knees tattoos are a stroke of genius, Book is cute, anonymous posters are a bunch of willy woofters, Shannon makes me giggle like a Japanese schoolgirl and I haven’t contributed a thing…even though I still try to type bme.freeq.com :/

    When I’m not working 14 hour days, I’ll zip up all the pics I have on here and submit them :)

    *n (workin’ for the man…so I can become the man…then kick back and spend my days playing with pointy things and searching pornotube.com)

  42. I wonder how she feels about being photoshopped like that.

    If it were me who was the subject of this “example” I think I’d be pretty insulted and pissed that someone else took such liberty with my image.

  43. Sunday – So there’s no confusion, I did not ask and I don’t ask, other than the implied consent when someone sends in the photo for posting.

    Mananda – I certainly hope that Book doesn’t feel that way. I’m not trying to misrepresent or change her. I’m simply trying to share the way I see things.

  44. this is for “sammi”
    I hope you read this because if you’ve been telling this joke
    {So, a pirate walks into a bar and he has an anchor in his pants! He sits down and the bartender says, Hey, whats up with the anchor?
    The pirate says “Arrrrrr Its drivin’ me nuts!â€?}
    like this to people you have killed the whole point…the pirate has a steering wheel for a belt buckle not an anchor get it steering wheel,arrrgh it’s drivin me nuts
    yeah right photoshop skinny girls she has cute tattoos

  45. no problem Shannon…just figured i’d bring that up before the “well i wouldn’t like it if that were me!” comments started flooding in. ;)

  46. LOL girlfriend what you gonna look like when your 50, maybe your didnt think about that…..I think you will be buying a load of cover up clothes to hide what an idiot you were in your younger days .

  47. Can I add something? Sure you may like people with a bit more meat on them, and thats your view, but havnt we all faced abuse and criticisms from non modified people. The last thing we need is to be with people “like us” and then get shit from them too.

    You think shes skinny- great, you think shes gorgeous – even better. I don’t believe you guys are arguing about this!!

  48. Huggie, i’m sure as long as her sense of humour doesn’t disappear she’ll be happy. Doesn’t matter once you start going senile anyway

    I think these tattoos are look awesome, love the bees knees

  49. Those r cute tats (i can’t deny that), but about the feet ones…ever gonna pay your ex back for ‘em? Cuz it would be really decent of you to give him his money back given how things ended and that the money he lent you was wasted on…well…you. Just a thought I’d throw out there. Cuz that would be the nice thing to do after how you treated said ex (who didn’t deserve the New York trip you took).

  50. I meant to add that gaining weight is sometimes hard for people. It is for me…and BTW “Gina” let’s see how big or small you are when you have digestive issues that aren’t your choice and then tell someone to gain weight (and also as long as she’s healthy who the hell cares what her size is?)

  51. do you really think that this is the proper forum for that? you need to talk to these people directly…no one wants to read that crap but you….. #91

  52. Shannon – Yes. I read Modblog because it’s a publication accessible to the masses, even the ‘unmodified’, so I don’t feel guilty about consumption because it’s not for private profit. I would like to join IAM, but I would never relinquish rights to my image or photos because I see it as a violation of my property and I’m one of the few people that take internet copyrights seriously. Call me conservative.

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