I’m pretty sure I’ve featured more knockoffs of his work than originals done by him, so let me share this great dotwork backpiece (riding over top of a healed spiral branding) by Daniel DiMattia at Calypso Tattoo. His shop is in Belgium, but in December and early January he’ll be touring in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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  1. I didn’t even had to look at the intro to know who did that. Stunning work as usual. I wish I had the cash to get work done while he’s in NYC.

  2. I love the pointillism tattoos. Not quite sure if that is the right term cause its not done in color, but I love it all the same.

  3. that piece was done in Thou Art in Sheffield UK while dan was doin a guest spot there its well nice i wish i had gotten some work done while he was there

  4. I like the style (pointalism), but….the image is just….i dunno.

    It just doesn’t click with me.

  5. Was it really necessary to leave two negative comments like that? No one responded for your first one, so there wasn’t a reason to defend your position.

  6. Sorry, lilish.

    I re-examined the image, and I realized that I really like the brand. It’s nice.

    And now that I look at the image again, it is a nice tattoo…

  7. It’s ok lala, thank you for finding something in the image you liked. I was just frustrated because some of us like to read modblog by the “recent comments” and it is really flooded by your posts to climb the “most prolific posters” list. So when we go to read modblog, all we see are little one sentance posts by you all over modblog, even on entries that no one has commented on since May. You may not realize some people enjoy reading modblog this way, so I’m just politley letting you know it is a bit annoying to those of us who read modblog by the “recent comments”.

  8. A great piece!! I really love seeing Daniel DiMattia’s work!! I would say that Dimattia is one of my fav. artists along with Xed Le head. I really have to get tattooed by either or both some day!!!

  9. i second what lilish said. it’s just pathetic to post little one-liners on every post in order to bump yourself up to the top of the list. if you’ve got something constructive to add, then go for it, but posting nothing but “wow, what an ugly penis!” or “he does have a nice ass!” on six month old entries adds nothing and makes it pretty transparent as to what you’re trying to do.

  10. First off, yes, that is a very nice looking tattoo!
    Secondly, as childish as it is that someone is posting in what seems every thread on here, all they are doing is posting! It’s not upsetting the universe in any way, and if it makes them feel better about themselves to be on some list of top posters, then who cares? It’s not hurting anyone.

  11. Its beautiful! i have seen similar work by a guy here in southern ontario. i dont know if it’s appropriate to use a name – only because they might be identified as a “rip off” so i wont. anyways, i really dig the tattoo, but i can see that there is something on the persons side and would love a better look at it.
    i hope i make “top sarcastic posters list” if there is one! and not to take away from the lovely tattoo, but i agree with 15, 16, 11, 13….

  12. Not only is Dan an amazing artist, he’s also a very nice guy! The only reason I don’t have any work by him yet is because I like so many styles I’m afraid it wouldn’t do his work justice to put it between totally different styles.

  13. i have some henna style work like that, but its bare lines atm…

    i really like how it works, and am considering doing something similar to this :)

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