Cammy Stewart Interview


Cammy Stewart, whose work has been featured on ModBlog in the past, is a Dundee, Scotland based tattoo artist who started like most do — self-taught, tattooing anything they could on anyone they could find — but had an epiphany when he met neotribal, blackwork, and sacred geometry tattooing pioneer Xed LeHead at London’s Divine Canvas. He began merging this new style and philosophy of tattooing into his own, and became a part of what began with the idiosyncratic style of a small handful of outsider tattoo artists and has become a full-on art movement. Find Cammy at Metalurgey in Dundee, Scotland, online at facebook/cammystewart or instagram/cammytattoo, or email him at [email protected].

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Homina Homina

This man is 12 feet tall, and was carved out of pure granite, by Jesus, under supervision of the Justice League of America, for some reason. About his tattoos, he says, they “started off as just a tribal sun in the middle of my back, and then it grew wings, then went down the left arm, and a few months later down the right arm. Next up will be the left and right thumb and wrapping around the wrists, about four inches up the arm.”

Sigh. If anyone needs me, I’ll be doing three- or nine-thousand sit-ups and eating raw eggs by the handful, shell included. Have a good night, ModBlog, and we’ll see you in the morning.

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Eyebending Tribal Suit

This tattoo is nuts! If you look at just one small section of it, it’s just boring neotribal that’s been done a zillion times, but as a full body suit, it’s pretty wild looking! It looks like a fabric print I think… (I’ve seen closeup photos by the way, so it’s definitely real if you’re suspicious).