"Face Technology"

Lukas Zpira recently did this facial skin removal — you can click through to get a closeup image as well. That reminds me, I have (much less intense) facial cuttings by Lukas (done in Mexico) that I really need to write an experience about!!!

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17 thoughts on “"Face Technology"

  1. I have yet to see anyone get facial removals that look like dueling scars. That would be cool and highly Teutonic.

    As it is, these should heal to be quite complimentary to the face they are on.

  2. moddoctor – HAHAHAHAHAHA. There’s one that will be posted in the next batch of posts (maybe Monday). I’ve actually posted a couple here… they’re getting more and more common.

  3. That’s gorgeous.

    Which I mistyped as “goregeous” at first. Well, that too, though not as much as a lot on here. :)

  4. Is that some kind of transdermal bar on the side of Lucas head ? Havn’t seen that one before..

  5. lukas did a star cutting on my stomach and yea he really is an awesome guy and he does have this crazy aura about him… hes wonderful

  6. For the commentary on dueling scars and how not a whole lot of people seem to get them done, I’ve been tempted to get something akin to the scar Orlando Bloom has at the end of Kingdom of Heaven. (I think it was an axe wound? Either way. The one just below the corner of his left eye.)

    On the subject of the photo though.. Both very nice mods. Though something just kind of strikes me as odd with the tattooed eyebrows.. But that’s just me, I suppose.

  7. I would love to have the mods of either one of these guys, i’m not a fan of colour in tattoos on guys but this red in the sleeve is so cool. Very nice cutting!

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