44 thoughts on “How Do Clowns Puke?

  1. threadless should just start a section called “tshirt designs ripped off into tattoos”.

  2. Not so cute when you know it’s been taken from a t-shirt design :oP Just doesn’t seem that original.

  3. But you could say the same thing about tons of people who get band names tattooed on them.
    Just another way to say “I like this a whole lot” except instead of a band it’s someones art that was put onto a t-shirt.

  4. i give it a week before we see someone posting up a picture of the unicorn ejaculating a rainbow tattoo…

    i’d definately buy the unicorn shirt though! thats a great idea

  5. Oh I love that!
    And whats wrong with it being on a t-shirt? People do that with loads of other things

  6. It’s funny and all, but it’s inner pelvic girdle. I have a tattoo in the same area and sometimes I giggle at the conjunction of tattoo (with text reading “Shall Endure”- not in a dirty way at all! Swear!) and face buried a bit further south. Just imagining clown puking down onto face makes me outright laugh.

  7. i laughed out loud for real when i saw this….that’s so funny, regardless of where it’s from (why people gotta be so NEGATIVE? at least be CONSTRUCTIVE!)

  8. yo! j, of comment #23, i totally agree!! sometimes its entirely unintentional and not really noticeable, but now that youve pointed out that subtlety about this one, its all i can think about. maybe it means that if you partake of her laty-parts, you’ll puke not normal puke, but rainbows? is it just that good?

  9. i don’t really see a problem with it. what about the people that the bme logos tattooed on them? those are t-shirts too. and i have a thrasher skateboard magazine tattoo myself.

  10. Threadless T-Shirt Designs are are pretty popular for tattoos, actually!
    People get art tattooed on them all the time, I don’t see how this is different 🙂

  11. “Threadless T-Shirt Designs are are pretty popular for tattoos, actually!
    People get art tattooed on them all the time, I don’t see how this is different :)”

    I agree with that comment, Bettie!
    (needed to change my info… wtf)

  12. the way i sees it, is that its a bit impersonal when your tattoo is also a tshirt. i dont really see it as the same thing as artwork, but i do see how band logos, mascots, etc is about the same

  13. thanks for comments.I am happy the owner of this tattoo
    About design of T-shorts-ths did not know, thanks for the information.
    The photo not qualitative, now all looks much better)

  14. Jim, I e-mailed him about that as soon as I saw this. I was fortunate enough to be the first one to send it to him and not the fortieth, so I didn’t feel like such a fool.

  15. often see funny tattoos and think man “whose gonna laugh after theve seen it so many times”and your stuck with it.but this just downright fucking rocks.its cool now and its gonna be cool in ten years and its still gonna be rocking freakin cool the fiftieth time iv seen it-and who cares if its ripped off a label…tell that to the dude with a harley davidson tat.
    freakin awesomme.yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa

  16. hey jim,
    paul southworth ,just scored the deal of a lifetime with quite possibly an 80 year advertisement on a moving billboard for his product that the advertisee paid for ,to put his fantastic art on themselves.there not running cheap printoffs and knockin them off for 5 bucks each.
    to reproduce someones art for life and altering your body in the process is a pretty fucking high honour i say.

  17. @weetbix

    I wasn’t knocking the tattoo or scolding; I was revealing myself as a fan of Southworth and plugging his comic.

    The tat’s sweet.

  18. hey awesomme jim i wasnt having you on either and hope my plug was read as an upbeat comment to ya,not misread as negative at all.
    your link to paul southworths page is now added to my favourites and am now a fan.
    cheers jim
    from dave and justine from the bottem of the planet in new zealand

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