Rose Hip Tattoo

This tattoo looks like it’s going to turn out really nice, but I hope that the subject doesn’t mind me mentioning that tattoos are a great way to cover scars (stretch marks, whatever, as long as they’re healed) if they make you uncomfortable (and are well healed). The in progress work here was done by Nick Horn at Cult Classic in Romford, Essex, UK.

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  1. nice ground work laid out so far.
    Yeah i got stretch marks on my shoulders and chest from growing too fast 🙁 i dont mind em but itsa good excuse to get a tattoo 😉

  2. Completely off topic – but is ‘bat cavity’ a euphemism for a goth type’s lady garden, Jessica?

    Tangent alert! (Goddamn, I love the way my mind wanders between topics at times…) I SO want to see a sign inked on a woman’s inner thigh with ‘BAT CAVE! >’ on it.

  3. i thought there was a possibility that tattoo ink wouldn’t take or wouldn’t turn out right on stretch marks and scars. am i wrong?

  4. Whooooo good luck to her. My stomach tattoo is covering 3 abdominal surgeries that I have had and the scars hurt so bad being tattooed over.

  5. I actually didn’t like this over the scars… trying to follow the lines of the outline drew my eye to the bumpiness of the scars, and somehow they didn’t seem to go together well, for me.

    Maybe once it’s colored, I’d like it. I think I would like the plain scars better than attempts to hide them.

  6. re-11
    i think if it’s fresh, the raised up scars stand out. they will settle down when the tattoo heals. i have tattoos over stretch marks (on my arms) and when it’s newly done, it looks nasty- all raised up and bumpy. but when it settles down, you can hardly see them. so, i think these scars will not be so raised, and it will look beautiful:) (though i think it looks nice now, too)

  7. How do you think a small 1 inch round scar would heal with a tattoo over it? i have a self inflicted burn scar (aged since about last may), that i would like to get tattooed over. thanks. Any suggestions might help.

  8. I really like it just like that. The solid outline fits well with just the script on her wrist. Lala most of my scars, no matter what type take at least a full year (usually more) before they’re settled down enough to do anything with/to/not be as visible.

  9. i would definatly like to see how a healed tattoo over very old stretch marks is gonna look cos i have some on my shoulders and i’m gonna be getting tattooed there in the near future. hers looks amazing so far!

  10. Great placement, looks good. I’m just stoked theres a submission on Modblog from Essex, home sweet home! 😀 hehe. Anywho I need a new tattooist, I may give these guys a call.

  11. I want a tattoo in the same place and about that big to cover some scars, not stretch marks but they are still thin scars. I like the placement and even if I wasn’t covering something I would want it there.

  12. Thanks Kenny. 🙂 I appreciate the advice. I hate that scar, but I want to do something to make it symbolic….:P

  13. I’m surprised folks on a body modification website would (seemingly) unanimously want to cover up stretch marks, considering how many people pay to have scars/markings/whatever put deliberately on their bodies.

    I could see covering up a scar from something bad (an injury from a violent crime, for example), but it seems to me that a cool way of celebrating a child’s birth would be to highlight the stretch marks that resulted, rather than hiding them.

    I’m not criticizing such a decision, just sharing an odd thought that occurred to me.

  14. Jason in a way I do agree but at the same time I can see how the negative side of pregnancy can include strech marks which add onto the “my body is destroyed I’ll never be as pretty” self conciousness. Want weirder though? My sister is incorperating her C-section scar into the tattoo for her son but will do anything possible to cover strech marks. Scarification is also in part about controling your body, stretch marks you cant control.

  15. Not all stretch marks are caused by pregnancy.

    I know someone who went through a very rapid weight gain when they quit meth which caused quite a few stretch marks. Now that this person’s got their weight and metabolism much more under control, they want to get tattoos, but are worried about how well they’ll work over top of the stretch marks. I’ll have to show them this.

  16. In response to posts 21-22: Great points by Jason and Kenny. When I was pregnant with my son, I got some incredible stretch marks – and one in particular was very wide and very long. Just one stretch mark! When I look at that I think, “my son gave that to me while I brought him to life.” It’s rare that a baby could give a modification – I treasure that mark he gave me. I also had to c-sections. I love that one scar looks a little differently than the other. One from my son, one from my daughter.

    I have other stretchmarks that were caused by rapid weight gain or hormones. They were not caused by anything worth “celebrating,” but they are still scars that are part of me. Whether they are beyond my control or not – they are still me.

    I understand that other people are trying to achieve a flawless look with their bodies. If their bodies can’t be flawless, cover up the flaws with art that is easier for them to look at.

    Maybe it has nothing to do with comfort or worrying about what other people will think. Maybe it just has to do with the notion that the tattoo is just more asthetically appealing to the owner/wearer than the scars. Not that the scars aren’t appealing – just that the tattoo is “better” in some way.

    Or then again, maybe not.

  17. Am I the only one who thinks it actually looks more like a rash? It looks red and raised and in some places it even kind of looks like it’s following the lines of the tattoo.

  18. #25 It’s stretch marks that have just gone a little angry after being tattooed over. Mine did the same thing. Give it a day or two and it should even out.

    I Like the placement of this. Should look really good when it gets finished.

  19. While all of my other scars have faded, my stretch marks have not. They just seem to be taunting me. This would be something I would consider doing. I have yet to meet a man (even in the modified community) who finds stretch marks sexy. Some people don’t care that they are a part of life and that a lot of people get them. To a lot of people they just mean that you were once a different size than you are now and they’re afraid that you’ll go back to being that way.

  20. At first I thought the stretch marks were some kind of rash or irritation such as an allergic reaction. But then I actually finished reading the paragraph. It’s a great idea, especially when it’s colored in. Hope to see a picture when it’s done. I will have to look into having the same type of thing done. I have a few whoppers I wouldn’t mind hiding. 🙂

  21. Having stretch marks isnt in and of itself indicitive of having been larger than your current size. Many people have stretch marks from puberty, self included.
    Beautiful work, beautiful subject.

  22. Yep, I’ve got stretch marks that can only be attributed to getting taller during puberty. My body build has always been scrawny, so weight gain wasn’t a factor.

  23. Jason: Not everyone has stretch marks from pregnancy. I’m sure if I had children I wouldn’t want to cover the stretchmarks from that, just like I’d never cover some of my scars that have strong memories attached. However my stretchmarks mostly date back to puberty when I grew so fast over one summer that I got massive stretchmarks all over my back and down my legs, I don’t like them and never have I had hoped they’d fade away over time but they never have to they will be covered with tattoos over time. I also get stretchmarks if I gain so much as 5 lbs so I have a few from gaining about 30 lbs over the past few years, I’m not complaining about gaining the weight I was underweight as a teen, now I’m plumper but healthier but that doesn’t mean I like the marks it left.

  24. I have wanted a rose hip piece to cover stretch marks since I was about thirteen…. Such a beautiful picture and makes me anxious for things to come.

    Geez, I love body modification. I am going to be so much more confident in my body’s appearance after this.

  25. That ink looks fantabulous! I have many tattoos because I love them. I have a 5 in x 3/4 in scar on my abdomen from a near death infection. I plan to cover it because it will be aesthetically pleasing to my eye and anyone else who choses to look at it!!!!!!

  26. i want to get a butterfly tattoo over my stretch marks on my hips, i think it will look good but im not sure, everyone says its going go look a mess and hurt but will it? i need a response i really want to cover these things up they affect me so much and i cant deal with them, i hate them so so much

  27. Your tattoes over your scars looked so good that I decided to tatto my five surgical vertical scars on my abdominal midline from my breast bone to my pubic bone, but it was so painful, I stopped. Ouch! Now they look worse! I hate my scars, and stitch marks, now what!!!

  28. its soo good, if it was filled it with red or something you wouldnt even notice the stretch marks. but either way it looks really good. good job to whom ever tattooed you!

  29. This really looks amazing!
    and am very excited cuz i know that this will look good when its all done.
    I am thinking of covering up my own stretch marks which are located on my calves. they are more of a light color now tho,
    so i hope that jes adds up to getting a tattoo to be the solution. I need some advice.
    I just want to cover up my stretch marks and have my full confidence.

  30. I think it looks awesome just like that. Good on you.

    I have the most hideous canyon-like stretch marks all over my stomach from 2 huge babies & am seriously considering a tattoo to cover part of them – it really couldn’t make them look worse.

    @ moment I am petrified of being seen naked infront of anyone. So looking @ your pic gives me a bit of confidence. Thanks.

  31. r u geting tattoo coloured and does guy from romford specialise in stretch mark cover up

  32. This tattoo was finished three years ago now & looks fantastic (no stretch marks visible!)
    The photo was taken the day after being tattooed, so yes it was very fresh hence why the scars looks so angry.
    It wasn’t actually intended to be a coverup, it just sort of happened that way with the placement. And the’re from gaining curves very rapidly over puberty. My hips gained a good 3″ over the course of a few weeks hence why I got them.
    Just thought I’d clear that up =P

  33. Nice tattoo im thinking bout getting flaming rose vines going threw a skull real nice placement,hideing of scars(or stretch marks), and nice choice on the peice of art. You should think about getting it in color or adding on to it it would look stunning on your body. Well i must head off now but think about wut i said it would look great

  34. I would love to have these on both sides on my hips, I actually quite like it not coloured in.
    I have stretch marks on various parts on my body, some don’t bother me, but my hip ones do. A tattoo over them would give a huge amount of self esteem to me!

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