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  1. It’s weird to see anything from Dayton on the internet, but that’s beside the point.

    I love how these tattoos seem to balance each other out, opposites and all.

  2. i feel a little dumb asking, but what’s the difference between a pentagram and a pentacle? is it cuz they’re upside down?

  3. yep, the difference is that they are upsite down.
    The pentagram stands on two points (left one in the picture), the pentacle on three, and a pentagram has another meaning then a pentacle.

  4. Actually they can both be pentacles, a pentacle is simply a type of “magical” symbol. A lot of confusion arises because pentagrams (bottom left tattoo) are often used as pentacles. Technically (*cough cough*) pentacle refers to something that is worn (c.f pend, latin to hang or suspend) but it is commonly used to describe any inscribed “mystic” symbol.

  5. pentacle and pentagram is generally the same thing….i think what makes it a pentacle is when its used in religious context.

    the points represent the five elements, spirit being the highest point e.g. valued above everything else. upside down means the opposite, as used by modern satanism. which is WAY cooler.

  6. Yes, Pentagram and Pentacle are the same symbol. The inverted pentagram is simply called inverted pentagram.
    Usually, as SNR said, pentagram is the written form, and pentacle is a physical form, ie an amulet or an alter pentacle.
    The inverted pentagram is used by some satanists, and is also a denotation of a person who has been initiated as a 2nd degree wiccan (a branch of paganism).

    Its interesting that this person has thr two…….perhaps representing the spirit being supreme on the one hand (one point on top), and the satanic view of the physical ruling the spiritual on the other (2 points on top).

    either way, nice pentagrams, I like the placement and the duality of the inverted and non-inverted.

    Sexy boy too! 🙂

  7. Hahaha Ant,

    “Way Cooler” huh? Your nic isnt short for Anton by any chance? IE LaVey?
    Well, at least you know the difference between them so thats a plus, but as for one being “cooler” than the other? Thats kind of weird……I thought it was more to do with your belief system, rather than levels of “coolness”.

  8. Sorry to add to the largely irrelevant semantic discussion, but whether either can be labeled a pentacle or not, they are both pentagrams. Inverted, sideways, inside out, it doesn’t matter – a five pointed star is a geometric pentagram. The Pythagoreans were big fans.

    So yeah, useless nitpicking aside, nice photo. I like the shadow play on the contours of his torso.

  9. So, I’m going to make my usual comment when I see another delicious guy…

    I’d tap that. XD

  10. Great photo, and nice balanced work.

    I always thought a pentagram was when it is just the star, and a pentacle is when it is bordered by a circle.

  11. I really thought those dragons were strangely shaped squid at first. I kept looking at the picture thinking “Ok, the intro said there were supposed to be some dragons here. I don’t see them. I see the squids, but where are the dragons?” I feel kinda stupid…

  12. the points represent the five elements, spirit being the highest point e.g. valued above everything else. upside down means the opposite, as used by modern satanism. which is WAY cooler.

    Incorrect throughout.

    Point up refers to the mastery of the Will over the Physical; the other way around refers to the Physical over the Will. Both are used in modern Paganism – the inverted pentacle is the symbol for second-degree Wiccans, in traditional Wicca.

    And the difference between a pentacle and a pentagram largely refers to whether or not it has a circle around it. Pentacles are the circled pentagram.

  13. awesome tattoos. I like the symetry a lot. I would join in the penta-whatever debate but i could rant all day, anyway, I was under the impression that a pentagram is basically any 5 pointed star. It becomes a pentacle when it is surrounded by a circle. Traditionally the top point of a pentagram showing the elements is spirit, with the material aspects below it, the inverted pentagram shows spirit under the material elements. So in more modern times it was changed slightly to show matter over a more realistic concept, that of will… so almost taking out the idea of something bigger than us, a convenient change when thinking about something like satanism or the like… ah just some thoughts (and so you know i dont profess to be right, just opinionated), anyway awesome tattoos

  14. I still can’t fuckin belive that shannon put my picture up here. Thanks for all the comments and I see that I can still start controversy without even saying anything. And yes Empress, I am.

  15. It’s about fuckin’ time I can post a damn comment on my own picture. I had to wait until I got to school for this stuff to work. Oh well, as long as it can be done I’m happy.

  16. A Pentagram is a pentacle without a circle around it. So both of those tattoos are pentacles, the one with the point facing down is inverted. Any witch or wiccan could tell you that. 🙂

  17. Geometrically, both a pentagram and a pentacle are a five pointed star regardless of position or whether surrounded by a circle or not. Spiritually, different denominations of modern, constructed religions can create their own definitions of words that already have definitions, and that’s fine. But the words already have generally accepted definitions according to their geometric forms in both Standard English and Standard American English. You don’t need to believe me, just look it up in a dictionary.

    I actually grew up Wiccan, and to my spiritual circle, the pentagram was the symbol and the pentacle was the physical, ritual device that bore the symbol. There’s nothing wrong with that usage of either term, as is any usage, as long as it doesn’t deny the basic, geometric usage of either term.

  18. Hey Danny, no moaning at Shannon he thought all us ladies needed a treat for christmas 🙂
    I wouldnt mind seeing you dangling off my Christmas tree.
    All the way down, whew..hot hot hot lol

  19. I wasn’t yelling at Shannon because it was my computer’s fault. I’m glad that you like it, and also that everyone else does, but I still can’t compete with the branding/cutting that was posted later on.

  20. Hey Danny…

    Real nice photo 🙂
    What is the meaning behind the two pentagrams to you? Just interested to hear the story behind it …

  21. the one point up penticle was used by early christians and is now used widly in the pagan “Wicca” religion using the five points as the five earthly elements (earth wind water fire and spirit) the inverted pentagram, is commonly used in satanism and is supposed to show the head of a dragon, or satan. the upright points are the horns, the sides are the ears and the bottom is the mouth or snout. but then agian the upside down star is also a sign givin the Mary magnalyn(sorry for misspelling) as her symbol in heaven. I’m big on religous histories, espically Christianity and Satanism, And I used to dabble in Wicca. hope this helps with the stars meanings

  22. i really don’t like these i think they look boring and not well done. i don’t like the flow and how the pentacles or pentagrams are so close together. to be blunt… i think that these do nothing to enhance the wearer’s body

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