Dreaming of Wotan

Moparnut (at Dragon FX (Kingsway) in Edmonton) sends in this great looking facial scar on Trevor. I’ve been seeing more and more facial scars that are visually akin to Teutonic dueling scars. I don’t want to put words in the mouth of anyone with the scars — let me be really clear that this is my own theory only — but I believe that the reason these are more and more common is that we’ve lost the warrior ethos and challenge from our society, and all we have are myths about it. Because we are unable to experience it except through stories, but still deeply feel it inside us, we try and express it through symbols like this even when the action itself isn’t possible.

PS. The story in this case as far as I understand it is that Trevor has had a ton of facial injuries, but somehow has managed to never get a scar due to mutant healing powers or something… Spur of the moment, he decided he wanted one to last (someone feel free to correct me if I’ve told that story wrong).

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  1. I love that it is a rough scar with an almost natural flow to it.

    It trumps the various ‘rapier slice’ scars I usually see, which are straighter than Ron Burgandy.

  2. The great Franz Boas (“father of American anthropology”) was heavily scarred from duels which he famously was quick to offer in response to perceived slurs against his Jewish heritage. We anthros can be just so tribal sometimes…

  3. I’m not at all suggesting that there’s an anti-semitic subtext to these contempory scars, but there was [in the past] definitely an aspect of them being a physical mark of honor that only some races were capable of truly wearing (and of course you’ll see variations of that belief in African scarification as well — body modification is often very elitist, either on a cultural or subcultural level).

  4. the only student communities that are still fighting duels here in Austria are .. well a bunch of neonazi boneheads known for beating up anyone who looks different, thinks different, doesn’t support the nationalist party etc.
    thought it might be interesting to know: people who have heard about duelling scars in Vienna and what kind of people usually wear them mostly don’t think it’s heroic

  5. Read the article in the wikipedia, it`s asociated with the upper classes in Austria and Germany, i don`t think it has nothing to be with anti semitism (besides the antisemitism was a common thing in Germany much before Hitler or the nazis)

  6. I think placing an anti-Semetic subtext on something that is more clearly a mark of machismo regardless of race is overstating the Germanic origins.

    This scar, though, is exactly what I was talking about on the thread over the weekend. I wonder how long before such things come into vogue as a desirable and perhaps even socially acceptable way to scar. Intentional scarring leading to a question of ornamentation versus the actual possibility that it was obtained through combat or some other manly means.

  7. moddoctor – I think it’s quite close, because if duelling scars were definitely “amped up” by artificial means to get them to scar more, and people at the time would go to doctors to get them done artificially sometimes.

  8. Max Argento – I think you’re giving Hitler/Himmler/Ahnenerbe too much credit… The Thule Society is a very obvious example of a group that felt the same way but had very little documentable connection to Nazism other than ideological overlap and is much earlier.

  9. Shannon, the point about our Warrior ethos etc. is a good one.
    I mean, im sure a lot of us wish we could have the type of adventures that we see in video games, fantasy movies, mythology books, and earn the marks to cherish for ourselves. I know personally this is very relevant.

    Even though this guys reasons were not relevant to such feelings and wishes, the desire to want a permanent artefact of our past wounds gained is a worthy one.

  10. I think the warrior ethos point is a good one. I see a lot of hints of the same thing in some subsets of the SM community, honestly. I think we’ve lost our relationships both to competition and pain in a lot of ways and want them back.

  11. I hope he abuse’s the shit out of that…..mine can only be seen in proper lighting, and under perfect circumstances….

  12. He’s got a beautiful face, and he wears that scar very well. The fact that his eyes are so characteristic is good – the scar doesn’t take over his entire face, just adds to it.

  13. Those Burschenschaften (Schlagende Verbindungen) in Germany that still have fights to get similar scars are a bunch of assholes, that’s for sure. They are definitely racists and sexists, so if they are explicit antisemitic as well is beside the point.

    But Trevor looks beautiful.

  14. Both Trevor and Charles are very very nice guys. I came in for a fluke visit to the shop and they were drawing it on his face. They just wanted it to look like a nice cut. not perfect or anything. Charles is improving all the time and has been putting himself out there to learn everyday which is really refreshing.

    I think he is just letting it heal straight up and then if they have to cut it again………..they will. 🙂 i know charles would be more than happy…………charles also cut himself last week….suprised that hasnt made modblog…….

  15. He has the most beautiful face.
    “Because we are unable to experience it except through stories, but still deeply feel it inside us, we try and express it through symbols like this even when the action itself isn’t possible.”
    Now I think about it, that explains plenty of the feelings around my modifications that I can’t put into words.

  16. “It is the hair out of place which makes the Geisha perfect”, or the intentional facial scar that doubles the hotness. W/E. Love this.

  17. FWIW in my above comment I didn’t intend to suggest that there’s any anti-semitic (or anti- anything for that matter) subtext to this scar; Boas was Prussian and dueling was just what was done his day. Just made me think of it, that’s all.

  18. Jules, thank you for taking the words out of my mouth. I’d be careful with assuming that fraternity-dueling kind of backrground/inspiration. I prefer to think people draw their ideas from Tribal scarifications, although that might just be my hopeless optimism.
    Anyways, aimedly wanting to look like a German/Austrian/Swiss frat boy definitely makes you and asshole.

  19. Why must everyone find some deep, historical meaning.

    I like this scar a lot. I’ve been interested in doing something like this for a while.

  20. J – I think there is some deep subtext for scarification though, I mean, it’s one of the most ancient forms of body modification, and it definitely has historical importance and meaning.

    I also think Shannon made a good point about society losing the “Warrior Ethos” or whatever you want to call it. I think there is definitely some kind of Jungian archetype for a the warriors way that is crying out in a lot of people in our society.

  21. trevor, you racist. you’re definitely not that “beautiful”. and you wanted a tribute to what now? i know what it was. it was that beer bottle to the face, with the blood and the stitches. and all the fights. and the rage. and the psychotic tendencies.

    i’ve got an idea. i’m going to get a facial scar. it will be a swastika, done quadruple size, starting in my third eye. it has to be big enough to run in to both my eyes. i will get it to symbolise how you converted me while we were roommates, trevor, from a practicing jew in to a believer of the 5 pillars of charles manson.

    whats the difference between an onion and a prostitute?

    ps. trevor is only marginally racist.

  22. So, the only thing that sqeeks me out about this, is that his eyebrow is cut. That would hurt me. Ouch. Uuugh.

  23. Uh yeah, what’s going on with #32 here, did I miss something here, because I really hope that was well masked sarcasm.

  24. Eesh, I never said you couldn’t get scarification for its own sake, I just thought that Shannon’s caption, purposely or not, played down the meaning of Teutonian dueling scars and the like, that’s all.

  25. It definatly works for him. I guess scars like these wouldnt prevent employers from not hiring one because how would they know it was on purpose… but that doesnt really matter. It looks great.

  26. Okay guy’s I don’t think you can make his head any bigger!!! It’s about to EXPLODE!!! Oh by the way he is single!!

  27. Comment #32 was tongue-in-cheek. I think its a little silly that this requires clarification, but here it goes…
    – He is not racist. I am Trev’s good friend, former roommate, and jewish.
    – He may be a good looking guy, if you go for that sort of thing, but “beautiful”? My sentiments echo Rachel’s.
    – Trev’s scar speaks to our shared sense of humour and his balls-to-the-wall attitude. It is awesome.

  28. not to be off topic but my mind drifts to mortal kombat (fav game). I fucking love this

  29. Gotta agree with toxic chocolate skittles and everyone who liked this scar.
    Absolutely amazing the way it flows and looks natural.
    THAT ROCKS dude!! 😀

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