Dice Gaming Tattoo

I’ve posted a couple other dice-based gaming (RPG, etc.) tattoos in the past. Here’s another (this is a yo-yo reference as well I think?), done by Dan Forbes at Mojo Studios in Peoria, IL.

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16 thoughts on “Dice Gaming Tattoo

  1. Looks like a diablo (“chinese yoyo”) to me, but I might be wrong. Some regular yoyos look like that too, and that would explain the strings with loops on the ends.

  2. I do believe, with some certainty, it is a freehand yoyo. A lot of them use a dice as a counter-weight for the “yo-hand” to hold.

  3. Yeah,

    It’s an HSPIN pryo http://www.hspin.com, It is freehand play, where the die is attached as a counter weight. This allows you to use the yoyo with out it being tied onto your finger.

    The style was invented by a fellow yoyoer named steve brown.

  4. damn enjoy….you’re good. that tattoo was done at the shop i work at, and yes, it’s a Hspin PYRO yo-yo. and the dice are used on the end of the string when doing freehand play.

  5. i’ve been thinking about getting my own yoyo-ing tattoo. But I don’t think I am good enough to deserve one.

  6. That’s sweet, now I need to get a top tattoo(yo nerds will know what I’m talking about).

  7. Yeh freehand yo-yo’s!!!! So happy to see people represent ! makes me wanna go all hardcore with my duncan freehand, admittedly the freehand poart of it rarely or never gets used, i hit myself in the head too much.

    a top tattoo would be awesome!

    so happy to see yo-yo geeks who know what this tattoo means:)


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