Amazing Wolverine Tattoo

Herger in Germany is covered with some absolutely gorgeous tattoos (see the entry next to this one for another). This one is also done by Boris Tattoo in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.

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31 thoughts on “Amazing Wolverine Tattoo

  1. I feel as though I must love this man now. o.o

    The color work is insane, my highest compliments to the tattoo artist on this one.

  2. Wow, that looks PAINTED on! What great color work! I love the purples in the background, and the subject matter of course!

  3. Awesome tattoo. I was just checking out the Boris tattoo website and the work is absolutely stunning. The style is so beautiful and I don’t mean this to be rude, I am just curious, does this style of work have to be touched up often?

  4. … you people should really check out the rest of the sleeve and generally, the work on this lucky brother! *spasms uncontrollably in envy*

  5. This picture has left me so jealous! I want one just like it. My greatest compliments to the artist!

  6. @Christine: * biiiiig happy grin*

    @all: thank you very much for your kind words… very much appreciated!

    @milquetoast: nope, it doesn’t need to be touched up often (not at all to be exact hehe)… should have been around 4 or 5 years ago, the upper part of my sleeve was done & till now, there ain’t no real loss of quality visible =]

  7. I agree with #7. Holy god damn. lol. It looks awesome. But idk if I like Xmen enough to ever get a tattoo. Harry Potter, yes. I already have two of those(dorky grin).

  8. He is amazing. I am seriously interested in getting work by him, but I noticed on the site he wants to talk to you at a convention or in the shop. Anyone here who has been tattooed by him and knows whether or not you can arrange appointments and conversations about the art just through email?

  9. holy shit! this tattoo studio is right outside of my aunt’s apartment building in zalaegerszeg! i had no idea he did such incredible work…

  10. Hey is there any chance of a post of the full sleeve as, there is a demon or something underneath wolverine in the skindeep magazine (UK)

  11. Beautiful work! I am trying to fill my arms to make full sleeves. I have a background of Irish, Hungarian, German and a little Polish. It’s pretty easy to represent the Irish part as there are so many Celtic examples to draw from. I’m now looking for something to fill in my inner arms and want to represent my Hungarian heritage as well. Being from the States makes it difficult to know exactly where your ancestors were from. All that was washed away when they came through Ellis Island. Could you point me to a website or two where I could find out more about my ancestory (and please not If you want anything from the States let me know and I will try to help. I wish I had a good sign off in Hungarian but since I don’t, I’ll just say “until later”.

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