12 thoughts on “Monster Engine Tattoo

  1. That is just about the most rad thing I’ve seen in a long time. Excellent execution of the original painting, too.

  2. That was my first experience with monster engine… Wow. Funniest, most amazing thing I’ve seen in a while. I want to buy an original.

  3. He He He

    Jep, i admit that it might be a little bit creepy indeed… but the thought behind the whole thing was to separate my sleeve into 3 sections (childhood, time as a teenager & current ‘adult’ state), each of whom do represent my fascination related to comic & fantasy themes. And seeing that certain interpretation of a childrens’ drawing for the first time, totally blew me away… for me definitely the best & most logical consequence to get the beast tattooed.

  4. Oh, that of course is awesome!

    Really glad you like it. Guess the fact, that i adore your work, is pretty obvious & needless to mention, isn’t it hahaha

  5. Herger, thanks for your kind words. I was truly amazed when I saw that you did this. I’ve had people tattoo my DC and Marvel Comics work before but you are definitely the only person I’ve seen who used The Monster Engine as inspiration. Boris did a wonderful job on this–I was really impressed. My niece Alyson was the child who drew the picture and she was blown away by the tattoed version. She drew it when she was 6 I think but she’s now 11. She’s been telling her friends about it. In any event, thanks for sharing. Can I post your picture on my new Monster Engine site? It will go live in mid January. I’ll link you as well. Thanks!

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