Pendant Piercing

Steve Truitt at Stay Gold Tattoo and Body Modification in Albuquerque did this piercing back in May (it’s fresh in these pictures) using an in and out barbell (like a surface staple bar but with a few extra bends) so that the customer could attach his pendant to the centre of his chest.

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12 thoughts on “Pendant Piercing

  1. This is the future. Permanent jewelry implants. I’m convinced of it. There are smart folks on iam that are working on making such things a reality rather than the tenuous surface piercing and dermal anchors of today. They are coming. They won’t be $35 stainless jobs either. There will be Goretex and metal binding proteins and stuff involved but while expensive, such implants won’t be leaving either.

  2. This was also done knowing it would be temporary. The guy it’s on was leaving to be in the military about 6 months from when this was done. It did stay in and was healing just fine at that point when he took it out. The pendant was very lightweight as well, so it would have minimal effect on irritating the piercing.

  3. Oh!! That Steve is good at sticking things to the general population don’t..ya think? Keep up the good work…Buddy

  4. I just about don’t take my dog collar off in bed, and I’m not a sexual slave or dominatrix… I just like spikes.
    “There will be Goretex and metal binding proteins and stuff involved but while expensive, such implants won’t be leaving either.”
    I hope it’ll be soon!

  5. ok… this might be a stupid question … but are the 4 indentations around the new pendant piercing … scars from 2 previous peircings?

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