Gears Scarification

I like Branislav’s skin removal by

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22 thoughts on “Gears Scarification

  1. goodnade, I noticed that too.. might be because his stomach looks a bit more muscular in the second as well.. different skin stretching and all that.

  2. Trinityva- I don’t think he missed so much as skipped. That’s not the “main” portion of the belt, it’s the tail after it goes through the buckle.

    Goodnade- I think a lot of the “difference” is from the lighting angles. It’s probably the same navel, but the oblique (ooh, big word!) light in the second one makes it look deeper.

  3. Why is it that most muscular guys have that “cut out” shape at the hips, while most muscular girls don’t?

  4. Because of the way the pelvic bone is shaped? The pelvis on a girl goes out to make hips (you know, uterus and vagina and giving birth and all that), and the pelvis of a guy goes in because his genitalia is external…I’m just guessing here.

    But man is he hot. I love guys with scarificaiton…

    I want to see it healed!

  5. omg this is hot. and the scarification is really nice too :P
    but yah. holy hot body.
    i LOVE the “cut out” V look with guys’ hips.

  6. I’ve been thinking about a gear-themed tattoo for a while now. Not quite exactly sure how I want to design it yet, though.

  7. Adam… You really need to stop watching ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and ‘Texas Chainsaw massacre’ etc… scary beans!

  8. outmywindow: I love your design too.

    Phat watch too. Have you seen their BCD clocks? I have one above my monitor, great night-light whilst coding. :)

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