Rachel’s piercings were done by Chris “Bignutt” Jerbasi (should I ask how he got that nickname?) at Al Tattoo in Franklinville, NJ. I’m sorry, she’s very pretty and all, but now all I can think about is the legend of Bignutt. I don’t know if he’s a bulk baby juice factory or if he’s got a hydrocele or what… but Bignutt.

I am so immature.

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22 thoughts on “Bignutt?

  1. Now we know what it takes to get your mind off pretty girls.

    Giant nuts.

    I have to say, it’s not working for me, I’m still perfectly focussed on the pretty girl.

  2. The legend of Bignutt, is this like the legend of Bigfoot/Sasquatch? I wonder if all photos of him are blurry? j/k, its a Friday and its finals week… and I agree, this photo is indeed very gorgeous.

  3. Please answer TWO questions.

    1) is a major factor in poorly fitting trousers, being unable to think straight and having to wash your clothes excessively often. Discuss.

    2)People called Rachel (or variant) are always, always, always attractive.
    Parse this sentence and find the principal noun.

    3) c+n=s
    c = inches of cleavage visible
    n = number of piercings
    s = sexual arousal
    Solve for whatever values you feel appropriate.

    4) Stroking girls is the most rewarding activity ever. Agree.

  4. I think I just melted into my seat.

    I swear to God, I’m having a hard time wanting to stay with my oh-so-wonderful loving boyfriend when I see so many beautiful, sexy, ohmygod-I-just-orgasmed-in-my-pants girls on Modblog.

    Gah. The eyes, the hair, the everything! eek! *explosion*

  5. this is accually kind of creepy.
    i was scrolling down and had to do a double take, because this photo could EASILY be of me.
    same colour hair, styled the same way, same colour and shape of eyes, identical features.
    only differences are the eyebrows (and even then, i USED to have drawn on ones) and i have slightly different piercings. O_O
    this post probably isnt nessasary, but i felt i should share

  6. Ooooooooooooooooooooooh, she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo prettyyyyyyyyyy!
    (I always comment in old pic’s, ah?)


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