Nipple Sun Tattoo

Laura writes,

“This is my first tattoo, I got it today. It was done by Newt at Physical Graffiti in Rochester, NY. I’m not going to say it didn’t hurt, but I don’t know how a tattoo on a “normal” part of my body would feel. I like it but I’m planning on getting it added to, either with color or with lettering on the inside. My favorite part is the stars, I hope to get them colored in someday. Hope you like it!”

I do like it, and (not that nipples aren’t great to start with, but…) think more people should make their nipples a little more interesting.

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32 thoughts on “Nipple Sun Tattoo

  1. That’s my hometown shop that im going to get my first tat done at:)
    Christmas Break:)

    Awesome:)! I love it

  2. Holy boobies! haha. I can’t say that I am exactly a fan of it, but I do think that it looks great. Good work.

  3. But but but….. all the stars at the bottoms are really small and close to the “solar flares” but at the top they’re far apart…. I’m a sucker for symmetry! Please don’t spoil it with letters – colour it all in pastie stylee!

    Grrr, it is so so sexy though!

  4. It would be cool if she got a matching one on the otherside with moons instead of stars, or something.
    Something to match the motif she was going for.

  5. hahaha, ok ok it’s an areola tattoo, but you know that the common usage of the term nipple include the entire thing even if that’s technically in error.

  6. Ugh, Physical Graffiti. They’re so rude there. I got my right side labret done there and the woman was talking on her phone WHILE doing it! She can’t be polite enough to shut her trap long enough to give her client some respect.

  7. It’d be nifty if the parts of the areolae outside of the stars and sunbursts were tattooed to be the same color as the surrounding skin.

  8. Everyone keeps saying how great this is…
    I got to ask, is everyone just comenting on her breasts, or has anyone actually looked at the tattoo? The stars are all uneven, the spacing is uneven around the sun. This really isn’t done that well at all……
    That being said, I love tattoo around nipples.

  9. one thing that really frustrates me about bme is that you cant look at the tattoos grouped by where they are on the body.
    because i love nipple tattoos but cant find any on the site. searching nipple and or nipple tattoo dont work neither.
    whats a kid who loves tat’ed nips to do?

  10. God, aeroelas are disgusting.
    I want mine tattooed over with solid stars so I don’t have to deal with them anymore.
    Once as an experiement, I put foundation over them so they matched my skin tone, it looked pretty amazing

  11. Newt’s still at Physical Graffitti!?!?! YES! awesome!!!! He did my first 2 tattoos, and i LOVE his work, but the Internet thinks he’s not at that shop anymore. Eeee, rest of chestpiece here I come ^_^

  12. I agree with #20. It’s actually a pretty average tattoo. The lines look all wonky. I do like the idea of nipple tattoos though..I want to turn mine into hearts one day. Oh and..”woo boobs!”

  13. Actually, Newt ISNT at Physical Graffiti anymore, he works at LoveHate Tattoo (also in Rochester) now! I work with him and he’s a great guy and a very talented artist…

  14. Great idea, and you went all out for a first design. Is it a matching pair? I agree some color would be nice.

  15. Wonderful! I am getting my areolas tattooed soon and trying to get some ideas…The other comments are correct, it is not symmetrical and therefore takes away from the gorgeous breasts she has. But it still rocks!

  16. Wow thats great! Great shape, perfect symmetry, can’t stop looking at it.

    I guess the tattoo’s cool too.

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