16 thoughts on ““Uh… taste the rainbow”

  1. hey now! what a pleasant surprise to see scotty’s name on the modblog. he does such excellent work, and this is no exception!

  2. I absolutely love it! Tattoos with happy nostalgic themes and rainbow colors are a fetish of mine. If anyone gets a candyland tattoo I will marry them!

  3. well thanks everyone!! and to answer other questions… I will someday be adding more skittles and currently looking for skittles jewelry for my VCH piercing…so if anyone sees some let me know (12 g)

    and scotty bought the rising pheonix which is now old towne tattoo. he does not work at wingnut anymore!!

  4. The makers of Skittles (mars candy co.) pays experimenters to conduct painful tests on animals. see MarsCandyKills dot com for more info.

    But it is a nice tat.

  5. I just thought the last post here was a terrible way to end all these great comments. I’m sorry there are people that do wrong in the world, and that you feel that you have to save said world by posting your animal cruelty plug into my innocent mod-blog. I did not know of these events, nor do I condone them.
    A private message to me would have sufficed.
    I will always love my tattoo, and that’s that!

    there are no yellow ones, because they would fade into my skin, same deal with the trademark. 😉 but thanks for noticing.

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