Like a living doll…

…and ironically, her IAM name is ‘dolly‘.

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62 thoughts on “Like a living doll…

  1. I like the psychotically unreal doll look… solid hot pink hair (or some other color in your face), dark eyeliner in a smooth flowing line, perfect fake eyebrows, gorgeous eyes that have to be colour contacts, that sort of thing.

    but I LOVE her lips. and her piercings.

  2. i have never seen anyone with lips so beautiful in all of my life. i want more pics of her!!!! for crying out loud…i need to see more pics of her!

  3. I don’t want to seem critical of the person who is the subject of the photo at all, but just my reaction to the photo itself… I find it creepy/sexy. The image is a Bratz doll made real. I don’t know if it’s the perspective of the shot or what, but creepy/sexy is about the best description I can find of my reaction.

  4. Hate to be a nit picker, but the misuse of “ironic” is a pet peeve of mine. Coincidentally she is named ‘Dolly’.

  5. i just noticed her clavicle scars, and they bug me. theyre the only thing about her image that isnt flawless and smoothe. they disrupt her buttermilk skin.

  6. Big eyes always get us. Natures way of keepings us attracted to our newborns. The Japanese use this to maximum effect with Manga characters.

    She is stunning though an pink/red hair always gets me.

  7. She’s really not that pretty guys… Hello? Photoshop?
    And her lips are way too small in proportion to the rest of her face

  8. I don’t know what it is about the medusa piercing that I find so aesthetically pleasing…but I think they’re wonderful. On the other hand…dolls kind of scare me.

  9. I think she’s gross, can anyone say trout-mouth?
    also the photoshop is way too much. look at the tuft shadows in front of her eyebrows. I know that girl has bags under her eyes that can’t be concealed with makeup.


  10. I love the lip piercings next to the bright red lipstick, it is a shame her mouth is that small! I can’t imagine she could do much with it ;) the medusas cute. I don’t know who photoshopped this but they could’ve fully blocked out where they made her eyebrows shorter. And skipped enlarging her eyes, it just makes her look alienlike? Shes a cute girl, but I don’t believe shes 17, maybe in a couple years!

    p.s. LOVE hello kitty.

  11. Nice piercings girl, well done. Your clavicles would’ve looked hot too! Shame they left such a scar, huh. But I can tell that ‘Greg Danger’ is probably the gay friend from 6th grade trying to keep the spirits up, though.

  12. I actually LOVE the scars, because (imo) it adds a bit of realism and doesn’t keep it looking like a Bratz doll :P

    Plus i love scars anyway on anyone.

  13. I didn’t think about that, Raevyn, but that’s a good point. I like me some scars too. To the folks crying “gross”, that’s just unnecessary. I know her lipstick pronounces that doll-like puckered look to her lips, but what the hell is “trout-mouth”?

  14. She didn’t photoshop it herself, the site photoshopped it before they put it up. Go to her myspace and none of her pictures are photoshopped. But her eyes were defintley NOT photoshopped in this one, they’re beautiful and doll like in all her pictures.

  15. Pretty, but i just wonder what shes gonna look like when shes 30 and cant keep putting that mask on.

  16. How cute. I bet she got the permision to get piercings and pink hair from her mommy on her 17th? You’re a clone, don’t try to fool people that you’re not trying WAY too hard.
    Nothing discuises the pig nose, masculine eyebrows, lack of mouth, And dead frizzey hair. Other than that, pretty hm!?

  17. GO GRACE BABYYY!!!!!!! :]

    and to all you gayfags,
    i know her, so shame.

    and to DaniD,
    sorry, but i seriously doubt you have ever seen anyone that looks like her, has her unique outlook on life or personality. she is unique, and this photo is a beautiful display of that.

    woohoo grace :]

  18. She looks like that in real life? SCARY.

    To Abby, I’m guessing her ‘unique’ outlook on life is to be ‘different’ (which so happens to be the majority of peoples these days, making them the same) and a ‘no rules’ kind of girl (‘its ok to be a slut’).

    She looks like SUCH an attention seeking tryhard.
    If you’re gonna pull the flossy dolly look, at least do it properly.

  19. what the fuck guys? honestly. the photo is here for the sole purpose of looking at her body mods but most of you have commented on anything BUT that, low self esteem much?

  20. i agree with tess.

    grace, your piercings all compliment each other very nicely, and you do look just like a living doll especially in this pic.

    everyone else, get over yourself and you self-esteem problems.

  21. thankyou to everyone who’s said lovely things about me!

    i have to direct something at pearl, though – what exactly is it about me that screams ‘slut’? you seem to assume that i think being promiscuous is a-okay. in fact you’ve assumed a lot, and you’re wrong in all that you said. it’s not wise to be so quick to judge.

  22. Zar, guess what. She is that pretty in real life. Pearl, how on earth do you get all that from one picture? Get a life. Jealousy is making people say harsh things, isn’t it?

  23. I just saw this and read all the comments sure if people dont have anything nice to say they should keep their mouth shut but if she has to get all her little friends and people that have seen her in real life to ‘fight back’ for her maybe she should’ve waited till she could handle the real world?

    Anyway the medusa looks great on her its my fave

  24. Wow, I think she’s gorgeous, and not just because I love pink hair. And robot-looking people.

    Absolutely gorgeous, and the sadly insecure whiners complaining go fuck right off.

  25. eeeeep.
    she reminds me of one of my old friends jaymeeeee.
    i really want a 7-eleven slurpeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  26. She is not perfect. . .but that is exactly what makes “Dolly” so indrecibly, intriguing. I know i have never met or seen another that looks as unique as she does. She obviously embraces the real characteristics in her face, and i say the way she keeps herself .ie. make up hair etc shows that she is not afraid to express who she is, on the inside, on the outside. Those snarky and insecure comments left by those select few obviously need to re-evaluate their statements for only those who know her personally can be the judge of things. Now for the photo itself, you have the perfect face to pierce, the contours of your brow and cheek. Your medusa accentuates your top lip, allowing it to look full. The symmetry is brilliant, it looks balanced and immaculate, you pull all of your piercings off really well.

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