47 thoughts on “Unrolled!

  1. Gotta have to go with remnants of an ear lobe as well, though I guess technically it could be a stretched navel as well, or even the inverted fistula of a pretty long surface piercing, but maybe that’s pushing it.

    Either way, it does remind me of bacon, which makes me hungry. Dinner time!

  2. Could be a giant upside down keloid. Or an ear lobe, or possibly even a lip, but it would have to have been huge like the Mursi tribe to fit that plate in their mouth. I’ll run with ears on this one!

  3. Oh foreksin, I know I don’t eat bacon, but what the hell! That doens’t look like bacon!

  4. My first thought wasn’t really penis-oriented, I thought it was just the extra leftovery stuff from a flesh removal/cutting… and I’m curious about the story now since so many have said it looks like bacon! I think it resembles bad jerky more, myself.

  5. its a nipple unrolled!!!!
    they used the quarter to place on the nipple and cut around it, or something like that
    thats def a nipple on the end

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