24 thoughts on “Tattooed pants

  1. i’m not into tribal or anything like that but these are so beautifully done, so bold and striking. unique

  2. absolutly gorgeous – stunning.

    this is some of the nicest tribal work i have seen. i love the way this style looks on mens legs.

  3. Ooh. I like these kind of stark black-and-nothing designs.

    #6 – I wonder if there is someone out there who has simple seams tattooed? Either stocking style up the back of the legs, or of the “I am sewn together” variety…

    Surely there’s someone…

  4. I’m surprised that a lot of people call this “tribal” work. It seems more a mix of Maori and Pacific Island designs. There are obviously bits of it that aren’t either of the above, but whatever.

    I do like this tattoo, though. Very impressive. 🙂

  5. Luci:

    I always thought that “tribal” encompassed Maori and others, as the very nature of saying that the designs belong to a specific culture denotes the existence within a specific tribal context?

    I’m curious now as to the exact nature of the definition of tribal tattoos within the industry.

  6. I can’t say much about the underwear he’s wearing – but his pants are gorgeous. I’d love to see him on the street in a pair of shorts.

  7. Haha, for some reason I clicked on the picture and expected the underwear to go away. I’m a perv, I guess.

    Sweet-ass tattoo, anyhow.

  8. Incredible work! The best I have seen in Tribal design. Love it! Makes me want to go out and order a pair. 🙂

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