34 thoughts on “What the hell am I supposed to write here

  1. it looks like hes playing his stuff as a guitar.

    and concentrating….really…really….hard on it.

  2. That is fuckin’ adorable.
    I want one.
    Of him, not the weiner. Except attached to him. I like my genitalia.

  3. It’s cute, he’s cute, his penis is cute (hee!) but what I really want is a better picture of his ink. It looks as if it could be amazing.

  4. When I saw this in the t-shirt gallery, I was wondering how long it would be before this was posted in modblog.

  5. I was wondering why he’s on the toilet too. I also wondered if pooping turns him on, or something.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA hello Poxy *waves* now I finally get to see your doodle…if only they would show Waydes and then we’d all be even

  7. “that’s pox.. not poo.”
    That’s hilarious!
    He doesn’t have a hugely enormous penis.
    What? Fewer guys are posted, we can be more harsh about them 😉

  8. I can’t decide if he’s about to shoot his load, or the toilet seat is cold.
    I wonder if he needs a hand, to pass him the toilet paper of course, tsk tsk shame on you thinking bad thoughts lol 🙂

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