43 thoughts on “Awesome Haircut

  1. I think shaped hairstyles- and hell, haircuts/coloring period- certainly fall under body modification. What a cute kid, at any rate!

  2. every kid should have a mohawk if they want one. It’s hair. it grows back. My son gets one every summer and keeps it as long as he keeps grades up and doesn’t get in trouble in school.

  3. cute kid:-)
    Beckolyn- there’s nothing wrong with the puppy’s face, its just turned away from the camera and part of the white tub thing is right there. wow, that was great English, lol.

  4. Awww. And yeah, I wish my hawks looked that cool D:
    Heh, he walks his puppy with a bungie cord. Awesome.

  5. Awe!! Yeah, little kids should be able to do whatever with their hair if they are obediant. My little brother still sports a trihawk… As soon as his grades go below C’s my mom shaves it off.

  6. This kid reminds me of something straight out of a Japanese animation of some sort… very awesome!!

  7. Sweet hair! I love how they did it up with bands so it would stay up. Thats actually a rally go idea for people who don’t feel like spiking thier hawk every morning.

  8. Awesome hair, i should do that with my hawk. Also, the mod blog excuse is that the guy in the background has a tattoo on his arm, and/or if the dog has been fixed.

  9. thanx for posting these pics i took. can u pls link it to my IAM? this kid has wicked parents as well, that’s his dad on the right.

  10. I LOVE when I see kids with pretty colored hair and mohawks 😀 then I tell there parents that its great …. sometimes I get wierd looks lol

  11. To Silverflame: Thanks, I see that the puppy is in fact normal now, but I also still see disfigured puppy (because I’m weird…). Thanks for clarifying it though. LOL

  12. People modify their bodies for various reasons. One of those reasons is expression through style. Even though the kids hair isn’t “permanent” – it’s still an external expression of the internal………of the parents.

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