28 thoughts on “Orange Oblivious

  1. Is the divot around the cheek piercing due to a pre-existing dimple, or is it an effect of that sort of healing process?

  2. she said she didn’t have dimples before she got the piercings, so i guess it’s an effect of the healing process.

  3. Del- Sometimes people get cheeck piercings just to get the dimples. I think the muscle in the immediate area is damaged and it results in a cute little dimple. I tried having a nifty cut to my bangs (when I had them) but it was a disaster and they would never go back to the location they were cut at no matter what product I put in, so there were these random strands everywehre and it just looked really bad. I don’t understand how some people can do it.

  4. Hey its me! for those of you who like the doo… i am a hair stylist and im always open to new clients. shit yeah lion-o. and donald. youre a pervert but damn do you taste good.

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