31 thoughts on “Um, that’s kind of gross :)

  1. i think its really cool. never seen someone licking flesh still attached to theyr body. oh well, i have but you know what i mean.

  2. for some reason i dont find that gross, i mean its like sucking on a cut not much difference to me

  3. Autophagia if you will. I cleaned up spew tonight that looked like someone had eaten their own skin….yeah.

  4. That’s…sanitary… x_x Can you imagine if right after this pic he dropped the skin back onto the wound and got some hideous infection from all that tongue gunk?? Oh well…the price we pay to look at beautiful scarred up boys I guess…

  5. I can handle a lot of the crazy things that get posted here, but this… makes me want to curl up in a ball under the desk. Ew ew ew!!

  6. Hmm, this really doesn’t bother me. I mean, he’s just licking it… Whatever.

    On a side note, did the cutting end up being a big A a la ‘The Scarlet Letter?’ It kind of looks like that’s what it could be.

  7. snailuv ~ of course it’s possible. just fry up some people skin.
    i think it would be harder to find someone willing to eat it.

  8. Why is this “gross”?
    I’ve seen so many different things on BME that might be considered “gross” to people so I’m surprised to see this called that by you, Shannon.

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