Freshly Split

I like this in-the-moment photo by Dustin at The Piercing Lounge in Madison, WI.

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25 thoughts on “Freshly Split

  1. i like it! but it doesn’t look very far back, could be just the way she wanted it!
    i’m still a sucker for split tongues, regardless!

  2. Not only is a tongue split a wicked mod but this photo is nicely done too.

    Splitting the tongue is probably the only “extreme” mod I think I could get. Just gotta get up the cajones…

  3. it sucks that i have to travle so far to get this done, does anyone know of any shops in philly that do this. it’s still about 3 or so hours away from here, but close enough. i just cann’t find much info on where to get this done in pa.

  4. This is exactly why I could never work in the mod scene, if I was the one who split her, about 5 seconds after the photo was taken I’d be wanting to force my tongue down her throat while she’s fresh.

    …erm, I mean nice shot :D

  5. I’ve heard a lot of people say they prefer seeing split tongues than regular tongues…. I totally disagree. Cute pic though, love the blood..

  6. Shes beautiful, I think it would be neat to make out with someone with a split tongue! If only I were in a position to get it done!

  7. So fucking beautiful, I have been contimplating splitting my tongue for some time but this really does the trick or me.
    I’m hooked!

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