Hebrew Matrix?

Striking work by Nick Bryant at Red Dragon Tattoo in Richmond, Virginia.

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25 thoughts on “Hebrew Matrix?

  1. I want to know what it says, if it does say something and isn’t just random characters like the Matrix.

  2. sorry to say that….. but i hope this guy realize that this is from what i see is just rendom letters…. uless it suppose to be this way

  3. How could the guy not know its “random letters” and who is saying its Hebrew onlt… theres alot that looks like hebrew…………but aint

  4. As an israeli jew i believe i can tell you all that these are all indeed hebrew letters. Most have no meaning (unless it’s a kabalistic combination which i doubt), and some may just have the vowls wrong. However, as was said before, god’s name is there. It’s funny because you can put meaning into anything if you consider spelling mistakes.

  5. Josh – there is no word in there that means God in Hebrew. There is no adonai or yud-hey-vav-hey.

    And Blue – point me out a letter in there that isnt Hebrew, becase I can’t see it!

  6. Let me be the one to settle this (since I can actualy read this) and say they are words and NOT random letters. it’s a qoute from the bible from the language used but I can’t spell out complete sentences from the way it’s designed, only two-three words at a time, to tell wxactly what it says.

  7. BTW- second picture from the right does infact have the word god in it- “hatishkah esh yohava”- ‘would you forget god’s fire’.

  8. Gonna have to back up Yuli here, at least on that image, as for the rest I’m sure he wouldnt just get that done and have one sentence actually mean something.

  9. deff. real hebrew. i can make out words but im unsure of the order. its deffinatly a quote from the tanach.

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