Bye, bye lobes

I know there are tons of valid reasons why people decide to remove their lobes (in this case it was Ben who decided the time was right), but on some level it always makes me a bit sad (not that it makes any sense since it’s obviously making the other person happy, I guess it’s one of the few things I personalize).

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29 thoughts on “Bye, bye lobes

  1. #2 — Does it look normal? I wouldn’t imagine that completely lacking earlobes would look all that normal, though it’s probably less obvious that someone has no lobes at first glance than that someone has stretched ones.

  2. Trinityva, good point, but i’m saying so normal compared to how i’m used to seeing him :) , although since i’ve known him he’s always had his ears empty.
    I was, and still am, pretty impressed with how clean it looks now.

  3. It’s stuff like this that makes me laugh when people say they’re “afraid to get a tattoo because it will hurt”

  4. I’ve had the opportunity to see him without his lobes and never with. I would never have guessed that they were missing, simply underdeveloped.

  5. i think the reason it;s so upsetting is because of the time and effort that’s put into stretching lobes to a decent size. i mean i’ve been working on mine for nearly 3 years.. anything you’ve put that much time into is gonna be sad to lose.

  6. Is suturing a good idea for this? I wouldn’t think it’d be necessary since there’s really no chance for “regrowth”, unless the asthetic (sp?) look would be better than not suturing. Just curious, I love my 2″ lobes, but one day, maybe, they’ll go bye bye.

  7. I think it just makes me sad, when I see it, in the way that I feel like if I did this to my lobes I think I would get a lot of “I told you so’s”. Which would not be the case. Not only do people not understand stretching, but then they understand reversing it even less. Which pisses me off.

  8. I’ll think one day I’ll be hacking mine off too, I have’nt worn jewelry in a long time and sometimes I get so frustrated with them i consider just cutting them off imediatley

  9. It wqould be funny if he encased the severed lobes in lucite, had them made into earrings, and then pierced the bottom of the remainder of his ears.
    What are those things hanging from the bottom of your ears?
    My earlobes, silly!

  10. I saw the before picture when it was submitted, and it made me sad in a way to see such healthy looking lobes go! His choice though, I’m sure he’s got his reasons.

  11. meh, i had a 2ga pa and cut it into a meatotomy years back. then i missed the piercing so much i repierced a deep pa, stretched back to 2ga but then it wasnt doing good so i just cut my meato deeper.

    i still wish i had my large pa, i miss that big piece of metal hanging form my cock.

    point being, i hope this guy doesnt miss his huge lobes…

  12. You know, I wasn’t thinking of this as a stretching reversal at all. I was thinking it was a progression of modification. Piercing -> stretching -> nullo.

    If it was just getting rid of stretched lobes then yeah, I can see that being sad.

  13. I agree with trinityva. Going from 2″ lobes to no lobes is a pretty big modification in my opinion. I think it would be really different/neat to look in the mirror and see no lobes.

  14. I wonder if its like getting a dramatic haircut. You know, like you go to lift your head and feel like something is lighter or missing. I don’t know how else to describe what I’m trying to say.

  15. Ok, I really hate saying this, but………… he looks kind of like Shrek now. But that’s Ok, I like Shrek.

  16. They look cool. mini ears… and jackie (his wife) had them removed as well. they make a cute couple… I love the idea of making the lobes into jewelry! they could where each others lobes, how romantic.

    btw he did this to himself. Look at the first picture.

  17. I had 1 1/4″ lobes at one point but hadn’t worn anything in them in years. Getting rid of my lobes is just the first step of a project I have planned for my ears.
    I really love having absolutly no lobes!

  18. Oh dear! This reminds me of a story my freind told me. Her sister’s lobes were cut off with a bread knife!!!!!!!! That’s so fucking scary.

    This looks much more humane. It is a little depressing to see someone, especially with such big lobes, to let them go… :(

  19. When I first saw this, it made me feel a little weird. Then I realised he did it himself, which made me feel worse, but now it doesn’t bother me atall. I don’t know what happened, but it’s a good thing.

    On the second picture it looks like he hasn’t cut it yet. Did it get detached somehow in the past or is it just not bleeding much?

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