13 thoughts on “Lil Devil

  1. It says so much about the human race that we feel the need to pixilate a picture of a penis, a natural (and vital!!) part of the human body. Of course, we can show the tattoo on the head. Hmm…

  2. I think the pixilation is just to save people viewing at work/public places, not so much because Shannon is ashamed of posting pics of dicks . .

  3. It wasn’t so much a comment about Shannon’s feelings on teh matter, as society in general. To be honest if I was caught viewing this pic at work, I doubt it would make any difference to my boss if it was pixilated. Still looks pretty much likea nice hard cock ;p

  4. Did this guy consider how difficult it is to give someone a blowjob while you’re giggling uncontrollably? He may have unwittingly cursed himself for life =X

  5. Wow.. I dont even own that kind of equiptment.. and it made me groan in pain.. Man pain. Yikes… pardon the pun… but damn that is some Hard core pain. zoinks!

  6. I’m actually quite seriously disturbed that, even though I KNOW what’s on the other side, i’m compelled to click the picture to unpixelate it.

    I’m a serious pervert. I would blame modblog, but alas, it’s not Modblog’s fault, it’s just allowed me to become MORE of a perve 😛

    Have to admit though, I agree with #8, if I ever saw that on a guy i’d have to have a giggle.

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