What are you doing for Solstice?

If you’re in the Toronto area, be sure to click through for more information on the Toronto Winter Swimming Club (which has lots of members from BME) — we’re going out for a solstice swim today (and swim regularly in the winter water if you can’t come today). Come along, it’s fun!

Anyway, I’m taking a break until the New Year. I hope everyone enjoyed 2006, and thank you all for the support and photos, stories, and help.

36 thoughts on “What are you doing for Solstice?

  1. You can’t be serious? 😮 What the frick am I suppose to in two weeks without MODBLOG updates?!

    Guess you’re not going to stay home to keep me entertained, so I’m just gonna wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 😉

  2. silly Canadians! actually, i think that i’d like to do that one (or many) day(s)… we’ll see.

  3. I’ll be doing a winter swim, as well. Mostly out of boredom, because I didn’t have anything else to do today (tried to get a few friends to go, but they wouldn’t). The nearest lake around here is already frozen over, however. I’m going to have to cut out a swimming hole 🙂

  4. 11# Bring someone with you, just to be safe. It’s quite a shock when you dive into the icy water but you will feel sooo good afterwards 🙂

  5. Frohe Sonnenwende! Enjoy your break, looking forward to more ModBlog in ’07! Looks like I’ll be aquiring a new computer this week (So I can FINALLY read BME at home!) so it sucks that I won’t have MB to keep me busy, but at least I’ll have 2 months of BME backlog to look through!

  6. Have a great break, going to miss the daily modblog updates!
    Think I’ll be giving winter swimming a miss though- I went swimming in Sweden once and it was the msot uncomfortable I’ve ever been. Turns out cold water + nipple piercing = pain…

  7. GAAA! No updates?!

    Enjoy your swim Shannon, I’ll be doing a sweatlodge over the “longest night.” Have a Happy & Joyous Holiday to you and all your devoted readers.

  8. Midnight swimming was awesome, and we had (private) security trying to find us after a chopper saw us swimming and my truck parked on the beach to spotlight the water….

  9. Happy Holidays Shannon and thankyou for your continued hard work :o)

    I have to wait for July before I can go winter swimming. Summers here!! WayyyyHeyyyyy

  10. happy holidays shannon !
    and thank you for the best site on the freakin planet!

    best wishes en kisses from Rob and sanne from belgium!

  11. whats a poor english boy to do with no mod blog, oh well good work have a good christmas i know i will

  12. SOLSTICE SHRINKAGE 06′… maybe you should make shirts for that haha… SOLSTICE SHRINAGE 06′ “Come for the icey water, stay for the icey weiners” lmao…. word to ya mothah…

  13. My swim was awesome! I got my neighbor to swim at the last minute, and one of the friends I brought to supervise jumped in as well. It was insanely cold however, and I should’ve known to avoid the frosted metal rails 😛

  14. Wow. We have a Polar Plunge here to raise money for cancer research or something. There aren’t many in the area who embrace swimming in cold water. I’d give it a try. Happy Holidays!

  15. I would love to do this, except everytime I go to lake Ontairo their are dead fish everywhere, so it’s sort of kept me away from even considering swimming….

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