Zig-Zag Inner Lip Tattoo

You know, I’ve showed this to a bunch of people thinking it’s one of the greatest inner lip tattoos I’ve seen — I mean, it’s solid, creative, and most of all silly. But so far most people don’t agree with me… what do you think? I really like Jack’s tattoo.

39 thoughts on “Zig-Zag Inner Lip Tattoo

  1. I like it, but I think because the majority of lip tattoos that I’ve seen are girls getting slutty tattoos. I have seen one lip tattoo that read “Pwn!” though.

  2. Awesome. For once it’s something other than “CUM” or “SLUT” or somesuch naughty-naughty hidden tattoo thing.

  3. it makes me think of little monster teeths. So it’s like he has two grinning mouths in the pic xD!

    I think it’s also refreshing to see something that’s silly without being naughty. Dirty words on the inside of your lip are way overplayed, and “do you kiss your mother with that mouth!”?

  4. It sure is a lot better than all those stupid “cumdumpster” ones. If I got something on MY lip, it’d either be something like this, or something completely random and unexpected.

  5. I totally thought of it as monster teeth, I love it. Most people get some stupid word about how much they like guzzling cum. This one however, is cute and unique.

  6. cute… it makes me think of Charlie Browns T-shirt ! and yes #8 the lol thing is great !

  7. It’s my second favorite lip tatto I’ve seen so far.
    My favorite was the Coca-Cola lip tatto you posted a little while ago.
    It was high quality for that area of body 😛

  8. I’m a bit fuzzy atm…and I thought it were his teeth for a sec or two…chuckled…but now those secs have ticked away…and now I don’t like it that much at all anymores?

    And he even wiped the spit away for the picture…moo.

  9. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I’m very pleased with the way it turned out, it only took twenty minutes and was completly painless. I only got the zig-zag because I couldn’t think of an important enough word to get done 🙂


    i fucking laughed outloud when i saw this! it just reminds me of like….some zig zag shark teeth that some kidlet would draw, adorable!

    what an awesome tattoo, i love it so much!

  11. it makes me think of the monsters in “where the wild things are”….one of the greatest children’s books ever. So yes, kudos, it rocks!

  12. agreeing with most people, i do think its much more creative than the usual “slut” etc, tattoos…i only wish inner lip tattoos were easier to do, and came out better in general.

  13. i don’t like it…
    its just…really out there, not my taste.
    i’d much rather see the amusing words and phrases people get.
    even if more than half of them are cum-oriented.

  14. I like it! It beats the uneven and downright stupid lettering you often see. I think the best “word” tattoo I’ve seen in that placement was “VEGAN,” and unless the owner’s dentist is compiling some sort of study on the oral health of vegans vs. non-vegans, who cares? This one actually made me smile. Abstract patterns on the inner lip FTW.

  15. I do think this tattoo is original but it is not very creative and it looks terrible if i were to tattoo my lip i would try and think of something a little more intricate. However to each is own, thanks for reading my comment.

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