13 1/2… inches?

I have no idea what Adrenalynn‘s “13 1/2″ hand tattoo means, but because it was done by her husband Mr. Genital Tattoo Jarrod Richardson at Psycho Clown Tattoo in Fort Worth Texas I am blindly guessing that the explanation has little to do with The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear would make me blush (well, if I blushed). But it’s a blind guess and I may be wrong.

22 thoughts on “13 1/2… inches?

  1. Awesome. I’m gonna get my girlfriend to get a “III 1/2″ tattoo…

    …I’ll leave it to you to decide if that’s a joke or not…


  2. Hell fire they make them in that size. Where do I get one..
    Guess I just look for a long queue of ladies lol 🙂

  3. Damn man it’s so hard not to loose yourself in this modding shit when you’re visiting these pages on a daily bases… It’s hard not to want more and more when there is a world of crazy (and I mean that in a positive way)people getting tatoos and piercings in a way that really identifies them.

    Like this girl, she looks great with the snakebites. Even the tattoo that really doesn’t mean anything makes sense…

    This is not the place for fan mail. I know, but big up to you Shannon and everyone supporting existance of this community.

  4. Harvey Birdman has the same tattoo on his arm, in the two part episode where he goes to jail (which was actually an elaborate birthday suprise) hehehe. That’s what he said as well, 12 jurors, one judge, half a chance.

  5. i think its twelve jurors one judge half a chance. probably if i read everyone elses comments i would be aware that its been said already, but theres no way no one else knows that. yeah. anyways, shes cute, and the tat is badass.

  6. That’s funny, this was the first time I ever heard that saying. Well whatever the tattoo actually means its pretty cool.

  7. Huh. And i was thinking cubit. To big a nerd, i guess. *cubit being roughly 13-14 inches on the average person, as I recall*

  8. 12 jurors 1 judge 1/2 a chance and 1/2 a lawyer are actually the same thing. the publice defender is only considered as mentioned. 1/2 ass lawyer and 1/2 a chance to walk.

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