100% Wood?

I assume those are supposed to be sigs, but the first person I showed it to thought it might be a Tetris tattoo. Either way, I probably would avoid getting anything that looked like SS marks on public skin, let alone writing “100% wood” on my head. But maybe I don’t have a sense of humor over being a blockhead (which was my secondary explanation for this tattoo by Aminda).

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  1. I think you’re right. 100% white? I guess this person has a sound knowledge of natural history then /sarcasm.

  2. I’m glad to see how poor quality this tat is. Good for all the quality people who wouldn’t tattoo this dork.

  3. My initial though on seeing this was “SS…?” Whatever it is, it’s poor quality to me.

  4. Definitely looks like a white power tattoo to me. I agree with whoever said they’re glad to see the poor quality because it probably reflects that more talented and ethical artists turned this idiot away.

  5. I think 100% wood is a prison reference to white power and those probably are SS marks. This tattoo would make a pretty good target for my baseball bat.

  6. With respect to the “SS” comment… I’m sure you know and perhaps just forgot that the Swastika is MUCH older than the SS/Hitler use of it… the “peckerwood” reference does seem to fit, but without KNOWING, it’s still speculation.

    It could be “wood” like “a woodie”, and yes, back to “peckerhead” but meaning “dickhead” instead. Heh!

    As for the ink itself… yeah, pretty bad.

  7. It’s very racist in every form!!! Unless this person is “BLATANTLY” trying to tell us that he has nothing but HATE for all other races, except for “caucasion.” I think it’s a horrible idea for this to even be a “joke,” if that’s in fact what it is. White is NOT right, not @ all, and I would love to see him sport this pile of crap @ a Million Man March. It looks like a totally fascist tattoo [dumb none the less] to me. I wonder if he’s got showers filled w/gas @ his house.


  8. Yeah, that’s some white power shit. 100% Wood is a way of saying a hundred percent whiteboy.

  9. If this really is a racist I find it interesting that the zeros have little curly-cues on them.

  10. this tattoo stands for white power. my shop was recently robbed by a group of peckerwoods. ive seen this word as well as those bolts far too often. stay away from bakersfield, CA…it will ruin yer life….

  11. I grew up fighting these fucks.

    That is quite obviously some peckerwood stupid shit.
    Anyone who doesn’t see the SS bolts and peckerwood reference has clearly not had much interaction with racist skins.

    I can just see that retard goose stepping and screaming RaHoWa right now.

    Knock on wood is right.

  12. Nice going putting a target on your head. Enjoy prison, guy. You better hope you’ve got a white buddy with you at all times, is all I’m saying.

  13. Nice going putting a target on your head. Enjoy prison, guy. You better hope you’ve got a white buddy with you at all times, is all I’m saying.

  14. I feel it’s unfortunate that this person chooses to identify himself with these markings, and all the appropriate stigma they bring with them.
    That being said, I have to say it’s a bit hypocritical of people to chastize the subject because of contrary personal beliefs. Practice what you preach, is all I’m saying. If we, as modified people, wish to be accepted as openly as those who refrain from modification, we must, at the very least, publicly “accept” all others.

    Take the bad with the good. But if you choose to critisize, expect to BE critisized.

    My $0.02

  15. J-Knuckles-

    You got it, shit-stache novelty tattoos are a go, but branding one’s self with a pejorative term (I do believe that this is what the Wiki-article refers to the term as, historically speaking, a pejorative towards white people) is NO good.

    However,I do believe we have seen tattoo’s on this board (or certainly on the main site) with labels such as “cunt” “cracker” and “faggot” (across someone’s belly), all of which were self-selected and carry significant social connotation.

    Responses have been varied.

    Various communities have utilized oddly negative (or historically negative) words either as an act of ignorance or as one of reclamation-

    In either case, the hypocrisy is not lost on me.

  16. I still think it’s an over-generalization to say that if you believe in tolerance and understanding, you are never allowed to criticize anyone ever. People automatically jump on the word “hypocrisy” but at the very core of the argument, we are talking about respect. The focus should be on respect because you can disagree with someone and still respect them as a person. To me, respecting this guy means not threatening him.

    If it’s a free speech/freedom of expression issue, then yes he’s allowed to express his views but so is everyone else, including all the people who disagree with him, no matter what they say.

    If it’s a hypocrisy issue, it’s reasonable to expect that people won’t always agree on everything. People should be entitled to disagree. It really is a matter of respect. For example, it’s tactless, rude, even threatening when other people on modblog get attacked by outsiders. I think what counts most, is how you treat people. I see nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone as long as you are respectful, as long as you are not threatening their personal safety or being needlessly cruel.

    The crux of the hypocrisy issue, is that if I am defending a racist’s right to express himself and to have differing opinions, it would also be hypocritical and intolerant for me to tell someone else that they are NOT allowed to express their anti-racist views because their views are too negative.

  17. I like it when racist dumbfucks get tattoos reflecting it. It’s just a nice, big, poorly-inked sign to stay the hell away.

  18. You know, while I find the tattoo itself rather disgusting, I can’t help but enjoy how shitty the artwork is. That being said, it brings me back to watching a documentary on A&E/TLC (or a channel similar) that showed boys running off to live in grungy trailers with white supremacists. Well anyway, at one point it showed them tattooing each other in their foul looking kitchen and I was laughing hysterically at the horrible quality of work.

  19. I’m from the south and “peckerwood” was originally a derogatory term used by African-Americans (both during and after slavery) to describe poor white trash.

    I think the term was originally harmless left on it’s own but it’s been embraced by white-supremists.

    Being proud of your roots and joking about the white trash backgound is one thing….putting up the Gestapo SS symbolism is pretty fucked up. (And it’s not very well inked, either.)

    There’s no other way to read this tattoo. Period.

  20. Hmmm.. I.. c ….work that can be transformed to a really cOOl rightous tattoo if the light can shine thru….~_0

  21. I am sorry to tell you but those are the Neo- nazi SS
    wood is short for peckerwood and if you look just below the SS’s there is a number 8 and what looks like a another 8 next to it which H is the eighth letter in the english alphabet the H stands for heil the second 8 stands for Hitler, also the number 88 stands for the 88 precepts (the 88 rules for a neo-nazi or white supremicist to live by) so its easy to say this person is a neo nazi
    (the reason i know all this information is because my boyfriends best friends is a wanna be neo nazi, its really annoying too)

  22. i had a friend that went to jail in Conrore, Tx. He says that all the white guys in there are “peckerwoods” and have that same tatto. By the way, he also said he ways surpeised, because being that it was his first time to serve in jail he expected the proportion of “minorities” to whites to be overwellmingly “colored”, but that in fact 85% of the inmates were these white trash neo-scum. Facism is on the rise in the US. look up Eugenity In America. America started ethnic/genetic cleansing in the early 1900′s, and continued to due so well into the 60′s. The sterilization programs were funded by rich ruling class “heroes” like J.P. Morgan.

  23. hi guys,

    i am not that much into body modification but i’m surfing this site periodically.

    as most of you guys said, this is a tattoo linking the tattooed to the national-socialism scene and therefore i think that the reactions here are ok.

    some of you said that you have to respect the opinion of everyone but i don’t get why i have to accept the idea of ethnic/genetic cleansing which is, in fact, i no way a form of respect? respecting the respectless?

    i’m just not informed how the “scene” is in america but here in europe, especially in germany its getting worse.
    anyway i’m surprised (pls dont missunderstand this) that so many ppl took part in this topic.

    best regards from germany (and sorry for that stupid englisch ;( )

  24. it is the ss logo, and wood is short for peckerwood. it’s a skinhead thing. my uncle was a skin head and he has a similar tattoo.

  25. Okay, I’m gonna squash all the chatter. 100% wood means that he is 100% white. Yes, those are SS tattoos, and so that teaches us he is a white supremacist. I have been to prison in Indiana and Texas and these are tattoos that you don’t want to run your mouth about because there will be repercussions… trust me.

  26. I have the mark on the back of my neck. I wear it with pride and honor. It is real easy to sit at a computer and criticise a person on there conviction. The work is poor but the statement is clear or you wouldn’t be chatting about it. Talk about something you know about instead of speculations. Be proud of who you are and stop the ridicule. Who’s the racist now?

  27. The poor oppressed Euro-Americans (many of whom actually have African and Native American contribution in their DNA). Yeah right, everyone who points out that skins are shitheads is racist. Looks like you are still the racist stephen.

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