You know, the folks down in Brasil always find the coolest places to suspend. This is from Valnei‘s Petromodificpolis event in Brasil. I think Fabito Goncalves probably describes it very well when he writes, “experincias nicas num lugar mgico, festas, muita diverso, novos amigos, namorada nova e many many more. Resumindo, s me aconteceram coisas boas nesses dias que se seguiram. Dizem por a que uma imagem vale mais que mil palavras. Ento, a vo algumas imagens que mostram alguns desses momentos to especiais.”*

I really need to go back to South America soon.

* Roughly (I speak French, not Portuguese, sorry): “Experiences in a magical place, parties, fun, and new and old friends. Only good things happened in this time. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; here are some that share those special moments.” (more pictures on BME and on his page as well).

11 thoughts on “Petromodificpolis!

  1. I speak portuguese:

    “Unique expecientes in a magical place, parties, lots of fun, new friends, new girlfriend and many many more. In summary, only good things happened to me on these days. They say an image is worth a thousand words. So, there goes a few images that portrait some of these so special moments.”

  2. I made an Antichrist suspension in this place… the photos had exactly been very pretty. this place is an abandoned ferry cable

    petromodificpolis!!!! :):):):)
    my city!

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