…shall be the whole of the law.

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25 thoughts on “DO WHAT THOU WILT

  1. Getting “Do what thou wilt” tattooed in that particular location takes some serious guts.

    And is hot.

  2. I like this tattoo. Usually the tattoos in this location are more risque. This gets the message across without being too explicit. I don’t mind the Michelle-type tattoos, but I think this one is more “nice” haha. Maybe it’s just the old english.

  3. Without harkening back to Shakesperian times… I love the verbiage. I find it quite sexy. This being on a man, less so, yet moreso in an unexpected way.

  4. Now that’s something you don’t see here very often. I refer, of course, to the pubic hair.

    Nothing Shakespearean about it – that’s Aleister Crowley (1875 – 1947).

  5. Hey! I am a bit surprised to find the pic of my tattoo here… a pleasure surprise… well, thanks sweetest 440 for the comment… luv ya!

  6. vry nice tatoo but im sorry the hole pubic areajus turned mii stomache up side down!! but very nice tatoo

  7. I’m actually fascinated by how many of you that commented don’t know what this is from…

    Google “Thelema” or “Aleister Crowley”

    93 to whomever has this lovely tattoo!

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