Holy Moley.

Urea and his friends get more intense all the time…. This customer (who’s had his first set for I believe over two years now) has six subclavical piercings (last featured here with four of them)… Very extreme — even though I’ve now seen lots of people get and keep them, I don’t think I could ever work up the courage to do it myself… Past my peronal danger line (and remember, I’m the guy who’s tattooing his eyeballs). I really love that Urea is using his arm with those huge implants as a “signature” in photos — it reminds me of Maori chiefs who signed contracts by drawing out their mokos.

25 thoughts on “Holy Moley.

  1. You are getting your eyes tattooed? Where on the eye? Your eyes are so naturally lovely as it is, I hope you don’t mess with the colour.

  2. urea is really intense. especially after that lobe removal. he just got bored and whacked em off!

  3. Is it bad I was RELIEVED that those are scars on his arms, and not his veins sticking out horribly? They looked like some FREAKY blood vessels at first, and I was squicked. But then it dawned, and it was like “aaaaah, “just” scars…”

  4. Though I like the concept of using his arm for a “signature”, it sort of takes away from what I assume is the focal point of the photo. I mean, what are people going to look at, a scarred, implanted arm or an out of focus nipple piercing?

  5. The sad thing is that every time I read “Urea” I think of what it means in English:

    “A soluble crystalline compound, forming an organic constituent of the urine in mammalia, birds, and some reptiles, and also found in the blood, milk, etc.; carbamide, CO(NH2)2.”

    I find myself wondering every time I see the gigantic UREA tattooed on his stomach exactly how he feels about broadcasting that he is one of the principal components of piss. 😉

  6. re: the subclavical (subclavicle?) piercings: Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

    And I don’t just mean subclavical piercings in general, I mean these particular ones. They look terrible!

  7. I agree with smurf. As great as his work is, all I can focus on his his awesome arm. Still can’t get over that.

  8. trinityva, in portuguese (his mother language) what you just described is named “Ureia” (not so different from english, hm?), so I think he had that in mind when he choosed his tattoo/nickname (I don’t think it’s his birth name, but might be)

  9. (yeah, not his birth name, just vchecked the IAM)

    by what I just read in UREA’s IAM, the guy with the subclavical piercings got beatten up by some assholes for being a “freak” and the piercings got kind of ruined… but he’s re-doing them.

  10. 21, thanks for the info. I just wondered if he’d thought of it, or if Urea was his birth name.

  11. Trinityva, my first ever comment, to ask exact same thing. He is cool I guess, but named after piss-component in english? Someone has told him yeah? Or is he really into pee? Nothing wrong with that but I wouldn’t call myself it. Or is it like a Ghandi thing? Isn’t that only if you’re 100 miles from a vitamin shop? So many questions. I ask him. Politely.

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