We are the world

I like this world map tattoo by Aaron Prosser at Whitsunday Tattoo in Airlie Beach, Australia… And now I know that the armpit of the world is either Bermuda or the Azores. I’ve got to get myself to the Azores. I hear the Human Project has a colony there.

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31 thoughts on “We are the world

  1. ОфигеннаÑ? татушка!!!!!!
    идеÑ? клеваÑ?!!!! :)

  2. Haha I just realized the title of the entry. I apparently read it and continued the lyrics in my head. Now I’m wondering if I got the song in my head first from the image or the title.

  3. He should have it colored and shaded to match a topographical map. I think that would be one of the coolest tattoos I’ve ever seen.

  4. хорошие чернила умнаÑ? идеÑ?

  5. I have actually thought about getting kind of the same tattoo – a world map on the back. And now I see someone else have done it before me, so now I can’t do it myself because then I’m a lameass copier or what?

    Damn, why do I never get my thumb out of my ass and do what I think. Surely it’s a combination of being poor like hell, but I would probably push it into the future anyway.

    What’s the “rules” on these things. I mean it’s certinly considered lameass to copy someone else’s tattoo. But at the same time this isn’t a specificly made artwork. Just a copy of an imige of the world everyone have seen thousands of times…

  6. Same as Reedee, I’m studying for my degree in Geography and have considered almost exactly the same thing! Although I was veering more towards a centuries old type thing, with sea serpents and mermaids. I don’t think it’s a lame ass thing to do because obviously you would have mentally visualised it differently, and it’s such a cool idea it’d look great anyway.
    I do think it would look best coloured though!

  7. i wonder if he’ll put pins in all the places he’s been… haha… or maybe at least some sort of piercing… that would make it a bit more involved and interesting too… just an idea

  8. Yes it’s only a map Reedee and you wouldn’t even be the thousanth person to get it tattooed, let alone the second!!

    Sorry to all the people from Labrador.

    I moved the continents a wack as to fit them to the body. I didn’t think anyone would notice. In actual fact when he is standing in a certain position they do kinda fall into place.

    The tattoo was a farely quick tattoo to complete. He’s another backpacker with no time for detail and no cashhhhhhhhhh!! At least he’s a happy backpacker now.(unless he comes from Labrador!)

    If you look reeeaaaly close at the Australian east coast 3/4 up, you can see a very small dot atop Airlie Beach right on the coast. So he never forgets the place to come to get it filled in!

  9. On closer inspection I think I may have included Labrador and left out all the ocean inward of it.

    Yes….Yes that is what has happened!! sory seasiders of east Canada.

  10. Unfortunately this is the traditional textbook map which makes polar areas seem huge in comparison to areas closer to the equator… Scandinavia looks bigger than India and Greenland bigger than South America! Otherwise, it’s gorgeous…

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