On Cotovelo Beach

It’s been an unusually warm winter here in Toronto so far. Right now (as I write this on Friday — if you read this on Monday morning, I’m either dead [j/k!] or in surgical recovery) it’s raining out, and while it’s getting colder, we’re still having days that are basically early summer in nature… But they say that next week it’s going to snap down to -20°C, and potentially much colder with windchill. If that happens, I think I’m going to be very, very envious of Alienx and Lady Rah hanging out at Cotovelo Beach near where they live in Natal, Brasil…. Time for a vacation…

18 thoughts on “On Cotovelo Beach

  1. I wonder if the lady is into things with an egyptian connection, Lady_Rah and a scarrab beetle.
    Any hows nice design.

  2. I kind of miss the summer now! It’s so damn cold here in Portugal, ehe. I’m quite fond of her chestpiece. Cute pic 🙂

  3. that chest peice grabbed my eyes right away! seeing that makes me even more frustrated that it’s -40 outside…

  4. That’s a beautiful chestpiece, I wish I could see all of it. Also it’s driving me crazy that I can’t figure out what the tattoo on Alienx’s chest is.

  5. #9… I checked his IAM page, and it looks like some sort of very stylized hornet or wasp..

  6. all i can think of when i see that chest piece is Journey… “Don’t stop believin’, hold on to that feelin”… oh yes, i went there… As the late, great Wesley Willis would say, “Journey is awesome, their jam session kicked a werewolf’s ass”… JOURNEY ROCKS!!! R.I.P. WESLEY WILLIS

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