Wristwatch Piercing

A la the pierced eyeglasses, here’s a pierced watch that Spinknas had done with 14ga surface piercings by Peter and Brad at Central Body Art in chilly Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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123 thoughts on “Wristwatch Piercing

  1. Be kinda Kool to wear an engagement ring in this way, just a rock mounted on your finger.

  2. i quiver thinking about how often it will painfully get snagged on shirts, ect…

    i had my wrist pierced without the watch and still managed to snag it on an inordinant amount of objects

  3. someone tell the sleeping giant i say “hi” and that “he is dearly missed”

    and go to the hoito for me.

  4. ÈMþRꧧ, that’s been done and posted on modblog before. Was quite some time ago using a microdermal or something similar, really looked great.

    I REALLY like the watch idea, can imagine it being a little uncomfortable though. Either way, kudos to Spinknas for general awesomeness.

  5. Ha! Want that too. Ever since I got my wrist pierced I keep getting late everywhere :(

    Nevermind the snatchings, pain is a very good teacher.

  6. Looks like the ends of the bars go through the gap where the watch strap would normally fit, then the balls are screwed on.

  7. oh so scary. the thought of getting that caught on something gives me huge no feelings.


    cute idea, though.

  8. That is a very cute idea, but I must echo everyone else’s questions. It must be very difficult to avoid catching that on anything.

  9. i’m just curious…was the watch mounted initally or were the piercings healed first. i can imagine the weight of that thing causing difficulty healing otherwise. is it removable (the watch) to avoid catching on things?…

  10. That seems like a bad idea to me. Imagine all the dirt and bacteria that will get caught under it and dragged into the piercings.

  11. I did quite a few of these (I’m the Brad). They were all in fun and more of a “stunt” really. Everyone knew that they were going to fall out eventually, I think we did 12 in total and some of them were worn for well over 6 months. This one was one of my favorites.

    The watch is held on with 2 surface bars that are made from 14ga. teflon with extended uprights. Teflon was used because wrist movement with a watch attached would just be a little too much movement. The barbels were fed upward between the watch and the watchpin and the bead threaded on top holding it down.

    Some were done with the piercings parallell to the ulna and radius, some were perpindicular.

  12. Haha not only is it going to reject but CBA is the most horrible place to go in Tbay to get pierced. Personal opinion of course. Whod want to go to a place thats been shut down NUMEROUS times for health violations?

    Creation all the way!

  13. Gah! I knew someone would end up doing it before I could, and that it would probably be a Canadian.

    Ah well, hope that it lasts a good long while before rejecting.

    Just wiat till we get to where these sorts of things will be viable for the long term.

  14. its cute for sure… i agree with #5.. ouch!

    i enjoyed the glasses more tho… prolly cause i wear glasses more than a watch ;)

  15. haha, that’s an awesome idea, shame it’ll hurt like hell when it tears off when they’re fishing for loose change. But atm A1 and props to Spinknas for giving it a crack.

  16. I love the fact that I can ALWAYS find something that I’ve never seen before on BME… and this is such a beautiful example of where body modification is going. Extreme stuff is very cool, but simple things like this can be just as amazing. Infact I was thinking of tattooing a watch on my wrist with the hands at 4:20….

  17. This is the coolest thing i’ve seen in a long time. Very ingenius. Although, i would imagine, the watch face wouldn’t be able to be worn for extended periods of time. Unless this person didn’t want to keep the piercing for long.

  18. This piercing, though it looks pretty cool to the uncaring eye, exemplifies poor judgement on the part of the piercer and recipient. Uhh, did they autoclave the watch before screwing it down next to open wounds? I am decidedly NOT a fan of temporary, impractical piercings simply for the sake of a few photo ops and publicity for what might be a crappy shop.

  19. Is there any verification that this is actually pierced? It looks kind of like a prototype sitting on flesh…not in flesh.

  20. The piercing is NOT fake. I have other pictures but they are from a bad camera [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v228/spinknas/f5.jpg[/IMG]

    The watch was also soaked in viroxx to clean it before it was pierced. The shop is in no way a “crappy” shop as electrolarynx stated. It didn’t reject and the watch was mounted with the original piercing.

  21. it may look fake – but there have been others out of central that have been real. speaking as someone who is from thunder bay who has SEEN this type of piercing, from central, in real life – they have no reason to send in a fake photo.

  22. I swear I’ve seen this done afew times before, looks cool regardless though.
    I’ve wanted to do something like that since I was about 8, until I found out more about piercing and learned it probably wouldn’t last.

  23. i still think this is just sitting on the surface, till i see some better pictures of it anyway.

  24. Katt : I agree that Central isn’t the best place to get pierced now. But I was there for the first year and a half that they were open and durring that time it was NEVER closed for health board violations. In fact the health board used to use my facilities to train their inspectors on how to recognize a CLEAN shop.

    I know Matt at Creations personally, we have been friends for close to a decade, he is an great piercer, but his shop seems to be doing like so many and slipping into the “rockstar” attitude.

    Some of the watches were left in a chemical soak, whereas some were dismantled and the rear cover autoclaved.
    there is another picture of a watch piercing.

    And for those of you that think these were done just for kicks, most of them lasted several MONTHS some almost a year before being removed. If you have any questions as to the procedures and practices used feel free to IM me on iam and I can answer any questions you have.

  25. I love how some people, “Katt” for instance, are completely ignorant to anything/ everything. Im sure she has never even set foot in Central or she would know that it is MUCH cleaner than Creations. We have never said one bad thing about them, ever. Why start shit if you don’t know anything? You don’t even belong in the Mod industry, obviously should not be posting either. Get your facts straight before talking bullshit. If your just some stupid bitch at Creations your in for a talking tomorrow. You guys are all very fucking sad. Get something better to do than create false rumours about people who take more precautions to protect customers than you ever would. Get a fucking life.

  26. Oh, its also nice that anyone who has ANYTHING bad to say doesn’t even have a IAM. Know anything at all? Probably not. Another reason why the comments should be for IAM member only…*sigh*

  27. Yes, Spinknas, everyone that says your piercing is disgraceful is “completely ignorant to anything/everything.” I used to work at a reputable shop for dedicated piercers, so I am quite aware of what sterility is all about. From my time spent in Thunder Bay, I know Creation is a clean shop, not “rockstar” at all as they perform standard piercings with a humble attitude, and that local people come into that shop to tell the staff horror stories about Central. Perhaps it is heresay, but this is a forum, and we are all entitled to our opinions. Lastly, I do have IAM, but since I don’t wish to deal with your teenage drama, I chose to remain anonymous. Have fun with those scars, don’t get your watch caught ;).

  28. oh my god, you people are so immature. people can all have their own opinions about shops. i personally dislike a very reputable shop because of the rudeness of the counter people. does that mean i sit around talking shit about the shop? no. note that i didn’t even mention their name here. its a cool mod. so what if it scars? any piercing can potentially go bad and scar. surface piercings are unstable, and most people getting the piercings are aware of the fact. why not enjoy the piercing while it lasts?

  29. To avoid needless confrontation, I would like to add that no one from Creation Body Piercing has actually commented on this forum. I know the entire staff there, past and present, and none of them have commented on this forum. You are right, Spinknas, I HAVE never set foot in Central, and props to the staff who have commented in a mature manner but people, ESPECIALLY in Thunder Bay, like to talk shit. I do, too

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  31. I like how this looks :) I’d be willing to get one. But the thing I thought of first was how I’d have to make sure the watch was waterproof, becasue unscrewing it every time I want to shower or wash my hands would be a pain.

    Looks great, though!

  32. You must think your pretty special for knowing the staff. Really, you’ve almost got the same attitude as they do. You have no reason to say ANYTHING about Central if you’ve never set foot in the shop. We are cleaner and safer than ANY tattoo OR piercing shop in town. Really, it mostly pathetic that people like you start and continue the rumour about the shop being closed. Ever contact the health unit? Ever hear it from a newpaper? Didn’t think so. You know, we hear alot of horror stories from Creations, almost all about that fat bitch. But do we start shit? No, we continue to say good things about them. So you obviously still have no idea what your talking about, you don’t want am IAM because of the “teenage drama” (which of course as everyone knows is what it is all about) then stop taking part of this. Its really ridiculous. Grow the fuck up.

  33. I am not talking shit at any point in my posts. I am from Thunder Bay. I am only stating fact and defending the truth.

    Electrolarynx, you make statements like “Have fun with those scars”, which any informed or intelligent person will tell you that any piercing especially surface piercings will leave a scar when removed. If you are making these statements to appeal to an uninformed audience, please be aware of the location and manner in which you are posting. This is a body modification site, where the focus is on information, and you are posting anonymously.

    And to whoever posted that gearfuse thing… perhaps reading all the way through a paragraph would allow you to find the correct information. There are several mistakes in your write-up.

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  35. LOL nice… all that trouble to permanently attach a $4.00 Claire’s boutique watch to your arm. At least save up for a Tag… or even a Fossil :)

  36. I didn’t read all the comments above, because by the look of the last couple it just turned into a mindless flamewar somewhere mid-thread. You’ll just have to excuse me if this has been mentioned before.

    As cool as the StS piercings are, I really think this was a bad way to implement this. Granted, the wearer gained a few points in my book for being one hardcore SOB with a pain tolerance on par with a rhino, but as several of the few good comments near the top mentioned, this piercing will have serious issues with snagging on things, and eventually rejection and/or infection due to them never healing properly and staying gooey inside all the time.

    IMHO, a subdermal magnet (or pair of magnets) would have been much cooler. Then you’d be able to pop the wrist strap off of almost any watch, and toss it up there. If it snags on something, it’d just pop free. Plus, you’d be able to mount more than just a wristwatch there at that point. Imagine a magnetic mount-point for your iPod/Cellphone/Pocketknife/anything-you-can-stick-in-an-Altoids-tin. How about a whole arm done in small evenly spaced subdermal magnets? Extensible human, anyone? Get a few people together like that, and you could form Voltron!

    OK, so maybe that’s taking the idea a bit far, but you get the idea.

    Still, this gives one hell of a “wow” factor.

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  38. I want one!!! I didn’t think this was actually practised but my friend has wanted to make me a watch to attach to my piercing ever since I got it six months ago! Haha I can’t believe it’s really done. Woopla :]

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  41. Even though I have removed all of my piercings (professional reasons) this does look pretty damn sweet. If its is a fake; good job, if it isn’t ; good job. And to all of you self-richeos body modders, get over yourselves. This isnt high school. Nobody cares if you have 1.25′s in your ears and implants in your arms with a star shaped nape piercing. Except your mothers who will kick your ass for ruining the body they provided for you. *hugs and kisses

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  44. This guy will have fun with his little watch piercing until he catches it on something and rips it off of his arm.

  45. Good Ol’ Thunder Bay X2!

    Hit the Hoito, and then Kanga’s Saunas! That’ll get awfully hot, since one can’t take it off when the temp starts to rise.

  46. That’s so nerdy…it’s not even a stylish watch. And with any watch, the band is a big part of what makes it look good.

    But I guess it’s good for impressing people on the internet…

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  48. You wouldn’t think a watch would get so many links. It looks quite good, though it probably would of worked better if the actual watch was a bit smaller and slimmer in design, to save snags and weight.

  49. Spinknas, you comment about only IAM members being able to post is ridiculous. Not everyone can shell out the extra money to buy an account. And people ARE ALLOWED to have their own opinions. If you can’t handle that, go elsewhere or don’t read the comments.

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  51. I had to read this story again because I didn’t think for a second that anyone in Thunder Bay would do this. I knew for a fact that Creations would not do this type of modification. And as far as Central being cleaner than Creations – please remember that Creations set the standard for shops in the Thunder Bay area. They may not longer be able to say they are the only place to go in Thunder Bay but they are the most trusted. Have there been so called horror stories from Creations – sure, I have no doubt BUT for what reasons did the story sprout from – the lack of aftercare, the way the peircing was done or people got pissed at the prices? Remember that it is up to the peircee to make sure the peircing stays healthy.

    So what – you have your preference of where you want to get peirced and tattooed – all cool, you can do it where you want to. I have not heard many good stories from Central but then again I choose Creations because they were the people I started with and will continue with because I trust them.

    As far as having IAM only comments on here – I am on IAM and have been for many years and the reason why I don’t link my page to this site is because I would rather not have public access to my page. Personal reasons. If you belong to IAM then you can type in Super Muffin to see who I am.

    And calling people names (i.e.: fat bitch) is so classy. Remember that as a person that trusts a certain shop – if you want to promote how good they are, you might want to act is some kind of professional manner. A body modification shop is only as good as the customers that they have. And having big mouthed people like you makes the shop look like a dump.

    All in all – a waech attached to you – interesting idea that will never fly.

  52. The “horror stories” really had nothing to do with cleanliness, but the insufficient level of training that the piercers at Central received and some of the questionable practices of the studio. Also, I am well aware that surface piercings scar, I have had a few of those myself, but there is a FUCKING WATCH attached to it. That maybe just might contribute to some unnessesary ugliness on the wrist.

    All in all, this piercing is right skid.

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  54. 10 to 1 the person with the “piercing” rips it out or HAS ripped it out within a week. That is, if the crappy Claire’s jewely hasn’t turned his arm green and caused some serious metal poisoning in those fresh piercings.

  55. You know, the people doing and receiving this piercing are probably WELL AWARE that it won’t last – the comments the piercer has posted give that much away.

    If someone wants to do these things, why the fuck shouldn’t they?

    It saddens me that all this political bullshit has flooded an entry logging an interesting and novel idea. Body modification is FUN! Some of the people posting here are just getting far too bitchy and stressed over the whole affair.. chill the fuck out, yeah?

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  57. People coming from other sites that aren’t into BM very much just don’t understand. Someone said something about using magnets. Anyone that read Shannon’s story with the magnets would know that’s not such a great idea.

  58. Not to mention that magnets strong enough to hold a watch in place without assistance would probably affect its ability to function correctly to some degree, would it not?

  59. i love it, that such a creative idea.. although definitely temporary

    and whats with all the negativity and closed minded comments?

  60. Wow, gotta love the maturity of people sometimes. I come on here to enjoy the posts on bodymods, this is a novel though obviously temporary one. Not something I’d choose since I can’t even stand wearing a regular wristwatch but it does look attractive. However instead of seeing comments actually discussing the picture shown a bunch of idiots decide to start arguing about what piercing studio is the best? Now I’ve never been to Thunder Bay so I know nothing about either shop, but what I do know is that you’ve all made yourselves look like a bunch of squabbling middle school students (I have to deal with them enough at work I don’t need to deal with them online as well).

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  62. Eh, not impressed. “we dunked the watch parts in anti-microbial/bacterial stuff?” whatever…that should last about 3 minutes once they leave the shop. I look forward to the day when we actually have a viable method for attaching other non-natural parts to the human body, but until then I still lump these types of piercings in with “Wouldn’t it be cool if..” catagory. The problem is that people all over the place(the linkage is Crazy on this entry) are going to see this and not understand that scarring is part of the ‘fun’. Nor are they going to grasp that its more about the photo op and “wow” factor than about the piercings being viable on a long term basis.

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  64. Shannon, PLEASE could you consider only letting IAM members comment. I’m not currently a member, but I’ll join when I get round to it.

    Ten dollars per SIX MONTHS. If you can afford a computer, you can afford that. Quit smoking or something. Everyone wants something for nothing these days, and it disgusts me. Shannon etc. work very hard to run BME, so I support BMEshop and will be glad to pay for an account.

    As I’ve said, there are enough free places for trolls and other morons to congregate on the interweb. They don’t understand reasoned argument and never will… they simply ruin it for everyone else.

  65. Fucking stupid. Anyone should be allowed to comment. And comments are monitored anyway.

    If you can’t take the heat, stay outta the kitchen.

  66. Oh come on, how many posts get like this anyway? You want to limit how many people can post here to those who can afford to buy an IAM account for something that happens once every couple of months at the most. As much as I hate how this post has degenerated into a bunch of trolling I think restricting posts would be an overreaction to a relatively rare event. Maybe you don’t visit that many other blogs and forums but the amount of trolling modblog gets is on the level of minor irritation to most other blogs and forums with the type of traffic modblog gets. Doesn’t make it right or fun but puts in in perspective. Limiting discourse is not the answer to the problem, it just reinforces the belief that there must be something wrong with the body mod community that we have close out those who are on the outside.

  67. i love how whenever i look at who, or where the cool piercings, tattoos, or some of the most inovative procedures come from, it usually says Canada :) makes me very happy :)

  68. To #104:

    Okay, this will be my first post at MODBLOG – i am a non-IAM member. I occasionally visit MODBLOG bu would not consider myself engaged enough in the community of bodymodding to become a member.

    Not only is trolling a relatively minor phenomenon here, I think there is also a much more fundamental issue at stake. If you decide to give only IAM-members the opportunity to comment, you are effectively strengthening the bodymod vs ‘normal people’ divide (notice: scare quotes). This further isolates the bodymod scene and does nothing at all to bridge people’s understanding of what is happening here. I think MODBLOG functions as a kind of portal between a community that obviously seeks support, friendship and inspiration within, but that needs to also address the prejudices in wider society.

    I, for one, would be sad to see the opportunity for dialogue on body modification end here on this website. Trolls and all.

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  70. It is funny to see that no one at “Creation Body Piercing” Has participated in all this garbage. Perhaps they are spending their time working to improve the mod industry and shop instead of being petty. I have never been to Thunder Bay, but just by the immaturity shown here I would probebly choose Creation. It’s nice to see that their customers support them but remember slinging dirt is a waste of time. As far as the piercing, not a great idea.

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  75. Hehhe! that gave me the idea to pierce a wall clock on my chest and another one on my back, so I could be nicknamed “Big Ben”!

  76. interesting choice of piercing. sucks if you pick a color (like blue) an u wear something an it totaly doesnt match. or if it stops working or gets broken.

  77. interesting idea, i too would be afraid that it would get snagged. would also think that it would get heavy. i do like it though

  78. I’d really like to know how this was done , I would do this in a heartbeat!

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