Proportions of Man Scarification

Ryan at Strange City in Edmonton, Alberta recently did this Vitruvian Man (based on the famous Leonardo da Vinci drawing). It reminded me of one of my favorite shirts, the old rec.arts.bodyart shirt that had a tattooed version of this drawing as its back print… I don’t know if anyone reading this remembers those or has one also?

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34 thoughts on “Proportions of Man Scarification

  1. is this completely identical to the leonardo da vinci version? i don’t think it would be plagarism if they make it identical, i know there’s some rule that if the thing is so old, the copyright thing doesn’t apply. ill ask my art teacher.

  2. I saw that piece earlier today when I was searching for inspiration to a new scarification. I love it! its the best I´ve seen in months!

  3. I’ve never looked at a scarification piece before and have my first thought being “GODDAMN OW”

    but still.. it looks great

  4. weird, i actually talked to my tattoo artist just the other day about getting the same image done on my back. i’ve been trying to find pics of someone who already has it…any help?

  5. i’m continually amazed at the intricacy that can be involved with scarification. it’s definitely art.

  6. This is such a beautiful scar, before I started cutting myself for the pain exprience and spirituality that goes with ritual modification I was just like alot of other people that had never cut… I didn’t understand what it did for a person and I couldnt figure out how a plain old scar without some ink in it could be beautiful… but anyone that has never cut themselves please do, pain can do so much good for you. And this is a perfect example of how beautiful the outcome can be. I simply love this piece on so many different levels…

  7. jevonmastrangelo, i don’t want to derail this entire thread, but i’d just like to note that your advice (“anyone that has never cut themselves please do”) is, as an ex-cutter, the stupidest thing i’ve heard in a long while.

  8. I am hopin that when measrued out that evrything is in exact porpotion ..unlike my spellin B…..otherwise its sorta defunk to the purpose…of the image and it.s meaning…

  9. Any way we can get a link to it when it’s healed up? Would love to see the final product.

  10. freakin gangsters… your mom cant be proud of you, poor motherfuckers. this aint normal!!!

  11. I think that thats the first time I’ve been called a gangster in a derogatory comment.

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